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True Harmony Spa

Needed one so badly after been sleep deprive for almost a month, i sleep less than 5 hours in a week.
Yea..you can imagine for torturing it is :-/ all for the sake of a "group" assignment. Ended up I'm the one doing almost the entire report.fml. I despise group work especially when it comes to language related subjects.

TARC should seriously drill their students to the core when it comes to English language. Almost 90% of students in TARC can't write a proper essay/speak, how do you expect them to graduate? And a handful have to suffer with them because they are the ones holding us back :-/ I know i sound selfish..but I'm done being too nice to people when they ALWAYS take me for granted! :-/

Okay, sorry for the rant~ Just needed to let off some steam :-P
Finally had the time to drop by True Harmony Spa to redeem our Spa treatment that my mom and I had won during the Le Ann Maxima's Mother's Day competition :3
A big Thank you to Le Ann Maxima and the sponsor, True Harmony! >w< My mom and I had a great experience all thanks to you guys!

Here is a little brief introduction of True Harmony

"True Harmony provides wholesome and extensive beauty treatments. Armed with years of valuable experience in the beauty industry and more than 15 branches has successfully touched our guests with the zest of professionalism along with specially patented modern technologies.

True Harmony offers a wide range of specialized facial, slimming and massage therapy treatments specially tailored to suit your needs" -
True Harmony Malaysia

Called them up to make an appointment ~ (do make an appointment before going to avoid disappointment)
We chose the branch in Sunway Giza Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya because that seems to be the only one easy to access to as my mom isn't too familiar with the other branches. Wasn't too hard to get there and to be honest, this is our first time in Sunway Giza XD I didn't even know that place existed! lol so now we know :-P

It's not hard to get to, even if it's your first time here :-) Just ring them up and their helpful staff will direct you till you reach their door step !:-) 

The place is a small one, with two consultation office(if i'm not mistaken) one is a private one the other is an open one (like the picture above) and all their walls are decorated with very nice floral motives! *A* Furthermore each room have different flower designs  gives you a feeling like you are in a field full of flowers! lol yep, a very green atmosphere indeed ♥ =w=b
First you have to fill in your particular details for their record keeping 

Me and my mom waiting at the waiting tables before our consultation  :D wasn't a long wait, it was long BUT bearable because the provide lots of reading materials lol and they serve you green tea whenever you are there, whether in consultation room or waiting :-) 
When it was our turn for consultation, we were ushered into an office covered with glittery purple flowered walls *A* (sorry, i know this is random, can't help liking their walls lol) the whole purpose of this consultation is to discuss which package you are interested in purchasing or which one suits your needs (weight loss, facial..etc) and so forth~
And the package we took comes with a free foot spa :-) soaking our feet in salt bath (for about 5-10mins)to cleanse our feet and supposedly kill dead skin leaving your feet feeling clean and refreshed.

scrub..scrub..scrub..scrub..scrub..scrub :3
We were brought into individual rooms for our back massage/scrubs :D Mine was rice wine salt scrub! During the whole process my masseuse kept me company, really friendly girl :-) and found out she has a younger sister studying in the same college with me lol such a coincidence~ The massage really released my tensed muscles and surprisingly it wasnt ticklish at all (i admit, i'm a ticklish person >.<)
Followed by a sauna bath (my first time as well lol)

I can imagine my whole body melting in during that process, which took about 10 mins. I think it's to open up the pores :3  ad yea..found it really difficult to breathe in a heavy steamed room as i'm asthmatic >.< 
Lastly, is the cold shower (everything is provided in the shower, shower caps, soap, shampoo and clean towels) :D then you are done!
Came out feeling SO REFRESHED AND RELAXED!!!! :-D 
Skin feels so soft and silky after just one session with them! ♥ >w< 

Great service and relaxing atmosphere as well! Indeed a must come in the future >w<
Do try them out next time if you are in need of distressing :3
They have other branches all around Malaysia, and they recently opened a new outlet in The Scott Garden @ Old Klang Road

Follow them on their Facebook for more details and the latest promotions! :-)


  1. I met true harmony spa owner few years back and got a voucher to go try but never did go T_T coz the venue far for me. After reading yours...ish so wanan try rice wine scrub too! never try this type b4.

    Your package must be quite pricey, got foot bath, body scrub, massage and sauna for your mom n you. Estimate must be rm500++ for both?

  2. Dear Tammy :)

    Yea, it is kind out of the way >_< at least now they have a few branches around KL/PJ areas! :D you should seriously try the scrub! Leaves your skin feeling a smooth and light weight♥ not really :-)

    Each spa package you purchase comes with a free foot spa and my package(individual) was priced only at RM180 (price for the full body scrub package)! :-) quite reasonable ♥ you should go there one day ^^ ♥


  3. The atmosphere looks so relaxing; I wanted to inquire about your Indian Head Massage.

  4. Thanks for posting this info. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative. I can't wait to read lots of your posts. spa tampa fl


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