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Softer & Smooth Bleached Hair [New Keratin Treatment]

It's no secret to you guys by now that my current beautiful hair was obviously done, cared and maintained by the hands of hair experts in Daisuke Salon De Coiffure with all my blog & instagram postings for my hair makeovers Lol. I am glad that many of you are considering to bleach as well after reading about my experience and feeling my hair real life! Many are still amazed with my hair condition being healthy after the amount of times of bleach i've gone through over the span of last 2 months, but don't be!
When it is done properly, your hair quality shouldn't have to suffer but just letting you guys know that going very light colored is a BIG commitment and know i very much understand the hair woes of peroxide blondes when your roots starts growing out every 2-3 weeks lol.

Yes, everyone can call me Hana Midorikawa from prison school lol.

Also you won't believe if i told you my hair got molested more times than my ass (tiny ass) in my whole history of "being touched by others", lol wtf XD
Sounds really wrong, i know but that's the whole point right? 

I trust Daisuke Salon De Coiffure with my hair and not every day one can easily convince me to walk into any salon to get my hair done with random hair stylists as i value my hair alot to allow anyone to even touch it. This is the result of hairdresser phobia developed during childhood by those old auntie hairdresser above the coffee shops, traumatize till this very day and i am pretty sure some of you have those bad hair cut experiences with them as a childhood too lol (don't lie, everyone of us did ok! *shudders*).

In fact my whole family (except my ol' man) consider their hair as their crowning glory because of the super thick & stubborn hair inherited from my mom's side of the family genes.
I won't deny that i am originally a wavy haired person but had always shown people the tamed part (straight) of my hair, part of it was also my wave is only more obvious when my hair is long. Having it long means harder for me to care for it and i am just plain lazy lol. Makes me look 10 years older too =.=;; so no thank you lol.
My case is super minimal but wait till you see my mom's! Her hair is x100 times more thicker and way much more wavier than any of her kids.
She has been long overdue to get her hair done but couldn't find the time (or even tried to) as she's the type who never believed in pampering herself once in awhile. Think her last hair makeover was last year June? = =
Seriously mom.

Since she needs to get prep up for the Christmas holidays, so i suggested for her to get her hair done at my favorite place, Daisuke Salon and glad she loves her new look (‘∀’●)♡
Thank you Amanda for doing an amazing hair transformation job as usual (she's my stylist too!).

Look at Daisuke-san in action! 
Hand movements so fast even my camera can't capture it XD

While waiting for her, I had an impromptu hair treatment session since a new type of Keratin treatment had just arrived in Daisuke Salon that morning lol such a coincidence.
No harm giving it a try right? Since i've read so many posts about how effective Keratin treatments are in controlling fizzy hair which i was actually experiencing  recently at the tips of my hair due to using flat iron daily to curl it in since i can't exactly blow dry it without a help of another person (i suck) lol.

This was my hair condition before the Keratin treatment, noticed the bottom part looks dry and frizzy?

Daisuke Salon's previous Keratin hair treatment was Formulated and imported from US which was also effective but they have decided to "upgrade" to a famous Italian brand called Alfaparf Milano. I would strongly recommend to give this new keratin treatment from Italy a try especially if you've done other types of Keratin treatments before this. Seriously, try this and you'll love the difference :)
This is my first keratin treatment by the way and boy i didn't know the process takes quite a number of steps to achieve the silky smooth result lol, always thought it's the usual hair mask + wash that's all.


I can only say that this is one of the BEST and most effective hair treatments I've ever tried so far and the effect is not a "one day" thing, it lasts even after me washing my hair 3 days later.
Im still having super smooth hair which i can't stop running my fingers through it every minute lol,
And just a week before i walked into Daisuke Salon i was already struggling to comb my hair and had to even use a metal steel wig brush just to brush it through, felt almost like i was having a war with one of my tangled wigs lel.

Now ever since I've the treatment last week, i've not combed my hair with a brush at all and it still looks fabulous, even after i wake up in the morning(except my fringe part la)! :P

The usual questions i get asked is how long does the effect lasts till it wears off?
I'm on my 2nd week now and (3rd hair wash), still feels great & smooth. My hair now is tangle and fuss free. But will update this post if there any changes after 1 month :)

Any home hair care tips for bleached hair?
The usual washing, make sure to use conditioner as well. Apply serum (ask hair stylist for recommendations) before blow drying your hair.

How often should i wash my hair to avoid it feeling dry?
For me, even before my hair was bleached i practice washing it on alternate days instead of daily. But ever since i bleached about 2-3 days once (depending on hair condition- oily/sticky/sweaty).

Price range for the new Keratin treatment?
Starts from RM380 onwards, depending on hair length, but there's a 20% off if you quote my name "Arisa Chow" :)

Lol, more reasons to post vain pictures of me proudly showing off my hair!

Want to give this a try then remember to show my blog or quote my name to received 20% off this new hair keratin treatment & other selected hair services.
To inquire more please don't be shy to PM them on Facebook here: Message Daisuke Salon!


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