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Scholl #MyVelvetSmooth Review

I know i might not be any pageant beauty queen or whatsoever so no one is gonna look at my ugly dry feet but they still deserve some love yo!
Cracked heels is something i obtained genetically from my mom, where our heels tend to build up layers of dead dry skin and sometimes the cracks causes them to bleed. Yep, it hurts.
I wonder it's because we walk barefooted all the time? I love doing that back when i was in Malacca ( as a kid) and i still do that very often though i would get disapproving glances from people.
Most of my friends who knew me long enough would always see this coming :-P

Instead of my usual furry background, i decided to use velveteen fabric for this #MyVelvetSmooth post. Geddit??? Hahahaha! Lame, i know but i couldn't help it XD

So what? I dress pretty for an event but if my feet hurts because of the high heels then heck with it! Comfort comes first 8D
So if you see a random girl all dressed and dolled up, walking barefooted don't be alarmed ya :P
It could be me lol.

If i pose for a photo while holding this near my face, please don't get the wrong idea ya @_@ this isn't meant for my face but for my dear FEET! So you are gonna see lots of hauntingly gruesome photos of my feet and before you proceed any furtur with this blogpost, i would suggest you close this link as it is not for the faint hearted lol. 

Just kidding! (No I'm serious, really.)

<<<< You have been warned! >>>>

I remember when i was first invited to attend a beauty session with Emily Quak, a famous beauty blogger/ vlogger last month when she first introduced this product to us.
Learned quite alot from that session like how to use this, and what to do for a longer lasting effect.

You don't need those fancy cracked heels creams to solve your problems as those don't really show any results and constantly making the floor greasy (eww)
Instead by just investing in this product which i call it a 'digital sandpaper wand', i can obtain instant results by just massaging it around my foot area for about 10 mins :)

My feet condition was definitely the worst among the other 4 bloggers out there lol /shy
Everyone wanted to see the end results after using this Foot File.

It's pretty simple to use this actually, you don't need to be Einstein to figure this out so i am going to review this foot filer in more detailed because i love you guys (yes, all of you reading this)
Also i've taken nice photos and it's such as shame not to use them lololol.

How does it feels like?

You know sandpaper? That's how it feels like but it's gentle enough for the skin.

Do i get same results from using sand paper instead of this?

Be my guest and try lol. Or course not! Sandpaper would simple filed your skin off till it bleeds as it's meant for everything else but the human skin :-P 


Powers with 4 Double (AA) Batteries so it's easy to get them anywhere, no funky batteries required.

As for their refills, comes with 2 rollers in a box. Each head can lasts up to 20 uses (10 each feet) depending on how severe your skin condition is. Like mine it's usually lesser but at least 7-8 times on each feet as i use them almost everyday for more effective results. 

To replace the roller, just simply press the side button to pop the roller out and insert a new one in it's place. 

Now here is the results that you have all been waiting for folks! Drumroll please!
I know it's a stupid kind of experiment to conduct on only one of my feet but i felt that is the best way to compare them. Side by side in the same photo.
No fancy foot massages, ointments or even fish therapy used here only Scholl's foot filer 10 minutes everday before i sleep.
The results are so visible that the photo speaks for itself, i no need to type so long liao lol.

Really looks baby smooth and no filter used in my photos okay! 
Scholl really knows what we need, been waiting for so long for somebody to invent these instaed of having to use those old fashion scrubbing stones that makes my feet super sore.

O lookie! A heart shape.
Care for your feet like you would do for the rest of your body, especially your face.

Priced at only RM129 in pharmacies or scholl outlets but great news because they are having a special RM10 off voucher that is redeemable on their website for a limited time.
Download your vouchers to enjoy this discount and soon you will be on your way to a velvet smooth feet experience.

Download voucher here: http://www.velvetsmooth.com.my/

Latest updates and promotions can be found on their official facebook page:


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