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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Mavis Hotel Transylvania Make Up Tutorial [2.0] + ArisaXNattaCosme Giveaway

It's pretty obvious based on my hints on what this next tutorial is gonna be right? Right, before you guys go sighing " awww...Mavis? AGAIN?"
Lemme get this straight, i love Mavis because she so batty watty cute & now she has a baby in the 2nd instalment of Hotel Transylvania based on the official trailer released by Sony pictures earlier March: Hotel Transylvania 2 - Teaser Trailer

So tell me now, why shouldn't i do Mavis's look justice at least one last time (if fail, i shall admit defeat ok? lol) since the last attempt was 2 years ago, you can read about it HERE and it's funny to see how much i've changed since 2012, gotten fatter/ face rounder oTL
But somehow ageing isn't that obvious (?) I dunno, what do you guys think lol? Do i look like an old hag in just 2-3 years? Not surprising if you guys actually said "Yes" haha.

Disclaimer: This whole entire post is taken using HTC Desire EYE. Including this photo, no filters or processing except for putting in watermark.

Call me Oba-san Arisa k? I won't chase you (but i will HAUNT you) :D
But yea, most probably i am gonna cosplay Mavis this September when the movie is released, anyone wants to loan me their 2-3 year old kid to dress up as Red-head baby Dracula? I'll make sure he'll get to fly like "Superhero" lol.
Okay...straying away from the main topic again / slaps self. One of the reasons why i was excited to recreate this look again was because i was sent a set of High Quality Cerro Qreen brushes from NattaCosme & thanks to their generosity, i even get to share this job with my dear readers.

Mine is CERRO-QREEN Cosmetic Make up Brush Set Black &White [10pcs]

Introducing their best selling brush from US, Cerro Qreen (not Queen) that is available on their website in various sets to suit every women's needs. You would be wondering why would you need so many brushes for especially if you have only 1 face. But if you do study the brushes closely (or google their functions) you will be surprised how each brush is designed to deliver unique results.
Hence you see professional make up artistes with brushes up to 32 pcs.

But, if you are just looking for a basic brush set i would totally recommend their 10pcs set (comes in a few colours too) which is just nice.
It has all the basic essentials and also not too bulky to bring for travelling.

My first Cerro Qreen brushes were also from NattaCosme and it was the 7pcs and i used to for my Frozen, Anna tutorial. Still actually using those brushes till today, good quality stuff that actually lasts.
Yes, there will be a giveaway at the end of this post, make sure to watch my Mavis transformation tutorial using Cerro Qreen Brushes and leave a comment below on:-

 "What kind of looks will you create if you were to win a Cerro Qreen brush set for yourself this Halloween?" 
The rules of this giveaway is pretty simple, opened to only Malaysians (for international readers!) and make sure you are subscribe to this blog. All you have to do if fill in this giveaway app below & leave a comment on this blogpost.

Have to thank my crazy amazing HTC Desire EYE handphone, for the flawless recording, and yes everything is self done with a help of a Daiso tripod.
No DSLR or digital camera is used during this whole process as i wanted to test my HTC Desire Eye front 13MGP camera whether it is able to do high quality front recordings just like their back. Totally blown away by the results of a HTC smart phone.

So yea, guess it is good enough for my basic blogging uses & everyday life, but after attending the recent HTC M9+ (newest flagship phone) launch 2 days ago, was wondering how much better can it be when the basic HTC Desire EYE is already so awesome.
Guess i'll have to find out soon lol.

Thank you all for your support all this while (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤



  1. Dear Arisa,

    I am very sorry that I don't have Twitter account but then I am seriously want to join your giveaway :)

    Blog : http://missjasjas.blogspot.com/

    1. It's okay dear :) thanks for your support^^

    2. Oh alright but then I'll keep sharing on my FB :) if like this, am I qualified to win? :)

  2. Hi Arisa,

    I have done complete the steps! I always love Cerro Queen Brush but didn't have the chance to try it.
    What kind of looks will you create if you were to win a Cerro Qreen brush set for yourself this Halloween?
    I think I will prefer to go for a princess look like, Cinderella or Bella in the Beauty in the Beast. =D


    1. Thanks for joining & good luck dear! :)

  3. Dear Arisa,
    your make up look so nice XD I hope i can makeup as well as you do one day :D
    For halloween ,I will prefer to go for Lovelive kotori or maki halloween ver. hehe ~ They are so cute and adorable~

    Farron miki ~

    1. thank you dear :) im pretty sure you can <3
      can't wait to see your cosplay as kotori or Maki this halloween then ^^ make sure to tag me :D

  4. Oh gosh. I entered the giveaway even though I'm not Malaysian... Silly me .-. Nice make-up look, Arisa!

  5. hii ~
    I had already done all the steps, can I know how u guys pronounce the lucky winners?

    And, I love ur Rize (tokyo ghoul) cos!!! It is so pretty and awesome! I wrote a message to u on messenger at ur page, But u didn't reply, so I think u night be busy... Anyway, I like ur make ups tutorials too ! mavis make up tutorial is so nice too!! XD

    Wish you happy ,

  6. hii , I'm here and I have done all the steps ! Actually I don't have twitter. Hope I can win the give away ^_^
    For Halloween , I will prefer SAO asuna halloween version. So cute and can't wait for it to cosplay her !

  7. Hello Arisa!

    Completed all the steps and I really love your make up! Nice tutorial and I truly enjoyed myself! If I were to win a Cerro Qreen brush set for yourself from your giveaway, I will turn myself into Queen of Hearts from the Alice in the Wonderland! I'm having the same red hair as the red queen so creating the look can help me to save some since I don't need to buy wigs lol!

  8. Hi Arisa!
    For halloween, I would like to crossplay as Peter from Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus! If I were to win these makeup brushes, I'm sure I would be able to pull off a boy character, something I have never attempted before :D
    Really love your Mavis look! <3

  9. Awesome look! You totally rock it! ^^

    Would definitely love the makeup set! <3


  10. hey dear, so sorry that i doesnt have a twitter account. but i would like to join your giveaway contest. as i am actually looking for a set of makeup brushes to start makeup myself :D thanks


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