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Come Meet Bianca from @Weworewhat!

Before you guys judge me and say that i am overly sensitive, being obsess and wasting my time on this very INTERESTING long winded seller that i have encountered recently (actually a few hours ago) on carousell. I am going to tell you clearly that i am just being good hearted person (really!) spreading some late night entertainment around while giving this seller a little more exposure for her pitiful online store so that she gets more sales and stop being a douche ok? :)

Let's start.
As you all know, Carousell is literally one hell of an app where all greedy scavenges (online shop sellers) blend among all of those unsuspecting victims who just want to have a friendly way of dealing with their PRE-LOVED items.
Well..it did started off as a decent app, till it became somewhat overrated and more people without courtesy and common sense start pouring in asking stupid questions when everything is in the description boxes (can you guys please read?).

But there are SOME sellers that just find it too hard to put in description of their listed items and ask you to PM them for it, which i do not mind but in this case with this "lovely" seller on carousell called @WeWoreWhat did so.

If you can't even deal with customers, then please don't do sales.

So being a super keen buyer i PM-ed her, with a matter of fact to at least list to out the sizing so she doesn't have to make her life so miserable by replying countless of PM-s about sizing and details to other buyers.
I am being super (fucking) considerate here but instead of taking my sincere advice i got SHOT. Literally with a sarcastic reply. Talk about having attitude problems. 

My bad for ASSUMING it's a Preloved item, but it's Carousell where people sell 2nd hand stuff not start their fucking blogshops/ online stores.

Don't tell me you are one of those rich kids who thinks the world owes you everything and just because you are a so called "model" doesn't give you the rights to be bitchy ya know?
I have so many friends who a runway models, which i clearly don't think you are except a typical car show girl who runs their own online business and at least behave like proper sellers and have better manners at least.

Yep you do things YOUR WAY and to your own convenience sake, clearly shows that you have no idea on how to be a seller. Shouldn't you prioritize the BUYER's convenience first instead of yours?

Eg: Size, measurements or even state whether it is READY STOCK or PRE-ORDERED. 
Is it that hard to put simple things like that? How do you guys even call yourselves "sellers" when common practice like that pun tak leh buat

Yes, come i clap for your other buyers ok? 
Glad at least there are buyers willing to tolerate that attitude of yours. 

Right, thanks for telling me about your "DEAD" boutique which i didn't even ask about. Just give me the fucking measurements damn it! And if your items have ran out of stuck please do a frigging inventory on items that need to be PRE-ORDERED then.I was ready to close this stupid conversation a guess what reply she came up next?

And i am so not sorry for that reply of mine lol.



Your feedbacks on carousell means nothing to me by the way, now that i have seen your true colours already :)
Yes you don't owe me an explanation but yet you just had to tell me your whole life story huh? So what for? Just for the sake of proving that you are "smart"?
Seriously do i look like i care? 
And i have better things to worry about than you, to me you are just an imaginary speck of dust waiting to be brushed off. Non existent.

And do you constantly have to emphasis to your customers (yes i read your feedbacks) that your are busy with "castings and shootings" just to tell the whole world you are a so called model?
I get it Bianca, you got the looks, the body and so called "brain"with your "smart" and windy replies. Shows that you are trying so hard to prove to the whole world that you ain't a bimbo but unfortunately to me you still are :-) So no hard feelings k?
Over a fucking pair of shorts she has to start a world war 3, really so much of free time to go off topic coming from a girl who claim "I don't have time" <--I am quoting her from her message.
And at the end of the day did i get my measurements? Answer is NO. Because Bianca was too busy going off topic and i had fun playing along. What a waste of time but hey for the fun of poking people like her why not?
I don't usually troll people but i'll make her an exception because she is trying so hard to prove that she is smart when no one ask her to :)
Let's give her a round of applause or a pat on the back for the effort.

Remember to drop her messages to congratulate her on her attitude peeps ;-)
Kasi support sikit! LOL.

P/S: you should be proud i am actually dedicating this blogpost to you FOC and that is really unusual as most people or products that gets featured here usually has a fee ;-) 
Hopefully your blogshop or whatever "sales" increases after this.

Do make sure to visit lil Miss Bianca's "shop" on carousell k?


Love Yours' Truly,


  1. oh my i have come across her shop at carousell as well and it did confuse me why there is no clear explanation on each items she posted == eg; size, pre-order or ready stock, and it such a pity because i am interested in some of her items but there is no clearer information on her items i decided to look for another shops :D

    1. no doubt she has interesting clothes for sale but after these messages from her, i don't even want to have anything to do with a person like that -_-
      waste my time & money.
      Should thank her for helping me to save money. haha.


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