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Magnum Exclusive Preview Party ♥

Wow, imagine been fed like Kings and Queens of Magnum-land for the whole night! ♥
Last Wednesday, was invited to Magnum's Exclusive Preview Party by Don and Manoah, it was an real honor to attend this "prestigious" dessert event :-P Thank you so much Don and Yuki (for giving me such a lovely surprise wake up call. Literally. Since i was actually sleeping when you called XD)!

This party was the introduction of two new delectable flavors in addition to the Magnum ice cream family that will be launch in the markets really soon (i think by end of this month *cross fingers*) 

That is Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate & Strawberry flavor infused with their signature original Belgian Chocolate coating.

Like their tagline - For Pleasure Seekers
Only those who believe in pure sinful indulgence will make Magnum's delicacies their choice of ice cream ♥

The event was held at Renoma Cafe Gallery @ Jalan Bukit Bintang, not too far off from Pavilion and what puzzled me the most was the dress code, on the invite stated Casual Chocolate Connoisseur (basically means a pro chocolate tester, maybe in the future I might quit my job and just be a Chocolate Connoisseur XD who knows? Sounds pretty good to me lol wtf) 
I threw on something simple and decided to pair the look with red lipstick instead of my usual pink lips, would love to share it with you guys but unfortunately I do not have a full photo of my #ootd :-( Sorry!

The cute and yummy looking props at the photo wall was really creative! Wish i could bring the props home and decorate them on my wall lols

Couldn't ask for more when you are being fed with such sinful goodness and not to mention free flow too (tell me how not to gain weight? D:). I purposely skipped dinner for this lol couldn't enjoy desserts with a full stomach, that is my random rule as a dessertarian :-P
When it comes to desserts, my motto is "Screw Diet. Enjoy now, loose it later".
And love Reiko's quote for the night, couldn't agree more with it ♥ : 
"That one night that diet means nothing- by Reiko Ong"

Thanks for the ride Reiko! :-) The skinny tall model that never gets fat regardless of what she eats ;_; *jelly max* Reiko, I have your metabolism please? ;_; Our sexaaay red lips was pure coincidence haha~

Yep, the night is still young, our first round of heaven upon arriving at the event :-D More rounds as the night went on, I wasn't kidding when i said let loose wei.

Their original flavor magnum ice cream served with cream, caramel drizzle and dark chocolate shaving rolls, I'm already drooling by just typing this out lol wtf. 
There goes my keyboard  ┐(‘~`;)┌

Please ignore my shit shaped icing lolz

They had a cupcake decorating booth for everyone to customized their own cupcakes, I choose a chocolate base cupcake and lather it with thick icing and sprinkles, the smell of sugar was so strong till it kinda scare me lol. Another reason was because it look to prewtty to be eaten (stupid reason as usual haha~ XD) In the end had to eat it also, such a waste to leave it uneaten no? :-P tasted pretty good actually despite the overpowering sugary smell. 

The limelight of the night ♥ Can I haz your autograph plzz ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate & Strawberry Magnum Ice-cream that was served individually in custard and cream. Presentation was yummy.Enough said.
Have to admit out of this two flavors, I would choose Strawberry & Chocolate because the combination was soooo good that it reminded me very much of Häagen-Dazs's strawberry ice cream dipped in fondue (except Magnum's Belgian chocolate coating is unbeatable lol) >w< 

This is literally Magnum chocolate ice-cream brownies served in mini cups, the waitress left the whole tray in front of me and walked off lol @_@ I love sweet stuff, but having the whole tray to myself is plain crazy (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Tons and tons of Magnum's new flavored ice cream waiting to be eaten. Imagine having your home freezer filled and stuffed with this endless goodness. Oh, I can survive with just ice cream ♥ I'll be the most contented person on earth and If this is heaven, can i please stay longer? :B

Personally my fav and will always be, Magnum Choco Cappuccino (◕‿◕✿)

The man himself, Don Chan!

Bumped into lots of old friends since i walked into the launch, glad to see you around Jeremy. Looks familiar? Yep, he is your funny favorite DJ on Red.FM and he has naturally redder lips than mine lol wtf haha! ಥ‿ಥ ~ Have to say lotsa of familiar faces were around that night :-)
Ice cream and humans makes a very good chemistry.

My little buddy for the night, I'm gonna count jumping Magnum ice creams in my sleep

Our customized dark chocolate door gift, I suck at writing my own name with white chocolate lol the words doesn't look a thing like "Arisa".
My culinary decorating skills officially failed (ノ>▽<。)ノ

*All photos in this post were taken using Shiro-Chan (Samsung WB150F) *

Thank you Magnum for the awesome delicious night, it was indeed a night to remember (I'll definitely remember this until I die lol) The night that made me feel so guilty sampai the next day I swam 30 laps and did 100 over sit ups. I miss my weekly gym routine :-( (Imma gym-a-holic ftw ♥) I wish TAR college didn't have to close their gym facilities during semester break, sigh. Is there any gym out there that wanna sponsor me? :-P  So I can attend more yummy events like this and not feel guilty afterwards XD

p/s : Ignore me, I'm still high on sugar. Magnum ice cream for midnight snack is a bad idea, but I'm loving it ♥

Keep a look out on Magnum's Facebook for the latest news and more surprises! Who knows you might be able to score invites to future Magnum events? ;-) 



  1. the magnum huggy is so so cute!! haha.. can have ice cream dream everynight..

    1. I know <3 its a beanie :D eat ice cream, dream ice cream, die also with ice cream XD


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