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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Random Post #4 : Spring Cleaning Time!

Yep, here comes another random post :-) Since I'm on my semester break now, thought of taking some time off my resting (more like slacking) period to clean up my house. After end of every semester the whole house, especially my room looks like it was hit by an atom bomb lol (*´∀`*) ehehe~

Not that I mind the untidiness (well my housemate does lol) in fact I can't seem to find my stuff if everything was neatly organized #truestorybro 
Perks of being an art student, you live with the mess you create, and we don't call it a "MESS". It's called a "Work Of Art" ♥ trololololol~ /slaps self.

Well, first thing I did after the break in last month (a day before Comicfiesta 2012)  was cleaned up my entire room as in scrubbing the floors, throwing everything out of the room into the washing machine because I couldn't stand the idea of disgusting burglars intruded into my room and ransacking it :-/ a.k.a filthy hands touching my stuff and stepping all over my fresh clothes. WTF.
Read more about it here : http://bit.ly/UjSugg

Imagine after one year of neglecting it, look  how filthy it is.. even I feel so geli by just looking at it lol.
The make up stains all over the box oTL

I purchased my box from MissIzs & Online Shoppe about 3 years ago. A very friendly seller based in Malacca and shipping of item was fast too (nicely packaged in bubble wrap to prevent from any damages during the shipping process)!

Yep, my make up stash and this is just half of my collection >.< The other half can't fit and I'm not showing off lol (>д<)

I know people would say such a waste to use make up remover to clean the box, but hey..what else is best to remove make up than a make up remover? :-P Other alternative you can use baby oil, but that might leave you box feeling abit oily >.<
I'm using Haruhada make up remover (it's not oil based and it works well like every other make up remover, available in Sasa) and one thing I love about this make up remover is it doesn't irritates the skin and leaves your skin feeling refreshed after usage :D

This is what happens to most stuff after keeping too long :-( The glue isn't strong anymore. Was considering of a bigger make up box to store all my cosmetics. 

Since I found out the use of EPOXY, i basically use them to fix everything..including my door and shoes (but best is you go to a cobler to get it fix for good la :-P Don't be lazy like me.)! LOL that is how strong this frigging glue is XD But it stinks  (; ̄Д ̄)Smells like rotten eggs when you mix both chemicals together.

When gluing anything together it's best if you have something to put pressure on it so at least the glued part sticks firmly, and for EPOXY's best results leave it overnight.

This time I'm going to use some old magazines to protect the base of my make up box, at least future cleaning would be much easier :D well if you have nice wrapping papers to sacrifice by all means go ahead and use it instead lol. 

Next spring cleaning, just remove the papers and replace them =w=b lazy methods FTW~

Hallelujah~~ My box has never been this organized since i first bought it! I wonder how long will this last :D trololol. At least I'm fulfilling one of my 2013's resolutions, by being more organized (it's harder than i thought D:)

 So how about you girls? Started working on your 2013 resolutions yet? ;-) *winks*

Tips : Prepare a small box to store a few of your finished cosmetics like mascara or lip balms because you will never know when they have promotions like exchange your old mascara for a free new one or get a new one 50% ..etc (you get what i mean :-P)

Latest one I saw was Burt's Bees exchange your old lip balm for a new one @ RM1! 
So hop over to the nearest participating outlets this weekend ;-)

Starting from 19 Jan - 10 Feb (every weekend at 3-4pm)

Just Bring back any old lip balms, any brands and exchange for a new one!

Terms and conditions
1. limit to 1 lip balm per customer per round.
2. strictly a 1-to-1 exchange with old lip balms.
3. first come first serve basis and while stock last for the day.
4. Pre launch exchange is only available at Burt's Bees outlet in The Curve, The Garden, Sunway Pyramid, KLCC and Plaza Gurney, penang)



  1. woot! i will be heading to curve for sure!! :D

    1. nyek nyek :P I'll be in Mid valley this weekend :P avoid KL at all cost. They are closing the roads for a cycling event >_>

  2. Wow nice can change too bad throw out mine

    1. haha can save one or two next time in the future ;)


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