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Le Ann Maxima Fall Holiday Fashion Preview 2012

Sometime around last week Le Ann Maxima showcased their Fall Holiday collection ( to be launched in their stores very soon, so stay tuned!) at their main outlet in Jaya One and i was one of the fortunate ones that was invited to witness this amazing fashion show!

The dress code for this fashion show was Stylish Black and Glitzy Gold  ♥ with these two color combinations, enough said.Always a classic match;-)

When the show started i could help taking alot of pictures(sampai every single movement of the models lol!)  of  all the lovely garments! I guess the DSLR that I've bought with my boy for my photography course(in college) came in handy outside after all :3 still learning though >.< takes some time getting use to the functions ~ yea, sorry if my photos are sucky! >_< 

Had a hard time choosing the photos of the clothes i wanted to share with you guys oTL because I love'em all!! :A: So another solution is i fit all of them into a collage and upload it here in my blog(original resolution) for you guys to view~ for larger clearer pics, just right click and view images in a new tab ;-) Enjoy!

The "runway" (more of walkway  lols~ :P) is decorated according tho their theme, so lots of scattered golden  coated leaves (i guess the dry leaves represents fall? :D) Really cool idea though, sprayed gold dried leaves~

This time their collection's main theme is inspired by a timeless beauty named Cleopatra, and she herself as an icon of her time has immortalized her name with her sensuality,lust, beauty ,allure and desirability (yep, so if someone refers to you as Cleopatra you should be happy :-P lol!) and to imagine that immortal beauty infusing with the latest fashion trends! No words can describe this awesome exotic fusion :-)

This is what this whole collection  is all about...The Exoticism....The Fusion...The Prints. 

The first round displayed a very chic and edgy style :) Loving how they match their chunky accessories with their simple, yet elaborated garments   

This panel is very Egyptian-ish , especially the colors (black and gold) Really suitable for cocktail parties if you want to stand out and bling ;)
This lovely halter maxi with a thigh high slit shows off your sexy thighs and the dark matte color gives you a very elongate silhouette. The lacy detailing at the back gives it a very feminine touch :)  I have a fetish for laces lately  *blush* >///////< lol~

The prints are just amazing! ♥ each inch of the fabric detailed with prints♥ 
Aside from Cleopatra their collection also consists of  Chinoiserie elements, wondering what is Chinoiserie right? lol not a word we people commonly use around here, because we are Malaysians! Just joking :D lolol
Chinoiserie refers to a recurring theme in European artistic styles commonly found during the seventeenth century that is influenced by Chinese culture. Therefore you can observe their designs have a hint of  asymmetry format,whimsical contrast of scale that can be usually found in Chinese porcelain, lacquerlike materials and decorations.

This is my favorite printed jumpsuit in the whole collection :D 

The great combination of prints and accessories is completed by blending in strip chiffon, shine organza, new cotton twill with light weight crepe,printed sequins and viscose to complete their collection's look 

The main highlight is on astounding effects on new fabrics, patchwork and energetic colors. And by colors, they are accentuated by the combination of exotic prints and contrasting colors such as Emerald Green, Ivory, Red, Black,Purple, Candy Pink, Cobalt Blue and Metallic Grey/ Silver

 See how the material flows as they draped elegantly on the model's body :D

 This pastel colored get up brings our the demure,dainty and sweet side of a person and the laces...gawd !! *w*
Love how the 3rd panel color combination gives the illusion like she is wearing a cropped top and a high waist-ed skirt lols! But it's actually a full dress! Paired with nude shoes, distract the attention away from the feet as the clothes itself already screams "Look at meeeeeeeee! I'm sooo cute!" :3 haha! Makes your legs look longer too!That is why i LOVE Nude colored heels 

Imagine going to office in style!   Wanna impress your boss so you can get a raise? :-P  lol, just kidding~ But hey! who knows it might just work? XD  But it is sure to make heads turn in offices ;-) 

This column is a versatile one :-) In terms of colors and designs ♥ suitable for day wear or dinner , not too over or under dressed and not to mention throw on a coat and they are great for work as well! :-) That is why i love Le Ann Maxima clothing's, always versatile  

Models during the finale :) 
 Done drooling? :-P Not at the models but the clothes! Don't all the outfits look gorgeous? After getting to see them aren't you guys just excited to get your hands on them? I'm sure you do! :D But you might need to wait till September before they are officially launched~
Their Fall Holiday Collection will be available in all local and international stores in September 2012 !♥ So stay tuned on their Facebook page for the latest Updates and Promotions :)

 The creators and their models :D Mastermind behind all these lovely clothes~ woots! Like and support them on Le Ann Maxima's page

 With all the pretty ladies :-*
 Special Thanks to Michelle for tumpang-ing me over to the event :-) in case you didn't noticed, she was one of the contestants in Le Ann Maxima's "I DESERVE A SHOPPING SPREE CONTEST".Thanks dear!!

I just adore their clothes! I've even bought myself a maxi dress from  Le Ann Maxima recently! It is a Grecian inspired dress with lace detailing all over, couldn't imagine how happy i was finally being able to find a white maxi dress that doesn't me look like i'm pregnant and at an affordable price too! Lol! what do you guys think? :-P  Don't know where or what is  Le Ann Maxima ? 
Check out my previous blog post :  HERE

And you can be one of the lucky shoppers too!

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Share around with your friends and family! The more the merrier ;-)
May the odds be forever in your favor ohoho~   



  1. I deserve to shop at Lee Ann Maxims because the clothes there are awesome beautiful and suits a girl who knows to carry their self.... ahem!! That's me!!@

  2. I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because,i am a freaking fashionista and fashion is always in my blood.Being unique and exotic is what i love and that is where Le Ann Maxima can give,unique an exotic.

  3. " I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because I love their long flowing dresses that brings the girl in you out, no matter what size, shape or color u are!"

  4. I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because I just love their chic dresses which are versatile and fashionable and it would be really awesome to don any of their clothes!!

  5. I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because Le Ann Maxima are able to transform me from a girl next door to stunning fashionista. As Lee Ann Maxima is great trend savvy and fashion conscious, it is able to transform me with its amazingly creative designs, which characterize all that is classic, sophisticated and full of manner. The highly innovative and versatile designs, all collections capture the essence of Asia’s urban women with its European inspired, tantalizing fusion of attire and accessories that combine everyday functionality with strong fashion sensibility. I am in such a position to deserve such a pampered.

  6. I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because I am simply fallin in love their with collection ! I adore prints, and they definately have pieces with style and good quality. The accentuated colours , exotic prints.... if I could own a piece for myself, I'd be on cloud nine. It would really make my day to shop at Le Ann Maxima.

  7. I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because Le Ann Maxima defines fashion in every single aspect ranging from casual wear to evening wear & it will give every lady a sexy and elegant look!

  8. I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because I want to revamp my wardrobe with sophisticated pieces that is able look chic and professional for work and classy and elegant for functions.


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