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Welcome to my blog!

If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
For sponsorship, collaborations and engagements: arisa1443@gmail.com

My 2015 in a Nutshell

This has been one of those years where one i somehow got much more than i asked for, both good and bad but who am i to complain what the universe throws at me right? We learn to embrace them every step of the way even not knowing what it has in store for us at the end of it.
Most of the time, surprises like these are the unpleasant ones that leaves you questioning "why me" instead of others who deserved this unfortunate fate than you.

Age has though me one thing, never to question and never to compare. Sounds hard i know, seeing your best friend or random "idol" of yours boasting about how good their lives have been while you are here in this shit hole. I don't blame you for feeling this way, it's how social media has made us to think other have such perfect lives that we too wish we could have it all. But that's when one must learn how to draw the line between fantasies of having such lavish lifestyles and be thankful for whatever you have. It could be any form even if it's not the materialistic kind you have hoped for, it could be friends, it could be your first pet, or even managing to achieve one of your yearly goals like dropping a pound of the scale.

This lil "shyt" i adopted, named Mori was my silver lining but really he is more annoying than comforting =.=;;

Yes, shitty situations occur more than the pleasant ones no doubt but why do we constantly let those outweigh our good moments? Guess it's because we are humans who are constantly unsatisfied and take all those things infront of us for granted.
I too had my fair share of these moments that i start to question my own faith, "if there was a god why did he let me suffer this way". Elders might just say it's a test and persevere, all will be good after this but during that "persevering period" i always wonder how long can one last before they see they silver lining?

I've lost count of all the shits that has happened and i try not to remember any of them as it only makes me dwell in the post more than the future. And they always say don't let your own past haunt the future as only you yourself can determine what happens after. Despite all those unpleasant experiences, there are indeed faint silver linings in my life and i would like to take this time to reflect on them as they have shaped me to be a much better person for 2016.

2015 has taught me many things, like filtering out the parasites in your lives that you previously weren't aware of. It was hard learning the disgusting truths about people whom they labeled themselves as "so called friends"and i was naive to fall for them because out of desperation in need for somebody to cling on to at that moment of time (lesson learnt). They are the kinds that talks behind your back, trampled on you whenever there's an opening to do so and best of all learning their true natures behind those facades they put on to the whole world is beyond satisfying.
Down right at you bloody disgusting creatures who wear skin's of humans and walk among us to just feed on our sufferings. They could be anyone, friends and family around you, so my advice is only to be careful in letting anyone into your life.
It's only a matter of time these 2 headed vipers bites you because you have fallen into their trap, but the details of the person whom i am talking about, i'll leave this post for another time. Juicy topics like these deserves a whole page of their own.

Cheesy Graduation photo *checked*

Aside from that i would like to also count my blessings both big and small as a remembrance that i am not forsaken in life but i've forsaken my own all this while. Was just too blinded by my own stubbornness at times to see the hints in front of me.
I would like to thank all my hidden guardian angels whom i came to know as friends this year, without them i don't think i would have managed to pull myself through, so thank you so much for believing in me and giving me job opportunities when i needed them (even without realizing) for my portfolio. It might not mean much to you guys but it means the whole world to me that somebody out there who does believe in my abilities as a Fashion & Costume designer.

Like Spotlight, Zlwin Chew and of course Triumph Malaysia, hopefully more to come in 2016!
So proud to see my works been worn by others, it makes me really happy that after all those countless, sleepless night trying to finish up each design, kinda pays off whenever your client gives you at pat on the back for your work.
From one artist to another, you would know how priceless that feeling is :)

16 garments in less than a week, this has gotta be my record breaking speed lol.

For Spotlight Mines Opening.

For Zlwin Chew

My very first winning design piece being sold in public thanks to Takakurazome Kyoto under Parkamaya, KL.

Opportunity to be a guest speaker to all the young future designers of Inti College, thank you so much Inti!

Existing friends which our friendship strengthens over the years, here is to many more to come!
We definitely age like fine wine and i am sure the Baratheons approves of it lol.

Grateful to all my friends who took their time off to cosplay/ photoshoot with me even when there is no one else willing to do so because i am a small fry compared to other cosplayers ._.

The one of the two girls in my life who are crazy enough to hear my random rants from time to time, wished i've spent more time with all of you girls! Yes Mel, i am referring to you too lol.

My blog too played a very big part of being the linking bridge for me & all the opportunities out there. If it weren't for my blog, i doubt many of the things i've achieved this year would even be achieved by me, instead by someone else. For that, i am grateful my passion for expressing myself whether in the form of words or creations, it has capture the eyes of people i needed in life. This blog is my source of sanity whenever i am at the brink of loosing it, and if i were asked to let go of it that would be the hardest decision ever. It too has played an important role in paving my way, aside from cosplay.
Would like to thank all the new & existing brands who have supported my blog all this while and believing in my writings, i am eternally grateful for it. So let us continue growing together both brands, hand in hand onward to more collaborations to come. You guys know who you are :)

Can't wait to visit Taka-san & his wife again when i go over to Saitama! My very first Airbnb experience was with them and they made us feel like family :')

To all my new found friends this year whom i came across by chance, and i call it a miracle to have known every single one of you guys. All of you have made my dull world more colorful and exciting, i personally miss this feeling of making real new friends the the usual "HI&BYE" ones which i come across so often in my field of line. I will forever cherish all those laughters and memories we made during that brief meeting till we meet again near future (or very soon lol).

The biggest achievement overall for me after reflecting back on everything was getting to travel to my favorite country twice in a year, That my friends was a HUGE milestone for me. As a person who rarely travels, let alone leave the country flying out twice is considered a big thing for me lol. Hopefully next year i'll get to travel more often, visit more beautiful countries (or Japan alone, i'm already happy lol) and write about it on my blog *prays hard*.
Visiting Japan has been a life long dream of mine since i was a child and after years of waiting for the right moment, am glad it fell into place this year.
I won't kid you that there was a rough patch during my first trip there and until we came back things weren't exactly working out for the both of us. But i do hope things will get better in time, that's all we need "time".

As for the 2nd visit to Japan, i couldn't thank Chiba prefecture enough for having me over as one of their student ambassadors for their Chiba Monitor Tour. It really is a prestigious opportunity to be selected out of the thousands applications to represent your country, so i can't wait to share every bit of my journey in Chiba with you guys. I'm sure you'll fall in love with this prefecture, as much as i did.

That marks my end for 2015.

So for 2016, please be kind to me as i am ready to take on more adventures (i won't call them obstacles anymore) you throw at me. Onward to 2016, and let me cry abit first as i am ageing even more right now haha! 8'D 

Blessed Happy New Year everyone!

Last but not least, i am eternally grateful for this 'kayu' even if he doesn't realize it. 
But I do pray someday he does sees it, 8 years and still counting.


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