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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Be Fur-less.Yet Fearless

Furless? Bet you guys are wondering what kind of "furless" i mean :-P I'm talking about body hair! We are basically monkeys (lol, no offence) since we have hair all over our body expect some of us have fine and barely noticeable ones while some have obvious thick ones ;-)  so which are you?

Yes, as a woman grooming myself is a MUST :-P vain..i know..but hey! Beauty has it's price 
This is my 2nd time in a waxing saloon (yea, so i'm basically not a "virgin" in this category lolololol~ and my first time wasn't so pleasant..more like it gave me a shock through out the whole session lol) What kind of waxing? Brazilian wax of course!:-P If not no lingerie pics for you guys to ogle on! I'm just kidding !~:-D 

This time it's FURLESS
Yep, that is the name of the beauty saloon that i recently went to 
Thank you so much for the great and pain-free session FURLESS! ;-)
Upon arriving i was greeted by their friendly staffs and Furless owner, Ms.Aprel. 
It is very important for first timers whom we name "virgins" to pick a proper grooming center that offers the best service for Brazilian wax. Not all of us are mentally ready to go through this so called "painful hair removal session". Imagine if you have no idea how pain waxing can be, but to hear many horrifying stories of others and their waxing experience..I'm sure you will have 2nd thoughts after that lol  

One of their many products,being displayed on their shelf :-)

Their cute waiting area
But fear not! FURLESS understands a woman's needs and offers the best friendly waxing experience for first timers like you and me :-)
FURLESS's motto is "FURLESS, BE FEARLESS" as they believe that fur acts as an obstacle and beneath the fur you are fearless, a confident person just waiting to shine.

How does this work?
First a skin specialist will evaluate your skin type before the waxing session and they use specialize products depending on individual skin type. Your comfort is their pride 
Before the consultation, we are required to fill up the form, be honest as possible so they may provide you with their best care ;-) Nothing to be shy about lol after all we are all ladies! They also provide other waxing services for other areas aside from just Brazilian and not forgetting they also cater to guys as well! For guys they provide waxing for every other parts except Brazilian :-P anyway why would a guy go hairless all the way down? It's like shaving an Alpha lion's mane off lolol XD

Was brought into the room by my therapist, Anny for consultation and boy..she is sure good in distracting you while she waxes, really gets your mind off the fact that you are lying there being waxed lol.Their room is clean, cozy and well equip, everything is provided :-)  And something extra for those who are awfully shy about it :-P 

One thing i like about their service is that they do not practice speed waxing, so the waxing session takes up from half an hour to an hour :-) They make sure its guaranteed clean and smooth
As speed waxing is the main factor of stubby growth because it breaks the hair instead of pulling it from the roots.  
Throughout the whole session 3 types of wax is used for different areas (each wax is to target for certain parts only)

Heated wax ready to be used :D On me~ don't worry about it being too hot, the therapist will ensure that it is at a proper temperature before applying it on your skin (she will constantly ask you to make sure that you are comfortable), we all know it is a sensitive area >w< Just stay calm and let them do their job (which is an awesome one lol) 
 The wax they use is called "Hard Wax" which needs to be kept at at certain temperature to keep it from hardening. The spatula is only dipped once and thrown away for hygiene purposes, so nothing to worry about there :-) They are SUPER HYGIENIC!!
As i mentioned earlier about the 3 different kind of waxes to target certain areas..the first panel (green wax) is for long hair, followed by the Honey looking wax which is for sensitive skin and lastly the bubblegum pink wax (lol it LOOKS like one and STRETCHES like one too, seriously!) for areas with short hair. And all their products are specially brought in from France 
Their wax are carefully selected by the owner herself, brought to you with love ~ :3

This "canggih" equipment is called the strip wax :-D used for small waxing areas such as underarms.

 A random pic of me before my "waxing" wondering why i'm so happy instead of worried/scared? Beacuse   FURLESS ensures that they will provide you with a painless waxing experience! :-) well, in some cases i heard some people get addicted to it (waxing), imagine being completely hairless all over your body (like a naked baby! lol)
P/s : ignore the lifeless face, haven't been sleeping due to overflowing assignments @_@

After waxing, they apply their signature soothing cream, It's really cooling! :-)
 With  FURLESS owner, Aprel Lim
 p/s : ignore my sloppy clothing! After college ma~~ >.< lol

Price list of their services, quite affordable if you were to asked me :-D
*right click and open in new tab for a clearer view*

Overall it was a great experience and definitely i will be coming back for more ;-) You girls (especially "virgins", should try out this place for your 1st time, guaranteed a painless comfortable experience!) and even better! For first timers you will get 50% off if you mention my name :-) It's registered under Lisa Chow (not Arisa! :-P)
So call them up to make an appointment before dropping by ;-)

Hit a "Like" on their facebook page,  

Furless Waxing
21-M, Block B, Jaya One,
No 72A Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours:
10am - 8pm (Mondays to Sundays)

Email: customerservice@furlesswaxing.com
Phone number: +603 79317326

If you have any questions just drop me a comment below :-) 
Will try my best to answer them ♥ 



  1. It’s great to know that you enjoyed the experience! You mentioned three types of wax in your blog. Do they have the ingredient called lidocaine? It’s an ingredient that helps ease the pain of the treatment by preventing pain signals from getting sent to the brain.
    Justine Cricks

    1. Hi Justine,

      I don't think so :-) Its the waxing technique they use that doesnt really tingle the pain receptors :)


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