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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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SKINNYMINT x ARISA | Flabs to Abs Holiday

Hello dearies, this is the final giveaway going up for my Christmas Countdown Giveaway Campaign and i do hope you guys have loved every single one of them so make sure to join them to show your support! :)
SkinnyMint was one of new brands i have on-board my blog this year since i've discovered the miracle and benefits of tea-toxing.
This isn't just a fad that comes and go, it's in fact something one should practice incorporating in their busy lives to achieve proper wellness the body needs by starting from the basics.

My famous reviewed yet to date on my blog is definitely the SkinnyMint one which an innocent curious experiment lead to an amazing spark of response and feedback by many.
This is one of those days where i finally feel my writing is being appreciated as it's of a content people are interested to read about lol.
If you have not heard, read or seen real life reviews on SkinnyMint, then i can confidently point you guys to my previous testimonial/ review blogpost complete with pictures to prove my progress from flabs to abs lol.

Yep, this might have broke my blog like how kardashian broke the net with her ass lol.
Did you know one of the Kardashian sisters swears by SkinnyMint too?

Being weight conscious and a history of anorexia has thought me a very valuable lesson on the importance for having a proper food intake and exercise regime (with sufficient sleep too!) in order to be healthy and by doing so allows your body to be fully optimized.
Every now and then i still do take Skinnymint as a part of my daily routine, how hard can it be to drink tea every day to replace your coffee right? haha.

Current progress (end of Nov), this is how i maintained my slim physique by drinking Morning Cleanse by SkinnyMint daily while taking their Night cleanse every alternate month.

This holiday season is definitely going to be about parties, gatherings, events which sums to food, food and more food in total, so looking back at your 2015 resolutions did you manage to achieve your desired dream body or at least making a progress to it?
If the answer is no then you know that you are not putting the right amout on motivation and effort to achieve this goal :-p

Goals are not meant to be achieve immediately but it's the steady progress that counts, i do understand the frustrations of succumbing to a relapse after months of hard work just slipped away. But don't beat yourself up over things like that, instead sit down and ask yourselves why you do so and what's stopping you from actually enjoying this fitness journey of yours.

Drinking skinnymint i admit is not miracle potion that gives you instant victoria secret body but it is proven that it does help to "AID" us on our weight loss journey and my favorite line to stress (everyone hates hearing this lol)  with a proper diet and strict exercise regime you are already one step closer to having your dream body.

And don't let this holiday season or any other events be the reason why your should let yourselves go despite the months of effort put into your fitness goals.

Instead remember to eat in moderation (abit of everything is fine) and afterwards maybe you go on a teatox session to fully cleanse yourselves from the inside.
If you do end up over indulging for the next few days and waking up to this thought of "shit, tomorrow is 2016 and i haven't even loose anything like i told myself to", don't worry.

This doesn't apply to women only ya, this issue isn't gender bias lol wtf.
Men too can be weight conscious but they usually tend to brush teatoxing as a 'girl thing' but trust me all the men out there reading this, give skinnymint a chance to walk the talk before any further assumption from your side :-P

Please note that this teatoxing program is not suitable for caffeine intolerant people.
Despite it being all natural, some might suffer symptoms.

So don't stop, not until you are dead at least ;-)

Time to stride in 2016 with a new mindset of starting NOW rather than constantly giving yourselves excuses to skip your workouts.
Now enough rambling/ lecture from me about weight goals and lazy excuses, i am now going to reveal why YOU have NO EXCUSE not to start your fitness journey because i am giving you a reason to welcome your 2016 with a BANG!
Thanks to SkinnyMint for hearing your cries (and mine), they decided to graciously sponsor my blog with 2 sets of their best selling 28 day Ultimate teatox program.

Yes, a reason to rejoice for those who have been dying to try this out but have yet to do so lol. So don't say good things i didn't share ya, i definitely did and it's because i lurveeee you all very much *coughs* lol.
How to win? 
Simple as always, leave me a comment below on "What are your health goals for 2016 & How SkinnyMint 28-day Ultimate teatox can help you achieve it"

Best and creative answers wins, so get your head cracking and impress me okay as i'll be the one selecting the winner lol.
If you guys are interesting to purchase it directly (received in 2-3 days) head over to buy them HERE.

Terms & Conditions
  1. Duration of Giveaway is from 22nd - 27th Dec 2015 (11.59pm)
  2. Opened to Malaysians & Singaporeans, postage fees will be covered by winners
  3. Content & value of prizes are subject to change without prior notice.
  4. Contestants are eligible to join all giveaways hosted by www.arisachow.com, but can only win 1 prize.
  5. Contestants founded failed to complete the requirements of the giveaway will be immediately disqualified 
  6. Selected winners who do not respond within 48 hours upon being a announced, prize will be forfeited and snowballed unto the next winner in line.


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