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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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TOMEI Journey

One of the most recent designing competition that i've joined this month was a Kebaya Designing competition by TOMEI :-)
The theme was, Turun-Temurun Fashion Design Contest.
I was notified by my lecturer last minute regarding this competition and the deadline was the following day(which makes it less than 24 hours to get it done!) part of me was insane to take up the challenge but the other half was like "MEH"..not motivated >.<

thank god 2 of my classmates joined me in this crazy quest :-) If it weren't for them i won't feel that motivated to take up this challenge:-)
Thank you Cindy and Pei pei!
We had our fun running to and fro to KL (masjid jamek area) TWICE because shops were close by the time we reach which was like 7pm? wtf.. why haberdashery shops close so early one.... Zzzz...
So we skipped our morning classes (more like came awfully late lol :-P ) to buy our materials, imagine that..deadline was less than 5 hours and we just bought our materials!

The 3 of us rushed back to college and sat in the fashion lab sewing till 3pm (submission deadline)
And might add that sewing barbie doll size garments isn't the easiest thing! It's too small to machine sew at most parts, so end up having to sew 70% by hand >.<

And i'm glad that 3 of us were finalist and our creations were showcased at Pavilion (concourse area)
Our designs are based on one of the 10 designer jewelry collection (Symphony Kasih) that they provided us.

Being showcase at Pavilion during the "Symphony Kasih" Jewellery Showcase (≧▽≦)
Named my design "Kebaya Padi" 
Of all things, why "Padi"?
 Padi means "rice plant" in Malay language. The philosophy of rice plant in South East Asia that says "The taller the rice plant grows, the lower it bends"... to keep humble and modest in getting knowledge and pursuit of excellence

Sounds cheesy, i know :-P
Totally out of ideas when they told us to pick a Malay name for our creation lol!

 I myself had a hard time deciding which jewelry design should i pick lol
In the end I ended up taking Miracle Touch (on the left) for my final design lol  ( ;´Д`)

Was so shiawase when i submitted this :-) Completed in less than 24 hours! >w< Hope do join more designing competition in the future..RAWR!

 Was kinda difficult to stick the small rhinestones as i forgot to bring my tweezers >D lol imagine the feeling of wanting to "Fantoi" every time a stone drops from your fingers' grip lol but overall end result was satifying and the patience paid off 
Might consider making a life size one some day :-D weee~

Yay! At least they provided us with a certificate :-) Unlike my MFDC (Malaysia Footwear Design Competition) last year they didn't give us a certificate at all! Even for finalist :-/ Reason given? We did not make prototype.WTF :-/

The winner was a student from Raffles lol Irony eh? Always a Raffle students banging all the awards in the designing competitions >.< Shall work harder >D YOSH!
Congratulations to her though! :-)
Mahsuri By Miss How




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  2. nice padi, u know this reminds me of the shape of that Julius Ceasar crown @ Rome Empire. It's the sign of knowledge like you say and power..too.

    As a matter of fact, padi is the reason we are able to live :D it's our staple diet and its a sign of abundance.

    I like your padi, looks like mermaid tail too. That raffles girl kebaya also not bad.

  3. Tammy : yea, the rhinestone shape sort of reminded me of that as well :-P lol~ Thank you! :-)


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