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Guardian Customers' Choice Award 2012

I was given the honor to attend as media for this prestigious event all thanks to Tammy from Plusizekitten.com :-) Thank you so much for the invite Tammy! and not forgetting Adeline and Heidi representing Guardian for the warm welcome at the registration :-)
Bumped into a few friends at the event as well ! lol, some of them i didn't expect to see :-) Like Esther Lai and Cik Lily putih ! Glad meeting up with you gals again after so long :-)

They day started off quite horrible as i forgot to RSVP! and only realized 3 hours before the event and there wasn't any direct contact number of the person in charge, so I panicked! @_@ Lesson to be learnt, always read the E-invitation TWICE oTL me and my klutziness  *slaps self*
And when i arrived at the Kelana Jaya LRT, waited nearly an hour for the Tropicana Mall shuttle bus but it didn't show up :-/ Seriously Kelana Jaya station has the WORST bus hub ever. Every time i go there, i end up taking the taxi instead of waiting fr the bus because the bus takes hours to arrive! :-/

Okay..back to the waiting for shuttle bus (an hour, no sight of any bus) so I decided to get myself a mineral water from the 7-11 convenient store(directly above the bus stop) and it wasn't even more than 5 minutes i walk back down to the bus stop to continue waiting..and i somehow had a bad feeling i missed the bus (But i didn't see any pass by while i was purchasing my mineral water!)
Couldn't brush off that gut feeling so i asked the guy beside me whether the shuttle bus has passed by. LOL and guess what? It did. like a minute before i walk back down to the bus stop...I went WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was when i was about to give up and just go back home because the event was starting in 10 minutes ~_~
Called up Jaslyn (Chibineko) to tell her i was not going anymore and by luck she hasn't left the office yet and her office was nearby Kelana jaya! Huzzahhhh!! Savior is here! :-P
Thank you so much Cheebs! You are a real life saver *huggies*

Okay,,,enough of my horrible day ~_~ lol back to the event!
Remember filling up the survey form for Guardian Customers' Choice Award? And wonder what are the results? 

 Voted and trusted by many because you think they deserve it!
Here i present to you the few winners you all have voted for! ;-)

Cheebs from candyliciouscat.blogspot.com :-)

 The place was PACKED like a sardine can lol

Our lovely Host of the day was Xandria Ooi! With her signature hairstyle and a lovely butterfly printed chiffon dress from Warehouse, she looks gorgeous! *w*

 DJ Liang from Capital.fm 88.9 Broadcasting live at the event ;-)

Out of 200 participating brands, awards was given out to 90 categories and 354 participating products raging from Facial care, hair, personal care for both genders, Cosmetic beauty, Hygiene, Health Supplements and medication, Mother and Child products ..all the way to confectionery, home and accessories as well!
 Lol yes, Durex won the "Best Protection category" lol. Kinda expected :-P
We had tons of fun trying to guess which brand was going to win, we got lucky at some lol~ 

 Customer's choice award for Sanitary pads, none other than KOTEX! :D 
Couldn't agree more with that choice!

Customer's choice award for hair color : L'Oreal excellence  

 Customer's choice award for hand and body : Vaseline Moisturizing lotion

Customer's choice award for Acne care : OXY 10 

The top voted brand of 2012 was non other than L'OREAL! Congratulations to them! ;-) 

L'Oreal company stole the show for that day, winning multiple awards in a row :-)
Happy faces all around ;-)

Not only the Guardian customers voted or the best brands, they also walked away with prizes worth more than RM30,000 in the "Vote & Win" contest! The grand prize was Guardian vouchers worth RM10,000 and a 3D/2N Holiday Spa package at Mandarin Oriental Hotel! Imagine what you could do with that amount of guardian vouchers! You can officially move into a Guardian store and live there! LOL XD 

Congratulations to all the winners of the "Vote and Win" Contest!

Managed to take a photo with gorgeous Xandria Ooi before she was crowded over :3 Yay! Thanks Cheebs & Silvy! 

Awesome bunch of fellow bloggers :-)
We had our funny moments regarding the printed photos *hints Tammy* lol XD
From Far left (Silvy, Cheebs, Tammy, Cik Lily Putih, Me and Esther) 


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