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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Innisfree Malaysia 1st Inni-versary Celebration

Been congratulating alot of brands lately for their achievements and milestones for 2015 lol but for the ones i love i can Congratulate them a thousand times over and still be willing to do more :P
Can't believe it's already a year since the famous Korean skincare brand from amorepacific landed in Malaysian soil and grew so much that within the span of 12 months (or less) they welcomed another 2 more stores in Malaysia!
If you guys aren't aware, Innisfree is now available in Paradigm mall and Pavilion too aside from Sunway Pyramid.

One thing about RSVP-ing for event, it tends to get rather risky especially when your work schedule is unpredictable like mine (my schedule is based per project basis) and the only time it's easy to RSVP and attend all events is either you are a full time blogger (relying on hubby & family for income) with so much time in your hands or either and office worker who works a 9-5 job so most of your weekends are left for leisure purposes lol.

No matter how hard i try to plan ahead (eg: 1 month in advanced), there are just times (mine is every freaking time) when things don't go according as planned like this Innisfree anniversary party. 
I swore to myself that i wouldn't miss this for the world despite having an insane deadline to meet that week but looking back i thank god i took the time off to attend this event.
Considered this as a breather to get me back on track, you were right Hui Ping! Haha.

And everytime when there is an event for innisfree the dress code is green like their brand & concept, which i conveniently kept on procrastinating and forgetting to get something green in my cupboard for this purpose lol. Yes, time for a wardrobe revamp since it's already year end and being a fashion blogger we try not to recycle our clothes too many times for events :-P

Upon arriving at the event location, which i might add is just amazing and suitable for the whole outdoor, nature & picnic concept which everyone can relate to Innisfree. So kudos to the team for making a great choice of location selection. In Chulan hotel it's like we are outdoors but actually indoors because that area inside the hotel is somewhat like a giant gazebo or you can say, greenhouse (ceiling is made of glass).

There were so many fun and interactive activities lined up for their loyal customers, members of the media and bloggers like DIY our own mini terrarium, blending our fresh juices via cycling (this is pretty cool) and many others along the way till we complete everything to redeem our mini prize. Innisfree is all bout giving joy, whether it's back to nature, charity or rewarding customers in anyway, it encourages us to do the same too :)
You have no idea how strong Innisfree beliefs are when it comes to being eco-friendly, since their brand is built on the foundation of preserving nature (Jeju island) for it is their main supply source for raw ingredients used to produce their products.

Activities of the Day, which i would not type it out but instead watch my video to find out what i did! :D

p/s: Watch till the end as there'll be a surprise waiting for you guys at the end of it. Since it's the month of December and i consider it a gifting month, i'll be having quite a number of giveaways so make sure to subscribe to my blog to be notified about it. Seriously you wouldn't want to miss any of it! ;-)

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Giveaway Duration:
18th - 24th dec 2015 (12pm)

*Open to those residing in Malaysia only.

After seeing so many promotional videos and photos on how beautiful Jeju Island is thanks to the government and efforts of the locals there making it a no.1 tourist destination whenever they visit Korea. Must see it for my very own eyes one day especially Amorepacific factory which is located on one part of the island :D
They are like one of the biggest global beauty manufacturing company in the world (rating top 15) housing many famous brands under their wing.

Remember, for exciting updates direct from the song bird's mouth make sure to stalk their facebook page: www.facebook.com/innisfreeMYS
Or to join their exclusive memberships visit here for details: Innisfree Member Application

**Disclaimer: This giveaway isn't affiliated with Innisfree Malaysia, it's something i did on my own because i wanted to :) 
If sponsored or otherwise, it will be stated.


LATEST UPDATE (31/12/15)

Congratulations to the winner and everyone whom participated :)
Don't be sad if your name is not in the winner list for my Christmas Countdown Giveaway as there are more chances for 2016! Winner please to take note to check your email/spam & FB inbox for my message & please respond within 24hrs or prize shall be snowballed unto the next winner in line.
Thank you & Cheers for your cooperation!


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