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Lipstick Depotting Tutorial

Time to share some random experiments that I have conducted when I was bored without a laptop last year (you can read about my previous burglary post here : http://bit.ly/UjSugg)
I've been wanting to depot my new lipsticks ever since they melted due to our horrible weather and It wasn't even expose to any direct heat (I kept it in my cosmetic box which was placed in a dark corner of my room and it still melted wtf) by the way the brand of lipsticks I was referring to is NYX, it's a brand from US (http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/) bought them online earlier 2012.
Imagine I procrastinated depotting my lipsticks for a year! LOL wtf.

It's obvious that any cosmetic that is not made in Asia can not stand Asian weather, particularly Malaysia lol
So I googled depotting lipsticks tutorial and most of them are made by Caucasians, seems that their lipsticks melt quite easily in their weather too >.< 
Not only melting, imagine ACCIDENTALLY breaking your new lipstick off it's casing
worst part and the most painful feeling of all is when you just bought it. Well, shit happens >.<

Hope this tutorial I'm about to share today helps save your favorite lipsticks 
There are a few techniques shown below such as microwaving it or melting it under and open fire.

WARNING : If you are below 18 please do not conduct this experiment without an adult supervision and keep away from any fabric as long the fire is still burning.

Microwave Technique :

I've learned from this video but improvised abit by using a spoon instead of a knife. It's a safer option and spare your fingers the scalding :-)

Items Needed :
  • 1 old spoon (not used for eating anymore)
  • Damaged lipsticks
  • Empty cosmetic containers ( I got mine from Daiso- RM5)
  • Candles (with a base)

NYX lipsticks are very pigmented, but don't really fancy the smell :-P

A 3-tier cosmetic container from daiso, available in different shapes too. Daiso FTW~  ♥

Badly melted lipstick *sobs* ;_; and it happened right after one usage. The whole thing broke off oTL

Put the broken piece of lipstick on the spoon and placed it over the fire, slowly move the spoon in circular motion to even out the heat and makes the melting faster too. Avoid placing the spoon too close to the fire.

It takes about 6-7 minutes for mine to completely melt, but different lipstick brands has different melting points. The colors are also one of the main factors that affects the melting overall, maybe it's the chemical the use for different colors. I'm no Chemistry student (though i took the subject during SPM and nearly died lol) but based on experience, we learn from it :-P

Once it has completely melted, prepare to pour it into the casing (make sure you open it before melting the lipsticks or it's gonna be a huge mess) After pouring, leave it at room temperature, within 10 minutes it will start to harden. Best results, just leave it alone overnight, avoid putting it into the freezer.

End Result, this is how they would look :-D Brand new and ready to use, all you need is a lipstick brush to aid you on the application.
My most favorite color : Snow White (deep red) didn't melt well exactly like the others *sobs* instead of melting into liquid, it became like some thick goo. Oh well~

You can label them accordingly (this is optional :-P) This is also one of the ways on how you can keep your lipsticks organized ♥

Disclaimer : This tutorial does not belong to me, I'm just sharing my successful attempt on depotting my lipsticks by improvising and a slight modification.

Thank you!



  1. You posted the pic on Facebook, I thought it was chocolate HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!
    That's a pretty cool way to save broken lipsticks. :D

    1. haha I know right! The color of my lipstick under my room poor lighting XD
      Thanks laura!

  2. I saw this trick before! I think I should rescue my lipstick now X)

  3. wohoooo , seems so cool ~ i might try it next time ~ ;p

    i followed you cutey , kindly to follow back ;D
    i will wait you come over to my blogsite ^^


  4. cool tutorial..and nice meeting you today! ^_^

  5. So cool,i've seen these tutorials before but i'm kinda scared to do this :P By the way,that Empty Cosmetic Containers are really awesome,is it 3 for RM5 only??Cause that is so cheap :O Is it in their makeups section??Cause i didn't really notice this XD

    1. same here!! XD but didnt expect it to turn out so well :D
      Yep, in daiso make up section :) or you can use colorful medicine boxes as other alternatives as well :)


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