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A Day with K-Palette & Noriko-san

Eyeliner. An item every girl can't live without :-) That is something i must agree! A simple thin line of an eye liner can make a huge difference on one's features (not forgetting the eyebrows as well :-P) ♥ Don't believe me? Here is a naked face of mine lol noticed how small my eyes are? Yes, I'm Asian.. specifically Chinese..oh well, we are born that way. But thank god for cosmetics!:D
Before (Left) & After (right) 
Noticed how empty the face is? lol "sepet" eyes, short and barely visible eyebrows.. I can't live without make up! =P

Last week when I heard K-Palette, Japan's No.1 best selling eyeliner renowned make up artist will be here in KL for a workshop I couldn't resist but to seize this opportunity to meet Noriko Imura-san to learn about the latest make up trends and especially about K-palette one day tattoo eyeliner! I've seen/heard about the brand before (because I'm an avid Sasa shopper lol) but never had the chance to give it a try (still have my eye liner to finish up before getting a new one! :-P) 

Thought i was gonna be late for the workshop all thanks to the horrible condominium lift maintenance :-/ was stuck in the life for 10 minutes plus before the doors finally opened again and guess what? It opened at the SAME floor i got in (which was the 13th) so had to run down 13 floors and to the taxi stand, thank god for flat rates during massive jams lol 

Okay, with that aside!
Friendly and cheerful Noriko-san with the demo make up model

Moving on to Noriko-san ♥ Her tutorial was based on the latest make up trend in Japan right now, which was the "kawaii" look and kawaii (かわいい) basically means :"lovable","cute",or"adorable". So you get the idea of big eyes and long luscious lashes (not my dolly look, lol that one is too exaggerating for everyday wear!)

Left poster (Kawaii look) ,right poster (matured & sophisticated look which Noriko-san describes it as "Sexy Gorgeous" :-P)

Started off by introducing to us the Magical Zero Kuma concealer! :-D In case you were wondering what kind of name is that? Kuma in Japanese has two meanings, one is EYEBAGS(or dark circles) and another means BEAR (like rilakkuma lol)  So Zero Kuma = Zero Eyebags 
Might add that this concealer works like magic! It even managed to conceal the model's face mole, Noriko-san purposely demonstrated that lol O_O just abit of concealer and slow patting motion..viola! Flawless face 
And the texture isn't too thick, dry or too creamy, it's liquid foundation by the way ~

 3 types of shades for 3 different types of eyebags

 Best way to apply Zero Kuma concealer is to squeeze just a small amount and blend evenly with your finger tips using a light patting motion
Blue : Dark circles due to poor circulation, Red : Full coverage & moisturizing, Yellow : Conceal uneven skin tone

Next target was the model's eyebrows, using their 2-in-1 eyebrow pen she drew them in and the most astonishing part was she even used it as eye shadow! When I said 2-in-1 means it had two types of heads one was the powder kind and the other was a liquid tip and i seriously didn't expect it to be able to work an eye shadow as well! Imagine how efficient it is, you wouldn't need to carry an extra eye shadow in your emergency make up pouch  ; )

 Knowing all of us ladies have problems drawing/shaping our eyebrows :-P I admit i sucked in drawing my eyebrows as i have to shave off the tail of of eyebrow in order to draw a properly arched one, the down side of having droopy eyebrows :-(  Who doesn't agree with me that drawing eyebrows are a pain in the ass (doesn't count for those who are blessed with thick ones) :-P

Noriko-san understands our woes as a woman, so she demonstrates to us on how to draw the perfect eyebrows.  There are two ways to draw them and it depends on what look you want to pull off
For the cute ones you draw them shorter, For a more grown-up sophisticated look, you might want to lengthen the tail abit, it goes something like this :-

 As long as you follow the rule, i think drawing eyebrows shouldn't be a problem from now on : ) 
Give it a try, you have noting to loose! : -P
The look is not complete without their number one product, which was the one day tattoo eyeliner. It is claim to be long lasting(that is why it's called tattoo) and even compatible with sweat! Noriko-san tells us we are able to go to the gym, jogging and swimming with it on and it will still remain after all that sweat and rubbing O_O imagine how awesome would that be? You can still look good even when you are working out! It can only be removed by proper make up remover..A definitely must tryyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! XP 
And from what I observe, the tip of the eyeliner is so fine and sharp that Noriko-san glides a thin line over the model's eyelids  effortlessly.

