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Amazing Thailand Journey (Part 2 ½ ): Wonders Of Pai

If you guys are looking for a place to stay while in Pai, you can consider this award winning resort on TripAdvisor and many more.
This special blogpost dedicated to the most beautiful place i've stayed throughout my whole trip in Thailand.
Don't get me wrong, though Pai might seem like a small town that can be easily covered in one day but you might want to extend your stay a few more days and trust me you won't regret it at all.

Had so many friends telling me how much they miss this place so much and hope to be able to visit it again someday.
✓ Country side view
Cooling and refreshing air
Great food
Great Service
✓ most of all friendly people.
The name of this special place is called: Belle Villa Resort, Pai

The whole week while i was in Thailand before the Loy Krathong celebration (next blogpost!), managed to cover several of places and brought back with me tons of priceless memories. But all hands down to Pai. 

Pai itself have alot of activities but the most important thing is to plan your stay ahead in this place, that is why i recommend Belle Villa.
Located strategically slightly right outside of the main town area but it's not too far as well, it's about less than 2 km walk? But yea if you have rented a car/ scooter or van then it shouldn't be a problem getting around.

Here is a map showing all the main attractions that you wouldn't want to miss while staying in Pai

Like it's name the concept of this place is very much like a holiday resort, something different if you are looking to getaway from all the city life and technology.
Packed with comfortable and spacious rooms, ready equipped with a balcony for you to enjoy your evening tea while watching the sunset. 

Big beds to roll around ~Wohooo~

Tony, our awesome guide/ photographer/ friend was totally right about this being the best place especially early morning when the sun is rising. The weather is so cooling, you can see the clouds almost touching the ground as we are considered living at a "bukit" area.
Never once in my life i have ever felt this peaceful by just enjoying this beautiful scenery, makes me reflect back in life and count all my blessings especially getting to visit this beautiful country. Thank you so much Richard and the tourism board!

Oh, and you see their swimming pool there on the top left of the photo? 
Jump in at night! It's not freezing cold, trust me :-P

While you plan your visits around Pai, i've listed out some activities that I have done myself during my stay. If you are a first time traveller like me, especially when you have not stepped out of the country before (or sat on a plane) then i hope this blogpost will be able to relate to you guys closely.
That feeling of being in a foreign country, away from your family (or safety blanket lol) and definitely out of your comfort zone.

Belle Villa Resort 

135 Moo 5, Tumbol Baanpong,
Amphur Hangdong, Hang Dong, 
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50230 (Show on map)

Tel : (66 53) 365 318-21 
 Fax : (66 53) 365 322
Website: http://www.bellevillaresort.com/

Extra Crap-Talk :

Anyway I've tried to walk from the resort back to the night market that day as i had lost something really precious to me and it was given by 'him', an Omamori (御守 or お守り).
Couldn't sleep that night and it was about 1am before i've decided to head out and find it, but really the short van trip we had from the resort to the market turned out to be quite a walk, won't deny walking all alone on the dim lit roads with and several of dogs barking and howling at you gives me the creeps.

Maybe its my overly active imagination la and watch too much Thai horror movies lol. But what made me abandon my crazy mission halfway was because i thought i was lost and took the wrong way, before things get any worst best to go back + handphone battery left 10% lol.  
Before i felt like bursting into tears because i'm seriously scared of the dark, appeared out of no where there was this white female dog who accompanied me back all the to my chalet doorsetp (up the stairs too!)
Soooo friendly siaaaa~ Wish i have took a photo of my furry rescuer/ guardian, apparently baki kor kor and Becky was also accompanied by the same white dog on their way back to the resort, it was a scary yet cute Déjà vu moment for all of us when we shared our stories over breakfast the next day lol.
Whoever you are little doggy, i am forever grateful for you!

Lesson learnt that night, make sure to carry a map with you or do a proper research on the place you are staying to avoid being lost.

Check out the thing you are able to enjoy while in Pai. It's all within the area, so make sure to pay them a visit and you won't regret is at all. 

List of places to visit HERE <----------- Click Me!
  • Satitchon Village
  • Coffee in Love
  • Huay Daeng National Park
  • Vintage Coffee House
  • Pai Night Market

'Pai Memorial Bridge'

Also if you so happen to be a health enthusiast like me and Becky, you couldn't tell how overly excited we were getting to have lunch here in this Organic Farm. Everything is fresh from their garden at the back to the table.
After the few days of so much delicious guilt indulgence, it's great to get our system clean with all these yummy fresh vegetables.

I happen to like to enjoy my vegetables fresh and raw, not cooked. How about you guys?
You can drop by O KA JU Garden Restaurant (say:- Oh Ka Joo) to have your fresh veggie fix, don't worry it's not a vegetarian restaurant so all you meat lovers can still enjoy your delicious juicy meats with fresh side salads instead of rice.

O KA JU Garden Restaurant
Nearby Likit Chewan crossroad, 
Chiang Mai – Maejo Rd. opposite the Laguna Home
Open daily 9am – 9pm 
Tel. 08-1980-2416

My Mango + Kiwi shake, real bliss

They have a large variety of salads catered to any taste-buds especially if you are not a frequent salad eater lol. This might change your perspective about bland ol' boring salads though ;-)



  1. Since I read this, I guess it's acceptable to give a little evaluation .. your writing is really persuasive in all honesty .. the way you presented the place is very detailed, especially giving emphasis on its good qualities .. the photos also helped a lot in showing what the place has to offer .. all in all, I was really impressed. ^_^

    1. *blush*

      Thank you so much for taking your time to read my crap post Darryl >///<


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