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Guinness Bold Confessions Launch

Remember this picture from my previous blogpost?

Bet you guys have been seeing all these #BoldConfesions hashtag popping all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but it kills you guys not knowing what it is right?
Well, i myself have did a fair share of posting on this yesterday as it was...get ready for it.......



The Launch of .........
Guinness Bold Confessions Campaign!

Everyone wants to have a clean slate before the year is over, but when people ask you "have you been naughty or nice this year?"
Part of you cringe at the thought of being judged for your answer and nobody likes that, seriously.
I understand that feeling all too well.

Well for starters, i honestly haven't been a very good girl for the past few years as i had a condition which i wasn't willing to let go off.
Yea, after 4 years i am still holding on to it as i feel it is part of me.

That's why Guinness came out with this great idea of 'Confession Box' where you can record your confessions in private and also stand a chance to win yourself invites to their year end party "Guilty As Charged".

What more can be more rewarding than you getting that heavy guilt of your shoulders and be rewarded with an awesome party to celebrate your new found freedom?
Christmas is all about forgiving and new life, but if you can't forgive your own self how do you expect to start afresh.

The idea of the confession box really hit me hard (in a good way) when they first revealed it at the launch lol 
Pretty much reminds me of those confession box we have in the catholic church where people go "Father, i have sinned" (this isn't a joke and no offence intended).
Great concept of bringing this out into the world giving people the right amount of closure and space to open up.

And you guys will soon get a chance to make your 'Bold Confessions' to the nearest outlets coming to you. The Guinness team will be touring all around Klang Valley throughout November and December, so make sure to catch them as this is your one chance to come clean and celebrate your new found freedom with Guinness.
Best 100 confessions will win 2 tickets to the "Guilty As Charged" party just before Christmas.
Opps! Guess i was caught while making a confession lol.

You will be surprised to see on their promotional video that local big names such as Kyoto Protocol, Paper Plane Pursuit frontman John O and comedian Prakash Daniel making their fun confessions for all to see.
This is supposed to be a FUN time. so like Taylor's Swift's latest song - Shake It Off
Let's shake off those guilt! 
Can't wait to attend their year end parteyyyyy!

Stand Up 'Fess up, Be Bold and Show That You're made of More!

For every person who is bold enough to go up the Confession Booth will be rewarded with a voucher for a free pint of Guinness on their next purchase.

Latest updates can be found on their official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/guinnessmalaysia

Best stout that can be enjoyed any time and anywhere 


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