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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Slide The City Experience

Counting down the week and i have so many things to do but so little time!! Wish i could duplicate myself right now, but i shouldn't be too worried about petty stuff like these. If i could finish sewing 16 garments in 6 days while attending Innisfree 1st anniversary party and Slide the City (which ended disastrous for me) i am pretty sure i can try to finish up 20 blogposts and schedule them by this week!

Extra powaaaaaaaaa please! And some kakigori/bingsu on the side lol.

This is the very first time slide the city landed in KL and it was one of the most anticipated outdoor activity of the year that immediately sold out once the ticket sale went live. Everyone went batshit insane lol, i don't blame them as the promotional video shared on their official page shows the REAL definition of fun!
But honestly for the price of the tickets and what you experienced at Slide the city 2 weekends ago may leave you disappointed in many areas but at the end of the day it's the experience, friendships and occasional embarrassing hazards that made this whole event worthwhile.
This was the time i could finally unleash my HTC DesireEYE's full potential by bringing it along for the slide, while everyone brought their gro-pros and waterproof casings for their cameras/phones, i just brought mine in the way it is. BOOYAHHH!
Yes, be jelly because mine is awesomely waterproof allowing me to record the whole slide experience RAW :-P
Enjoy the video, a little warning to put the speaker tune lower as there are some screaming involved lol.

Sliding Fun with a Purpose

Slide the City, KL was brought to you by Spritzer Malaysia and was organised by Monkey Theory Sdn. Bhd., in collaboration with Miss Event World, together with the support of Perbadanan Putrajaya. Officiated by Tan Sri Datuk Seri Azlani Dr M. Mahadevan, the event marked the debut of the global slip n’ slide phenomenon in Malaysia. Since its 2013 debut in the United States, Slide the City has developed an almost cult-like following worldwide, having reached more than two million people in major cities worldwide which include, among others, Japan and Hong Kong.
Although designed to be a fun event, Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia also championed a more serious and benevolent cause. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of passes were channelled towards National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) in support of patients suffering from kidney disease. Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia also aimed to raise awareness of obesity, targeting a healthy lifestyle in a fun and engaging event in which the whole family could participate. Receiving a mock cheque amounting to RM25,000.00 at the event was Chief Executive Officer of NKF, Mr. Chua Hong Wee.

But based on the videos i saw from other countries, it somewhat seems more fun than ours *sobs* and cleaner too lol, the rain over the weekend was totally uncalled for. Potong steam betul la this weather, making the place muddy and gross at the pool pit below the slide.
Seriously, i didn't expect the slide to be only 300 meter longs as i was given the impression that it would at a downhill angle of at least 500-1000 meter long lol. This is the best time to use my favorite term "cheat my feelings" lol.
But given the luxury of going for unlimited rides down this small kiddy slide, i did have fun from the spinning (not sliding) as i kept on whacking the sides of the slides and the slide marshals wasn't much of a help by hauling us forward in a motion that makes our floats circulate instead of slide downwards haha!

Seriously swore i was nothing but giddy after 3 slides down, but one thing great was despite the queue constantly building up the wait wasn't too long unless someone had a slide "plug" halfway that needed a bowling ball to release them lol.
I am totally not kidding about using this bowling terms as that's what it is, when a few get stuck the slide gets congested so the next upcoming slider would end up being a bowling ball that pushes them out of the mess XD
That's the funnest part, seeing everyone roll down the slide like bowling pins on the runway after bring striked.

We were given 2 time slots which was morning at 10am-12pm, i would avoid that at all costs because of the sun lol but actually i had another event to attend which was the innisfree anniversary. So I took the evening session (5pm-7pm) and by the time i arrived at the area (putrajaya, parking & walked quite a distance) it was already 6pm and all their vendors were  cleaning and closing up for the day. So there was no yummy no food or any other activities operating after 6pm aside from the slide area, if only they opened till this whole thing ended so at least the public could get some nice warm food & drinks after a whole 2 hour of splashing in cold water I do hope Spritzer would note this down if they ever bring in Slide the City, round 2 next year!

sliding on a pizza anyone? Fancy floats available for rental.

And please don't do it on a highway again lol, somewhere with a better angle so we sliders can have a better velocity sliding downwards.

If you guys are interested in participating in their future instalments, you can pre-register/ sign up on their website so you'll be the first to know about it: www.slidethecity.asia
For more details and the latest updates (fresh from the penguin's mouth) follow them on their social media sites like Facebook: Slide The City Malaysia

Side Story:

Okay, so with all that above everything seems great right? No injury or collisions from the slide (i was expecting a bruise or something, knowing myself) but i came out in one piece till i sat down on the heavily on a chair and it gave way. "There goes me arse" *using the Irish accent to say this line*
Lesson learnt, never try to deflate an inflatable ring by sitting on it especially on a chair ==
My butt-bone still hurts badly till today actually, wonder if i accidentally cracked it or what. Wtf.
Thank you あなた for carrying and driving me back after that (T-T) had to sew and cut fabric with a painful lower back, total torture for the next few days.

Not so glam moment captured lol, thank you slide marshal pfftt.


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