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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Big Bad Wolf 2014 HAUL!

Couldn't be more blessed when my friend Suanne had an empty spot for me to tumpang her preview pass ticket to visit BBW this year! As you all realised i am pretty much of a bookworm but don't really post much about it lol and whenever there is a book sale you will sure see me there LOL.
For the past BBW sales i have attended were usually passed midnight as they are opened 24hours, also when i was working freelance my job only ends at 10pm (Lemme go home rest dulu)

Okay, guess i have spent enough on books to last me until maybe 2016! Lol i say that now but whenever i walk into a bookstoe sure come out with 1 or 2 books one 8D hehe~
Well, inner geek always wins in situations like these.

Also gotta give it to BBW for the much improvement over the years, like how they had proper queue cones to keep the preview pass crowd organized (and civilized). Surprising though, i thought arriving at 9am was late but hands up to Suanne for the awesome timing! We apparently wasn't the earliest (those people must be crazy lol) but somewhere in the middle and 10mins later a long queue built up behind us O_O

Here is what you are gonna find in BBW, especially if there are some specific books you were targeting based on the promo (As advertised) posted up on their page.
Honestly thought i might not be able to grab some good books this year as the previous years when i went, there wasn't much interesting titles left.

Found the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Lord Of The Rings Trilogy book, there was apparently a illustrated version but i couldn't find it.
LOTR fans would die to have this as this comes with leather binding, gilded edges with a foldout two colour map. Priced only @ RM75 which makes quite a decent Christmas/Birthday gift for bookworms, Original price is $85 (USD)

To make the search easier for you guys, LOTR can be found near the cashier and as for Harry Potter only outside at the Curious Corner which you will pass upon exiting from the hall.
You MUST go through the hall, pass the cashier to reach this area.  

Also the limited edition Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling but yea was tempted to get the set but already reached my quota for spending oTL
This set is priced RM150 for the whole book, not sure whether got J.K.Rowling punya autograph of what la lol.
According to my friend Silvy, they only release 100 books each day for LOTR meanwhile i counted earlier it was less than 30 for the Harry Potter set, that's really REALLY limited.

So this one is really luck if you manage to grab it tomorrow la ;-)  As said in the Hunger Games series: "May the Odds be forever in your favour- Effie Trinket" 
Speaking of Hunger Games i saw the whole set selling for only RM30, im sure teenage girls who have recently watched the movie would love to have this in their collection.

Total damage today was RM200+ *cry*
Aside from art materials and fabric the things i am willing to spend on are books.
Next time need to bring along restraint liao ~~ But mine is in Japan enjoying onsen* (bugger) =3=
So never mind, i go shopping to release stress 8D  

*Hot Spring

Another section that takes up almost 40% of the space are culinary/ cooking books, those who loves food and cooking would be spoilt for choices but then again all of them are less than RM30, heck with choices just get'em all lol.
Usual rule of shopping, "Buy First, Think Later". It might sound unethical but better than regretting the book you wanted sold out right?  XD

Sadly the health/wellness section was pretty small though :-( Only like one table, sad case.
Lots of Fiction and Non-fiction books of all kinds of genre and also of all ages, so parents who wants to get their occupied during the school holidays just grab some activity/craft or story book for as low as RM5 (or RM3? Can't remember lol)

They have their usual book storage area if your loot becomes too heavy to lug around but best advice is to just bring along a frigging huge ass luggage bag. Trust me, you will need it.
Even though you tell yourself to limit your purchases but unfortunately that won't work here in BBW 8D Sure got extra unplanned stuff you want to get one. Unless it's only me la because my will power so low lololol wtf.

Kudos to their friendly and helpful staffs but they really need to work on their directions and information on the books whereabouts though, while i was looking for LOTR they kept on telling me it's outside but actually it's near the cashier.
But everyone makes mistakes so it's okay :)

More updates on their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbwbooks

Doors are opened to public tomorrow, so get ready to part with your moolahhhhh~ 8D
Date: 5th -16th Dec 2014
Venue: MIECC @ The Mines
Time: 24 hours

Bonus Photo:
Tessa isn't amused because i paid more attention to the books today instead of her lol.



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