And to finish up the look, Noriko-san introduces us their latest product which is their Long Curl Mascara which ensures to last 24 hours without smudging or bleeding . Yes, another eye opening moment when i heard that lol swear to god i look like a gold fish that day by just hearing how amazing and long lasting K-palette products are~ Can't wait to try them out myself! A total must have! In fact i was already planning my shopping list for K-palette cosmetics :-P
What made their mascara any special from the rest?
Is their specially customized brush, curved made to fit the the shape of our eyes, means easy application and it even enables us to reaches the usual parts we can't like the tear duct corner and the outermost part.

Best part about this mascara is when you accidentally smudge it below your eyes during application, don't instantly rub it! You can carry on with your make up (other parts of you face first) whilst waiting for it to dry completely. When it's dry just take a cotton bud to slightly peel off the "error", it comes easily without ruining the rest of your make up.

The mascara itself was just officially launched in Japan at the same time of the workshop so you won't be able to find it on the shelves till later of the year (estimate around October) :-) But you have time to save up and grab one when you see it 
Before ending the day, lookie what we found! A perfect place to take pictures..in front of Sasa's make up counter lol! Lighting there is good, and you know..girls will be girls :-P Camwhoring time!
Give a girl a camera and this is what she does..  ; ) yes..we are vain but we are still havng fun! : D

Me and Noriko-san! She helped me with my make-up that day after the demo. As i was rushing, all I managed to put on was foundation, powder and mascara  >.< For a 42 year old woman, she still look fabulous! Doesn't look a thing like her age, she indeed takes care of herself well ♥ unlike me~ lol 

A group photo with all the lovely bloggers and Noriko-san, and noticed most of them have long hair aside from me and Yukiko? Makes me miss my long hair even more! oh lol *sobs* can't wait for it to grow >.<

And the best part is......................... 

*jeng jeng jeng* ...............

We were given a goodie bag each and guess what's in it?

Couldn't help but to squeal in excitement when i saw these 3 products in the goodie bag! Just when i was about to plan my K-palette shopping list >w<
I so love my life as a blogger!!   ♥ ♥ 
Thank you so much K-palette!:-D

And now to put the eyeliner ( 1st victim ohoho~ ) to the test! 
 Noticed how sharp the tip is? and the color is VERY black too..one stroke that is all it takes to draw a fine black line.No hassle of re-drawing so many times to get the color out.

Hehe..what do you think of my little doodle? :-P It looks like a mini tattoo right? Did it out of randomness..while testing it out at the same time. I'm loving the sharp tip because it creates very awesome fine lines without any mistakes and glides very easily on the skin, imagine what you can do with it aside from just drawing the usual plain line over your eyelids. Get creative with this awesome 1 day tattoo eyeliner (will do and example on my next blog post)! :-) so keep a close eye for my next blog post.

Here is a proof that this eyeliner is INDEED a TATTOO! couldn't rub off the doodle i made earlier and decided to leave it alone and see how long will it last, and guess what?
Watch the video to find out :-P  
p/s : You might want to turn up the volume abit at 0.44, Sorry for the poor quality video :'( 

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  1. woah.really pretty in that photo with noriko.=) teach me how to use eyeliner when v meet again!!!

  2. Wow that's and amazing eyeliner~!
    I always have problems with my liquid eyeliners like it takes a lot of strokes to get the thickness i want~
    my eyeliners also takes a long time to dry~~~QAQ
    but this eyeliner took like 5 seconds~!!OAO
    great makeup for the humid Malaysian weather too~TT_TT
    where can you buy this makeup from~?


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