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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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P.S. Tokyo turns 1!

Soft Serves: (Far left) Seasonal Chocolate Mint, Matcha, Milk & Hojicha

How does one spend their Sundays before the Monday blues starts kicking in, with desserts of course!
Finally had some time to visit the ever famous soft serve cafe inspired by Japan's sweet tooth hence the name P.S. Tokyo. In case you guys were wondering what does the "P.S" initial stands for, no it isn't similar to "P.S. I love you", as P.S. Tokyo stands for post scriptum, an expression of “written after”. How time really flies, a year has already gone passed since the opening of P.S. Tokyo in SS2, PJ and this coming 4th October they will be celebrating their 1st anniversary! Read on to find out more on what they have in store for their customers in conjunction of their birthday celebration :D

Heard and read so much of this place from friends, can't believe i have managed to miss out on such delicious Japanese desserts for so long, despite always complaining that i have craving for Japanese food and desserts throughout my pregnancy journey. Thought the only time i could actually enjoy "real" Japanese desserts were during the food fair held by Isetan, KLCC but guess i was wrong lol.
Now after having a taste of P.S Tokyo's desserts, it leaves me wanting to come back for more! Habislah my waistline (wait..what waist?) and sugar levels lol confirm hits the roof if i were to visit this place once or twice a week just to get my ice cream fix.

Parfait edition with toppings and base

P.S Tokyo's menu is pretty simple as their main specialty is on their soft serve ice creams consisting of famous traditional Japanese flavors like Matcha, Hojicha and Milk with 1 occasional seasonal flavour. For their current seasonal flavor it's chocolate mint (my fav!) which is a perfect combination of chocolate and mint without being too overwhelming for the taste-bud and it isn't green like the usual chocomint you find outside that makes your tongue green as well lol.
P.S. Tokyo's seasonal flavors can be quite an interesting combination, at random too so do follow them on social media for their announcements! Heard from the owner that the previous flavor they had which was Wasabi based was surprisingly popular among visitors despite its unusual combination of milk and wasabi lol. Who knows it might actually make a come back again soon.

Just trying to imagine how it tastes like makes me feel abit queasy haha, but its probably something like those nasi lemak ice cream/ cheesecake you find outside. Nothing too bizarre that the tongue can't handle :-P 

Soft serves are available in 3 sizes, so if you have a tiny belly, medium or huge one, you can select from their mini, regular or parfait options.

Matcha / Hojicha / Milk
  • Regular - 9.90
  • Mini - 6.90
  • Parfait - 15.90
Share this photo on Facebook and check in!
For every shared photo and check-in on the 4th Oct, redeem a mini soft serve on the house!

Gotta admit that the set up and food presentation makes the shop visitation worth while, being able to get such Instagram worthy photos (especially hipster wannabes lol), while enjoying such delicious food that makes one reminiscence of their time in Japan. For those who have yet to visit Japan, here's a good place to get a taste of it lol, there is some tweaking to fit our Malaysian tastebuds but overall it's close enough to home (Japan) :)

How may of you have actually tried Japanese Hot Cakes before?
It's basically similar to our western waffles except this is a thicker and fluffier version, douse with honey and best enjoyed fresh out of the oven! Word of advice ya, keep your cameras away and eat this as soon as it's being served to you lol, because it's definitely much more enjoyable warm than cold. Lesson learnt from my part, do't play with your food.
See? I sacrificed my warm hot cakes to give you guys such a beautiful shot, now you guys owe me a fresh warm hot cake lol. Psssttt.. a little birdie told me that you can enjoy this for only RM1 during their anniversary month (Oct),  make sure to stay tuned for their announcement on Facebook!
Now you guys can belanja me okay? ;-)

P.S. Tokyo's Japanese hot cakes will be available on 18th October 2016- for a limited time only!

Also one can never get enough of Matcha (green tea), in Kyoto or anywhere in Japan, you'll find this flavor in almost every single dish and drink possible. Though it requires an acquired tastebud to really appreciate this flavor for fellow Malaysians, i personally have no problem having green tea everyday. In fact, i live to drink/ eat all green tea stuff!

Speaking of green tea, don't worry about the drinks as P.S. Tokyo's drink menu has much more variety than just "tea" lol, you can enjoy Japanese style roasted coffee and imported Japanese beverages like coke, Minutemaid fruit juice, C1000 Vitamin Drink and Melon Soda. There's just something about Japanese food and drinks that cant be compared to our local ones despite being of the same brand lol. Example our coke and their coke tastes actually quite different, same goes to calpis, don't believe me? Go purchase them and try them side by side, even my Japanese friend found this rather surprising as we thought the ingredients used are standardized globally (guess not) :-P

Kokuo no Set (King Set) / Joo no Set (Queen Set) Hime no Set (Princess Set)

If you prefer a complete meal set, P.S Tokyo also has them with savings to go along with it up to 50% off for a limited time only.

Kokuō no Set (King Set) – 50% off
1 salad of choice + 1 Kinako latté (roasted soybean latte)

Joō no Set (Queen Set) – 20% off
3 mini macarons of the day + 1 beverage of choice (not applicable to can/bottle drinks) +1 cake of choice OR 1 soft serve of choice

Hime no Set (Princess Set) – 10% off
1 beverage of choice (not applicable to can/bottle drinks) + 1 cake of choice OR 1 soft serve of choice

This is Joo No Set (Queen), was too busy taking pictures that i forgot about my macaroons on the side lol, for this set you can get 20% off. It includes 3 macaroons of the day, 1 beverage of choice and 1 cake or soft serve of choice. There's so much matcha going on here lol, don't ask me why.

Pre- anniversary celebration last weekend!
Cupcakes & macaroon tower from French Crullers Dessert Bar and beautiful balloons from The Balloons

Too pretty to eat, 1st world problems lol.

With every instagram posting (make sure to include the #pstokyo hashtag), P.S. Tokyo's Instagram Print counter will auto detect and print out your photo instantly! There will be 2 copies, one for you to bring home and the other you can decorate the cafe with like what i did above! Share your fun moments with them, as everyone loves to see happy faces all around.

Sunday brunch with the girls. 
#DiefatUs moment, but we girls just love having sweet stuff!
One of the things i love about P.S. Tokyo aside from their dessrts is their large window by the bar table facing the road, it has such good lighting that vain people like us (yes, all of you who are reading this post too lol) to take good selfies/ wefies or even food shots! If you sit by the bar, confirm your phone will be spammed with a month or a year worth of selfies which you can slowly upload one by one daily lol wtf.

Thank you Tenshi for inviting me! Congratulations on your shop's milestone, looking forward to more anniversaries near future.
Lil parasite and I enjoyed the delicious food very much, will definitely consider throwing a baby shower here as well :P

Reasons to Visit P.S. Tokyo in October
  • Anniversary promotions like free soft serve redemption, special menu sets, new arrivals and discounts
  • Wish them Happy Birthday!
  • Enjoy good food with your last month's gaji (you deserve it man lol)
  • Be a Japanese person for a day, doll up and take tons of pretty pictures at their cafe & get your photos printed out when you hashtag #pstokyo
  • Good lighting for #selfie purposes lol.
  • It's dessert, need more reasons meh?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pstokyocafe
Instagram: www.instagram.com/pstokyo

P.S Tokyo
80a, Jalan SS2/60, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Monday to Sunday (12pm to 12am / 11pm last call)



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