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Indian Wedding Experience

This is my first time attending a modern Indian wedding celebration :D
Kena drag by my boy to teman him for his colleague's wedding...and i wasn't feeling too well that day ;_;
Totally an eye opening experience, especially the way the bride and groom made their entry !
The waltz their way through and i found out apparently the groom was an Indian dance instructor XD No wonder la~~~
Guys, gives you an idea on how you wanna do your wedding opening in the future XD lol impress your future wife with your grooves!

Indian food ish AMAZING! it's been AGES since i last ate them >w


The yummy dinner that was served :-) all of them full of rich taste and spices, alot of them is something i've never tried before *shiawase* 

See? who says i don't eat :-P hehe.. 

For the dessert, this is indeed a new discovery for me >w<  It's called "Payasam" it's originally made from rice/wheat but this one is replaced with sago :3 the awesome texture reminded me abit of custard XD
sweet(from the raisins) yet savory at the same time!♥ I should seriously become a food blogger because i love food so much T_________T but scared of gaining weight oTL

Another act of the night was the fire eater..made me go WOAH O_______________O 


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