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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Machicon 街コン Malaysia @ Publika

Machicon, not a very easy word to pronounce despite looking at the spelling lol. You gotta pronounce it like a Japanese to hear the "essence" of it lol wtf, just kidding but really it sounds better when a Japanese person says it compared to us Malaysians haha.
This is the very first time i am actually attending a dinner & date event that happens to be a very big and common affair in Japan since it's the only way these busy hardworking people can take some time out to meet new people outside their usual circle of friends and colleagues.

Sound interesting and fun right?

Then read on, who know with a good demand they might bring this back again next year and make it an annual affair :D

One thing I noticed about the Japanese that their lifestyle is pretty much predictable, no surprises or whatsoever and to them it's easier to live life that way. Can't help but things are just so organized over there from their government, train systems, and to even the way they keep their houses clean lol.

Unlike our culture where everything is just a plain mess, it honestly does get tiring after awhile so that's why i always stress that i might need a change of environment occasionally to get my creative juices flowing again as it's been pretty stagnant for quite some time.
And when something "big" happens in our lives it's not usually the good kind of news you'll look forward to honestly like my recent company closed down and i was left jobless (oh joy). With our current economy inflation, it doesn't help knowing alot of people get laid off everyday and news headlines everyday is about prices of things increasing =.=

Okay..this is getting out of topic already time to steer it back to Machicon, sorry guys it's just recently there is so many things on my mind but i don't have the time an energy to pour it all out on my blog. Aside from reviews, events and advertorials i do rant and pen my personal thoughts here too you know lol. But i'll try to keep it minimal if not i'll scare people away for being such a pessimist (that's real folks) despite looking so "chio"  *all the time haha.

*Chinese slang for "cute"

Ah!! The Cute guy at the end of the table is blurred out T-T didn't even manage to get his Facebook lol. And thank you Josh Lim from LikesBeforeLove (visit him!) for this memorable night, without you i don't think i'll even know about this event. That's Reia at the corner beside me from Philippines by the way, see how multiracial this event was :-P

When you google "Machicon" you are bound to come across lots of photos of groups of both genders having a good time accompanied with food and of course, alcohol.
Alcohol is the best solution for everything lol especially if you are socially awkward person who needs loosing up.
This is the first time we Malaysians are having the opportunity to participate in this fun dine & meet (or quick date) event thanks to GrabIt  and Publika for taking the efforts to host this event :)
Am really grateful to be apart of this, so please do bring it back again every year pretty please Grabit & Publika.

I would really like to share my thoughts and experience of the night for Machicon so you guys can get a virtual walk-through, do hope this will get you excited to join if they are hosting another one next year.
Some might say paying RM99 (male) and RM79 (female) expensive but what made it worthwhile was the whole experience from having awkward first time introduction cold feet, till laughing the night away and did i not mention that we had good food & kirin beer served at all 3 locations we visited whenever our 1 hour dating session was up.

Love this shot the most because the photographer manage to capture "the moment" XD

There was even magicians performing for us, it was like they are secretly being the ice breaker of the night for every group lol.
And after the whole thing, i came to a solid conclusion. Malaysians especially girls are super 'kayu' (stiff) -_- should really chill la wei~
Guys as usual tend to be not so chatty but hey, in an event like this try your best to talk rather than waiting for people to start a conversation with you.

Numbers might be a bit small, but it's a start right? Heard there were even quite some walk-in purchases on the evening itself during the registration. Guess the whole set up booth must have attracted people who didn't have plans for the night and so happened to be in Publika lol.

Oh and for those who think that this event is just for singles you are so wrong! Even if you are attached you can always join Machicon to widen your circle of friends and who knows meet potential business partners. But in Japan it's usually a singles event la haha but we are in Malaysia, can make it an exception :-P
But if you were single and available (i say this because some people label themselves as single & not available lol) then you might find this event a fruitful one. Yes John, if you are reading this post i do hope you manage or tried to keep in touch with the girls you met that night so i can finally get my angpau soon haha!

Like i  always like to say, 'keep an open mind and eyes'. The best things in life usually comes when you least expect them to, like me meeting Hayato-san a renown hair & make up artist who's opening a beauty school in Publika soon (advanced congrats). Will visit you soon during your grand opening k?

Say hello to Hayato-san who did my hair and gave me a beautiful gold 3D rose tattoo which i was so reluctant to wash off even after 5 days of carefully preserving it lol.

Couldn't stop being vain with selfies because i love this hairstyle so much! If only i could wake up everyday looking like this lol.

Thank you for making me look so beautiful that night that every Japanese guy i met for each session kept asking whether i am Japanese or not and my number lol. Haven't felt this way (satisfaction that guys actually look at me) for a very long time XD

There was a good balance of Japanese and Malaysians who attended this event since Publika is also a known area for local residing Japanese people who are currently working (or based) in Malaysia aside from Seputeh. But really, i was super sad that i didn't manage to chat much with the guys who asked for my number because of the language barrier. Some of them have no problem conversing in English as they stayed in Malaysia for a couple of years already but those who are still young and new here would have a little problem with it. I mean, they can understand you but they can't reply it's like me being able to listen to a Japanese person speaking and i could only reply in English lol.

That's my biggest regret for this year. Not pursuing in learning the language during my school days when i had the chance to and that was back when i was 15 years old, only learned the introduction basics and some insults from my dear Japanese Girl's brigade officer Miss Nakamura. Thereafter I didn't continue further *sigh*. If not this night at Machicon would have been a more fruitful one for my side :-(
But right now, i am slowly self learning without any classes and hopefully it sticks since i am getting old + forgetful already lol.

Hopefully one day i'll get to experience Machicon in Japan itself! I'll put that to my bucket list of things i would like to experience in my favorite country which i can't wait to visit it again soon this Christmas! That's the best Christmas gift that anyone (or just me lol) could ask for and that's all thanks to Chiba prefecture tourism board for having me over. So make sure to follow me on instagram and facebook as i'll update live every chance i get :-P


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