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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Amazing Thailand Journey: Day 1

My first overseas trip, couldn't contain my excitement when I was invited to go over for their ever famous Loy Khrathong event that is held yearly in the month of November, but I will save that for the next post including some video I manage to record that night with my camera (sorry ain't HD quality*sobs*)

I got lost trying to find the boarding part of the airport because seriously this is my first time travelling alone and furthermore to a foreign country where I have no knowledge of their basic language except “Sawadee kaa”-welcome and “Kapunka”- thank you lolol. Epic fail.
That morning itself I couldn't express my excitement, heck I was tired as I was working the whole week including the weekend (for animax roadshow) and next morning my flight to Bangkok was at 2pm means I have to be there an hour earlier.

Didn't get much sleep as I was packing on Sunday night itself lol, very last minute packing indeed and next morning my bus to the airport was at 10am. Seriously, never knew moving down to PJ was the best decision ever. Bus directly from Paradigm mall to KLIA & KLIA2 with the fee of only RM10 (1 way) and it’s pretty frequent too. Way more convenient for me to head there than to KL sentral for the Express train, unless you are in a hurry lar then that would be a better alternative as the bus takes about 45 mins to an hour journey.

The trip from KLIA to bBangkok itself took about 2 hours with Thai Airways and interchange, have to give it to them for the great service and comfortable seats! Yep and I slept instead as my seat was not near the window if not I would have stared outside at the fuwa fuwa (fluffy) clouds for 2 hours lol

Upon arriving at Chiang Mai, our group was greeted by the pleasant smile of this beauty and off we headed to our hotel. Their known tourist hotels named 'Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, Chiang Mai' that was made famous by the beloved late singer Teresa Teng who graced that hotel with her visit but unfortunately it was her first and last time there. We all to joked that night about wanting to have her visit us and sing us to sleep with her famous song "The Moon Represents My Heart" , but thank god no such occurrence lol **Choi! Touchwood**

Furbished with all the basic facilities like a gym,  restaurant, swimming pool..etc, so if you have a strict gym route to follow, you don’t have to worry about it.
Usually people would say travelling is the time to relax and leave our boring routines behind but I beg to defer as those routine is part of who we are as an individual.
Love the weather in Chiang Mai, it isn't too hot nor stuffy in fact it's just perfect if you ask me.

If you are planning to visit Chiang Mai, this are one of the places you can consider booking prior before visiting.

Imperial Mae Ping Hotel
Website: www.imperialhotels.comAddress: 153 Sridonchai Road, Chang Klan, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand
Phone:+66 53 283 900

Forgot to even mention this funny incident where we all went berserk after not being to access our social media platforms since we arrived in Thailand as our telco services (Celcom/Maxis/ Umobile/Digi) doesn't work here lol.
I thought i would be able to survive without any internet but boy i was so WRONG! That will only lasted till dinner time haha and during dinner all of us ran to the nearest 7-Eleven Convenient store to get our data plan package to last the week while we are in Thailand.

Epic fail la we all... look what technology has done to us all? XD 

A real Beautiful "Christmas" tree made from lanterns

Have to admit the food in Thailand is beyond amazing compared to the normal thai food I had back here in Malaysia. Seriously. Frigging. Delicious.
For a person who hates refined carbs, my hands are all down to their sticky rice. Really different as our version of ‘pulut’ is usually douse in coconut milk and sugar to make it sweet, and Japanese sushi rice are usually sweet & sour thanks to their vinegar as for Thailand the rice itself is savoury, you can taste the richness of the rice itself, really satisfying.

Thanks Becky for the lighting! XD 
We bloggers/ media people can't live without taking pictures of our food lol

Also i finally get to try their delicious fried bean curd skin, not as salty as the ones in KL but extremely addictive. At first i thought it was pork skin, so i didn't dare to eat them as you all know i am not a big fan of pork dishes in general and try to avoid them whenever i can.
But then our host specially ordered the 'Fried Pork skin' for us to try and compare, though they might look pretty similar but the size usually differentiates them apart from the fried bean curd skin.
There is not such thing as just 'try' one piece when it comes to thai food lol, you will sure end up taking 2nd or 3rd servings or maybe it's only me lar haha!

Dinner that night was enough to make me feel super duper guilty but at least the morning swim was good enough of an exercise to burn off those excess calories that I've consumed the night before lol.
And when my travel host, Richard first told me on the day we arrived that weight gain is the least of our worries when in Thailand, being really sceptical my eyebrows were raised lol but have to give it to him that he knows his stuff well. Coming back, yea didn't exactly gain like 5kg (that was my init assumption) but maybe just 1kg at most because of all those walking we had in Pai and Chiang Mai itself. But shall save Pai's story for another blogpost instead of this.

 Much details, Such difficulty @_@ And all these craved by the same girl.

Lookie what i found while having a night walk on the streets of Nimanhemin, their famous traditional mango sticky rice with a modern twists lol. It's like only 89 baht (RM8.90) for a plate while in the city it costs more than 150 baht (RM15). My advice is before you head into the city area, try to stuff yourself with as much mango sticky rice desserts, after that it's gonna cost alot especially in Bangkok. I regretted so much for not doing so till that craving hit me when i was at the airport waiting to board the plane home to Malaysia, one small mango sticky rice dessert costs 280 baht (RM28) there! TT_TT

Till then stay tuned for the next blogpost which i promise you would be a super duper interesting one, with history, lovers, valleys and more fun pictures (´∇ノ`*)ノ


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