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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Kitschen X Hello Kitty Collection

First time in Kitschen clothing line is collaborating with Sanrio's famous Hello Kitty on a new collection that was recently launched at all kitschen outlets nationwide.
Selling off quite fast too, most places are in broken sizes so don't miss this chance to grab your favourite cat (or girl according to Sanrio) to brighten up your closet.

As well all know this year so happens to be Hello Kitty's 40th Anniversary and they have paired up with famous designers from all over the world, global and local fashion brands to create a collection specially dedicated for her.
One of the few examples are like Jeffrey Campbell, The Simpsons X Hello Kitty (yes, Homer people!), and Sephora. There are actually tons of them but i think you guys already know, and save my poor fingers from typing the long list out too lol.

The fashion show i attended last week at Fahrenheit 88 shows us a wide range of the Kitschen X Hello Kitty collection including on the many fun ways on how you can mix and match or style them together to give an effortless playful and chic look.

Hello Kitty made a special Guest appearance too!

Reminds pretty much of the 'Harajuku' concept because of the bold bright colours and prints, as usual you can find Hello Kitty's trademark bow in almost all of their collection.
I know i myself am not much of a big fan of Hello Kitty herself but i do like the other characters from Sanrio like Melody(rabbit) and Purin (yellow dog)!

Couldn't resist from taking a picture of the cupcakes, they are just so frigging adorable. I don't even think i have the heart to bite into them even though some of the guest said the cupcakes were delicious. How can you eat something so cute and pwettty? D:

But overall, i personally think this a really good collaboration as Kitschen fashion trend caters more to teenagers and young adults who loves fashion yet would like to keep within their budget.
So if you are looking for some colourful pieces to brighten up your dull closet before 2014 ends, would suggest getting 1 or 2 pieces from this collection.
Not all their designs are like "Hello Kitty Prints In your Face" though there are many since it's their core design, but there are a few pieces that isn't too obvious in terms of design and colours as they are 'inspired' any ways.

Here are some of the stuff i managed to get my hands on, that same day itself right after the fashion show lol.
Not big fan of HK but still can't resists those colours and styling! And you wouldn't believe if i told you my entire coordinate from Kistchen cost within RM100 only.

Kitschen x Hello Kitty crop sweater: RM69.90
Black high-waisted pants: RM29.90

If you need any styling tips or a personal stylist/ shopper, you can always drop me an email for rates/ available slots and i will gladly assist you guys ;-)
My part time job is also i stylist i guess? :-P

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