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Dettol pH Balancing Shower Gel: Daily Germs Journal

Holla peeps, that title was something totally out of the blue but makes lots of sense on what I am going to share with you guys here in my lengthy blogpost today.
Germs, we all have heard of them and how they play a huge role in our daily life. No matter how much of a hygiene freak you are as long as you leave your ‘clean germ free zone’ you are instantly exposed to all kinds of nasty stuff and that is something beyond our control as a human being.

Like me, always out running here and there plus I also have a pet at home so that would make my place a more potential place for germs to breed.
Trust me, even though I wash my hands every single time after I play with my dog but how sure am I that all the germs are completely gone before I start eating or putting on my make up using my fingers?

That is one of the big mysteries yet to be solved in my life lol (exaggeration queen) and usually I don’t ponder much about this topic because it gets my brain fuzzy from thinking too much but not getting any answer and sometimes lead to paranoia lol.

Everytime when I hear of anti bacterial stuff like household cleaning agents to beauty products the first thing that comes to my mind is the smell of dettol disinfectant XD
I am pretty sure you all have the same idea too right?

Anyway I am not so much a fan of all these anti bacterial stuff because my first impression of them they stink (antiseptic smell) and they are too harsh for our skin to be used daily for example: body wash/ shampoo.Hand soap might seem fine but always noticed by using them too often your skin on your hand gets all dry and wrinkly? That’s the same effect is has to every other part of your body.

Heck, actually using any kind of random brand of bodywash or soap aside from anti bacterial ones can tend to dry up our skin in a long run plus our lifestyle also plays a huge part in contributing to that skin problem.

Finally I get to use some of my biology knowledge (yes, surprising fact: I was a science student back when I was in form 5 lol) in this blogpost though I might be a bit wee rusty :P

When you guys buy bodywash or bars of soaps, what’s the first thing you notice about it?

  • Brand/ Reputation
  • Price (cheap or expensive)
  • Contents (whether they are organic or not)
  • Function (moisture/ normal/ lightening/ pH value)
  • Scent
  •  Etc
My honest opinion when it comes to this I would usually select them accordingly by:-

1. Brand
2. Function
3. Scent
4. Price

Yea, body wash brands that I am familiar with like Dove, Dettol and Shukubutsu, usually I would skip no.2 (function)& no.3 (scent) and jump straight to no.4 (price) as life of a student everything is based on budget lol so as long it’s cheap, keeps me clean then I have no qualms over it.

But just recently after attending a recent event by Dettol, I’ve discovered something that I’ve been neglecting all these years, that explains why I am constantly complaining of dry skin all over my body though I use lotion daily before I sleep :-/

That’s a bad example we normally practice, taking our skin for granted.

There was even a live demo showing the rose petals submerge in different shower gels (brand X & Dettol) over the span of 3, 6 & 9 hours respectively. Results were indeed interesting never knew that shower gels can affect/maintain the condition of the rose petal.

Noticed sometimes on the packaging of your body wash they state their ‘pH Value’ proudly on the front but most of us wouldn’t even think twice about the importance of that message towards our skin. Seriously, who bothers to know the alkaline level their soaps?

Our skin naturally produces a protective layer called the ‘Acid Mantle’ and no it’s not related to the Archies ‘Reggie Mantle’ -_- lol.

It acts as our natural shield from bacteria, germs and other contaminants that we are exposed to on our daily activities by neutralizing them and enhances growth of good bacteria ß cool fact!

And a normal healthy pH usually ranges from 4.5-6.2

Acid mantle is also meant to keep your skin soft and supple, free from dryness but when we have problems like dry skin all over you know what is missing already.

By randomly using all kinds of harsh body/hand wash, we are actually subconsciously washing away our ‘Acid Mantle’ layer leaving us vulnerable to all the germs out there. See? Washing your hand often doesn’t mean you are germ free; in fact you are more exposed than ever!

Now here is where we go back to the pH value in your body/hand wash. It’s crucial for us to replace back what we have removed (acid mantle), with Dettol’s latest improvised pH Balance Shower Gel is here to save you from all the germs out there at the same time locking in your skin moisture and balancing your pH levels.

Importance of pH levels

- Works by protecting our skin from germs / bacteria/ pollutants
- Keeping our skin moisturized
- High level of acidic pH (2.0-3.0) can cause your skin to dry and crack
- High level of alkaline pH (11.0-12.0) can cause premature skin aging

Wow, that’s indeed a lot of facts to absorb and I can’t believe I got it all in at the 1.5 hour event lol, can nickname myself spongebob liao, absorb everything in such a short period of time and vomiting it back out again lol.

I know you guys have been dying to ask, how the heck can you even check you skin’s pH level especially when it’s not we can do those litmus paper experiments on ourselves like we did in testubes back in science class.

Times has changed and we are pretty advanced liao, so have to bid farewell to the old method and say hello to the latest technology – pH pen!

Never even knew the existence of this pen till this Dettol event lol, learning new things everyday :-PSo I have gotten my pH levels tested before using any products (normal skin) and tested again using 2 different kinds of soaps, one labelled ‘Brand X’ and the other is ‘Dettol pH Balance Shower gel’.
Seeing the results produced on the surface of my skin made visible via the pH pen is rather scary (OAOllll) never knew my skin can turn orange and dark green..yerrrrr. 

All this time i have been using so many kinds of body wash and never knew what it could have done to my skin *gasp*!
Finally found the truth behind my dry skin condition and now to pay more attention to the products i use daily.
Ever since i started using Dettol pH Balancing shower gel, i can feel a huge significance on my skin condition before and after.

After all this interesting So are you guys ready to take the Dettol pH balance challenge yourselves?
Hop on over to their website: www.dettol.com.my/phbalance
At the same time you get to enjoy a special RM5 off any Dettol pH balanced (625ml) shower gel variant. It can be used together on top of any ongoing instore promotion at Guardian starting from 1st Nov- 31st Dec 2014.

Get you vouchers here: http://goo.gl/HpDj27

That is like a superb deal not to be missed, and of all the choices they have, the peach coloured one is my favourite! The scent is really nice, trust me there is not aseptic smell lingering from it.
Try them today and let me know what's your fav from the entire range :-)


  1. ph pen so useful now we know which shower gel suitable for our skin :D


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