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New Hair Colour by Schwarzkopf!

Haven't did anything to my hair in ages, no funky colours or even a haircut since last year lol. Been waiting to grow my hair long again but it seems to take forever :-(
Any news tricks on how to get my hair to grow faster? Lol.
But even though after my last visit to The Loft Hairdressing KL a few months ago, the color has practically faded especially at the bleached area. Well, from what i was told that happens because the colours can't stick long on bleached hair.
Wasn't really bothered by it but at times it just looks weird instead of dark grown roots on usual dyed hairs but mine was at the tip. 

Schwarzkopf sent me one of their latest hair dye of try out and please note that this is the FIRST time i am attempting to dye my own hair as i have never done before lol. All this while i will just leave it to the experts to do it in case i screw up my own hair.
Call my paranoid but i do read lots of mishap cases on own hair dye and etc.
Only reason why i am giving this a try is because there is a first time in everything right? At least i know how it's like to dye my own hair and Do's & Don't while doing it.

If my mom was  around i would so have experimented on her as she have tons of white hair that needs colouring badly and at her age she hasn't dyed her hair at all (amazing). Totally Au Naturale.

According to the box it says that it's natural & easy to use plus it's ammonia free. So in my mind, what could go wrong eh? Since the next most organic and natural dye is the henna.

In the box it includes 4 items and a manual booklet, steps to follow were easy as 1-2-3 so it's user friendly for first timers.
Mix the 2 solutions together and apply them evenly all over your hair and No, there is not specific application techniques to put on the dye just make sure you get them evenly spread all over your hair and set a timer for 15 mins.

After 15 minutes is up, was the dye off till the water runs clean (which is exactly what i did) and applied the conditioner that came together with the dye. During that whole 15 mins process i did noticed my scalp started itching abit like i haven't washed my hair for a week (oily scalp itchiness) which was pretty unusual for me as i have done many weird colours with Loreal, Redkeen and other brands but never had any allergy reaction towards it.
That made me wonder was it caused by the dye or it's just so happen my scalp decided to itch during the process -_-;;
Can't seems to clarify that unless i attempt another colour from this brand lol which i don't think will be very soon because i am gonna let my hair and scalp rest first before another round of chemical dose.

As per stated in the box 'Dark brown" i was kind of expecting a brown shade but instead it looks rather black to me?

To those who constantly dye their hair at home, is it normal for such reaction?
Oh, another lesson i learnt is never to wear contact lenses while doing this as it really stings the eyes lol just like soap lol silly me didn't realised that the chemicals from the dye can caused you to experience blurry vision.
At least the smell wasn't too strong but still smells like the usual hair dye though, so for those with sensitive nose can look at this brand for an alternative.

Wanted to end my review here as overall, this dye is user friendly and fuss free. Doesn't dry your hair but it does make my hair rather flat as there isn't much frizz nor volume to start with.
But the colour is pretty misleading, so instead of stating dark brown, they should just but natural black brown lol i mean kids who dyed their hair during the school holidays can use this dye to cover them up and it looks pretty natural.
Reminds me very much of my virgin hair which i still have tied up in a ponytail in a box lololol.

Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SchwarzkopfMalaysia

Disclaimer: This products are sponsored for review purposes but that doesn't affect my true and honest opinion.


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