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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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[ADV] Waist 23" - Extras by AliceWonders.com!

I'm not kidding you guys when I put my title 23 inch :-P Yep, that is the current circumference of my waist lol not sure if it's possible to hit 22 inch. One of my crazy fetish to have insanely small waist since I'm obsess with corsets (but no i did not wear one to achieve that, it's the constant exercises i do for my stomach and waist) :-P

I always have problems buying clothes right now because Malaysians do not believe in size 0 (with our scrumptious variety of food, I don't blame them lol). The downside for me is purchasing belts and clinchers :-/ The one thing that nobody can get wrong because it's suppose to be universal right? Unless you are waaaaay beyond a certain size then you might need to get clinchers with special sizing, which you can easily obtain from shops like MNG & Forever21 all their belts and clinchers comes in different sizes (can't trust Times square & Sg Wang because they claim all their belts are "universal" size >_>) 

All the belts i previously bought I have to personally send them to the haberdashery shop to get them punch an extra hole to make it smaller. Imagine i have to do that to ALL my belts because I do not have a leather hole puncher (might consider getting one since it might come in handy for my fashion show this year) (一。一;;)
Ended having to give away/ sell most of my clinchers because they are non-adjustable wtf

See? Even with an elastic waist band the clincher drops until my tummy area instead of my hips lol wtf. 
Well I ain't complaining about my "awesome" small waist :-P

Isn't she sweet looking? Gawd..I've turned soft lol ♥

Made from High Quality PVC, 
AliceWonders sure have very good quality control on all their products :-)

Recently gotten a new cute skinny belt from AliceWonders but as usual my main concern is that the belt might not fit but to my uttermost surprise before sending my items out, AliceWonders gave me a call to ask whether I need them to customize my belt holes. Hallelujah! First time coming across online shops offering customization services like that!

Thank you so much AliceWonders.com

I got this one! My addiction for neutral colored stuff because the color matches with almost anything♥ Can't wait to wear it out with my pencil dress soon :-)

So this is good news to all small waist girls~ I know there are lots of petite girls out there that share the same woes as well (only difference is that I'm a giant lol) but now you can purchase belts online and get them customized to fit your waist perfectly. Just drop them an email when after you have confirmed your orders.

As you all know for the previous post on AliceWonders' Chinese New Year Promotion is still ongoing and better hurry before all stocks are gone ;-) *winks* If you have not, click on the links below.

The skinny belts are available in other flattering colors & designs ~ Alicewonders.com's CNY promotion (Code: Red888) on all Red, Pink and Orange color is not only limited to bags but to accessories too! So shop away to your heart's content ♥ 

Tons of other stylish accessories, might add very very affordable too! Especially since they are going on sale now, It's a definite steal! >w< Impress your relatives during CNY with your inner fashionista self  (☆^ー^☆)
All items can be found here :



  1. I feel your pain! No clincher can truly fit my *currently* 23.5 inch waist and it's super annoying! Anything apart from bodycons hang loose around my waist like extra flabs of fats =_="


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