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Arty Professional Review

Finally had some time to full test out a complete look using the Arty Professional cosmetics that I've gotten during the Exclusive Bloggers Outing that was held 2 weeks ago :-)
You can read all about the event here : http://bit.ly/14r8dPT
Can't help but to feel overly excited getting to bring home all these lovely babies and trying them out, I'm a sucker for cosmetics because I'm vain lol :-P There! I'm proud to say so!

Thank you so much for the generous gift Arty Professional! ♥

As usual before putting on foundation or bb cream (depends which you use more often) It's always good to moisturize first your skin, followed by a good primer to make sure your make up stays on the whole day :-) Primer also works by helping to cover up some pores, makes foundation application much easier.

Naked face with just Complexion Modifier in Apricot is for a natural fresh look - it's suppose to even out your skin tone. Love the texture of this base because It gives the skin a matte finishing and covers pores quite well.  Please pardon my bad skin condition >.< All the scars *faints*

Swatches of the eye shadow color that I've gotten, pretty colors *w* To be honest, I've never been a fan of blue eye shadows because the first impression I get whenever i come across this color is "Drag Queen" lol classic style with bright red lips XD But nonetheless this shade of blue was quite nice (has a slight shimmer too), wasn't too bright for me :-)

You get what I mean :-P lol

I've been searching for an orangy-peach tone lipstick that suits my skin for ages! You will constantly see me in Guardian, Watsons or Sasa swatching sample lipsticks but none of them suits me :-( Or maybe it's the lighting problem in their stores lol Every time i managed to finally find one, it's out of stock =_= Imagine the disappointment wei. By luck I've gotten this color from Arty Professional! Yay ♥ Thankiuuuuuuu ♥♥ It's under their Nudy Series and they are named according to countries lol XD

Moscow went on a test run last weekend- After eating, drinking and being out the whole day I'm amazed by it's still there. Faded slightly but the color was still very noticeable!

p/s : ignore my short eyebrows lol had them shaven off for a cosplay shoot last week XD

Now time to bore you dear readers with my "Fatt hou" face XD Enjoy!

The blusher wasn't too bad,it gives just the right amount color for a  natural healthy glow on the cheeks but a bit too shimmery for my taste, if you like shimmery stuff then this might be the product for you 
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Sorry for the blurry picture T______T I didn't realized it was blurry on the camera because screen was small oTL But so far the best shot of both eyes. I'm not a pro at using eye shadows, so go easy on me 
>.<  Overall the color tones reminds me of butterfly wings :-D

They have tons of other stuff available at all STAGE Outlets, so drop by and test them out today! :-)

Don't forget to follow them on their official Facebook page :


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