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ALDO Pre-Fall Collection 2012 Preview

I was still kinda surprised when i received the email 2 weeks ago stating i was one of the
20 consolation prize winner in the latest ALDO STYLE WITH CONFIDENCE CONTEST ;-)
Yea..it was indeed a tough competition >_<  voting non stop and everyone had like thousands over votes >_< lol.Ganas competition~

Thank you to those who have supported and voted for me! Really touched by your support :-)
And along with the prize came with an invitation to their Pre-Fall Collection 2012 Preview. Double Yay for me since I'm a fashion student! :-)

Thank you ALDO!

In their Pre Fall Collection preview, ALDO showcased to us their collection that is to be expected on their shelf (nationwide) by end of the year ;-) But you are lucky! Lol I am sharing with you guys and gals so you can pre-plan your shopping list for end of the year :-P And save up for it!

Bright colors seems to be in "In" things this year, and i only thought it was for the Spring Summer collection but ended up for their Fall Holiday collection as well (in general, not only ALDO)!
Indeed caught me by surprised when i saw ALDO's showcase lol :-P But kinda predicted it, as the trend now consist of Pop colors and animal/abstract prints. Animal prints has always been a classics and this year it has gained more favor from fashionistas worldwide. Not forgetting abstract prints as well~ ;-)
I'm fine with animal prints, in fact i adore them :-) As long they aren't real! @_@ That would be gross!

Theme was "Playful Glam" Didn't have anything "playful" in my closet >.< yes~ I am a dull person ;_;So I've decided to throw on my colorful sun dress (bought it earlier this year and haven't had the chance to wear it out lol) and paired it up with my Le Ann Maxima clincher to give an illusion of a small waist :-P and not forgetting ALDO shoes haha! A must since it's an ALDO event XD

Yep, went with my Older sis, Sarah (winner of Watsons "Engaging Eyes"@ Watsons YOU Awards Season 5) Check out her her blogshop, DayTwentyFour :3
Our Fun host of the day :-) didn't catch his name ;_; sorry! Anyone knows? lol

The big boss from Singapore branch himself was present at the Fashion show :-)  
Love then color combination of the clothings at shoes! Who says you need your shoes to be the same color as your outfit? Be playful :-) No harm comes from learning how to be creative with your fashion sense, just don't go too overboard :-P lol ALDO offers you a wide range of colors and designs! They emphasis on comfort (and they are purely leather!), so you may tower over everyone without the stilettos pinching your  toes:-) Another reason why i invested on ALDO shoes for work! Cat-walking has never been so comfortable in 6 inch heels :-D Totally worth it. 
Matching bag and shoes only at ALDO :-P

I like the way they design men shoes ;-) Never too old or too dull for men of all ages! This design is perfect for daily stylish wear and the color is versatile! Matches with almost anything, and best matched with bright colored pants so you don't look so flamboyant! ;-)
  Uniquely arranged shoe lace sole, so lacing up will never be boring again! :-P

Playful color combination to instead of the usual plain one colored shoe ;-) Looks great with plain LBD if you were to ask me. And look at that killer needle heel :-P don't worry those type of heels won't snap like twigs lol 

My favorite pair of heels throughout the whole show :-) Abstract Tribal printed heels! Looks great to par them with office wear, casual and dinner! Colors are not too harsh and they look so comfy *w* I feel that it is calling to me lol! 
Animal prints! *w* a fierce piece i might add! God..love ALDO's trademark 6 inch heels!! >w<

Perfect combo! Matching Zebra printed clutch and shoes 

Red-foo will definitely love this! XD
Ever since i joined Diesel Malaysia's "Pimp My Jeans" competition, i have a mad obsession over studs! they seem to go well in almost anything! For a more edgy and rocker look la~ lol :-) Love the matching studded handbag and shoes, something so plain and simple yet eye catching.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Yep, Men shoes also look great in other colors aside from just plain old boring Black and brown, this baby here comes in Maroon ♥ very suave  

Black and gold always a perfect couple ♥ ;-)
Great for Christmas parties!  Something glam for special occasions.

Just look at the amazing detailing 

The finale of the fashion show , all of them look so yummy :-P lol imagine if guys were to dress so smartly in Malaysia! In our dreams lol

Zana Chin was also one of the 20 consolation prize winners! Congrats dear! :-)
Check out here blog http://zanachin.blogspot.com/

Here i present to you the top 5 winners of ALDO's  STYLE WITH CONFIDENCE CONTEST 
Each winner receives RM1000 shopping voucher from ALDO and feature fashion spread on FEMALE Magazine :-) All of them have killer votes ranging to thousands @_@ Congrats to all of them :-)

here are their winning quotes :


Nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing. ALDO helped me achieve many of my most impossible dreams. It's been my number one choice when i need a boost of 
confidence. Striking the streets with almost everyone's eyes on my shoes, hehe! ALDO shoes are absolute a head-turner! :)


I'm 5"7' tall and Calcagni made me look like a model! Wherever I go, it catches girls' eyes and my friends told me they loved my shoes! I can't help it but smile. It's sophisticated, sexy. and bold. I am indeed in love with my baby Calcagni! :)


Red symbolizes strength, courage, passion and strong emotions. Blue symbolizes youth, peace and wisdom. Red Aldo Pumps + Blue Aldo Feather Earrings= Explosion! 
That's what it does


I am always happy with my Aldo heels! Whatever I do, wherever I go, MY Aldo heels will always be with me in most of the occasion. I always feel more confident with my Aldo and I could not live without Aldo literally! :)


ALDO deadly pointy heels give women a sense of security. I mean, REAL SENSE OF SECURITY.

Congrats to everyone! :-) And lol this world is getting way too crowded! My sis is a friend of Jolene's both of them were in the Watson competition together and from the same campus lol! 
Love my new hat from ALDO :-) Thanks for the generous consolation prize ALDO



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