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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Review | Embracing My Inner Nerd with GlassesShop.com

New glasses, about time i got them changed too since my old ones are barely holding up after faithfully assisting me through all the rough years (sleeping with them on is one of it lol) to be exact of the age it should be around 7 years. Pretty sure some of you are familiar with those glasses as I've did several of photoshoots with them on like this "flirty secretary" & "android girl" shoot back when i was still in high school, how time flies. But i wasn't kidding when i said my specs was falling apart due to old age, the lenses kept on popping out and the power changes was long overdue lol. Been putting off making new glasses as long as i could since the excuse was i don't need them that much unless i am at home since 90% of the time i am out and i'll usually wear contact lenses. The other 10% is just spent at home or grocery shopping (not too vain when it comes to supermarkets lol) so that's the only time i wear my specs.

Hi to my new baby!
Started to read again lately especially to #mylilparasite since it's the only way for me to talk to it without sounding like a crazy person lol.

I did at one point last year bought myself a nice pair of frames from one of the local optical stores but never had the time to get my prescription lenses fitted, also they cost a bomb since i've just learned that my power has increased back to it's original state :(
Previously it improved slightly, not sure how but i suspected it was from eating raw carrots everyday lol it could be true for all you know since it's scientifically proven that carrots has the essential vitamins for healthier eyes, so don't skip your carrots kids!
It increased again probably from spending long hours looking at the computer screen (because of work) and reading under poor lighting conditions before i sleep (bad habit).

Top: my new glasses
Bottom: my retired 7 year old glasses, you have served me well.

Since i didn't have time to visit the optical shop this year, i've found another way on how i could get my specs done without having to go through the hassle of driving out at all. I should really consider renaming my blog's header to "Welcome to ArisaChow.com, your No.1 lazy shopper's guide" since i am always finding shortcut ways to get things done within our pathetic 24 hours which isn't enough for me to be productive. Gotta maximize my productivity whenever possible man, time waits for nobody!

Actually i stumbled across GlassesShop.com, your one stop eyeglasses online back in June and only got them ordered later in July since i had trouble deciding which frame suits me best since there were quite a number of potential candidates (with affordable pricing) thanks to their virtual fitting program that allows you to upload your photo (full frontal is preferred) and apply on the frames like you are trying to customized a sim character.
Sounds pretty cool right?

I can "try" on as many frames as i like without worrying that i'll piss of the optical shop sales person for trying out almost the whole shop but not buying anything afterwards lol.
This built in program really helps customers to decide which frame suits them best, alongside with the details provided like actual frame measurements and material.

Despite having a few local websites that offers frames, sunglasses and such, i haven't came across any that allows you order your frames & get them fitted with prescription lens before being couriered to you. Guess that's the disadvantage of our local optical e-commerce sites compared to others out there. It honestly felt kinda risky to order frames online since i can't physically try them on to see whether it's suitable for my face shape or not or quality wise, etc. The typical online shopper concerns, it's common so don't beat yourself up if you have trust issues like me lol but taking a leap of faith sometimes does help alot in decision making and i am glad i did for my order. Can you spot which frame out of these 8 did i select for my final order? :-P

GlassesOnline offers a wide range of optical related products, so you can find your normal reading glasses, to casual fashion frames and even prescription sunglasses (first time hearing of such sunglasses!) but all at an affordable pricing. 
Always thought that in order for one to wear sunglasses they have to wear contact lenses or have those clip on shades to their normal specs, having prescription sunglasses would be great for people like my parents who needs them during driving.

I would also advise those who are planning to order from here after reading my post to make sure that your current prescription is up to date, if you are confused on how to fill in your details they have a helpline you may call to inquire or just send them an email and their team will get back to you in a jiffy! Was seriously such a noob when it came to placing my order since i NEVER had my glasses done over the web ordering before except purchasing contact lenses. We do learn new things everyday eh? 

The only cons for people like me living on the other edge of the world, it takes roughly about 1 month (using airmail) for my order to arrive at my doorstep, not like i was in any rush to receive them since I've already saved alot of time and money ordering them from glassesshop, so a lil waiting is worth it. If you are in a hurry they do have Expedited Shipping which takes less than a week to arrive, that of course costs a wee bit more.

They also have a full refund or product replacement policy for orders that doesn't arrive in 90 days (3 months), so customers who are outside of US like me can rest assure that if such occasion (hopefully not) arises, GlassesShop will jump into action. More details about their shipping and delivery, you may read it over here.

But it came just in time as i got even more lazier (and tired) due to pregnancy to wear my contact lenses to work on a daily basis so glasses it is for me for now, and they are right about finding the right frames that compliments your face shape. Back with my old glasses i didn't like how it made me look weird hence i resorted to wearing contact lenses whenever possible, my face structure might have outgrew it since i did get those done back in high school. But now with my new ones, i have no problem walking out of the house with it at all! Personally feel that this is a good pick and it's also something different from the usual rectangle nerdy type of thick frames that i like but sadly doesn't suit me very well lol.

Lip color: 
L'Oréal Paris color riche l'extraordinaire mat lip- Versailles tangerine (104)

Mine is a unisex design, made from Titanium

So if you are looking for affordable, yet fashionable prescription glasses that does ship worldwide do head over to GlassesShop.com to have your pick! It would take days to narrow down your selection (there's just so many to choose from) but trust me it's worth it :)

Would also like to thank you guys for taking the time to read my review, here's a reward specially for my blog readers! Enjoy 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded) and you can enjoy free shipping with purchases above $49


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