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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Lifestyle | Caring For The Heart

30 weeks, another 8 more weeks to go before #mylilparasite arrives, panic mood on? Most definitely and now my doctor visits are going to get more frequent, that also means extra $$ coming out on top of the giving birth fees. Feeling the pinch alright, but it is necessary for me (doctor says so) to closely monitor my parasite's last few growth phase as anything can happen right now D:
Starting to somewhat miss those carefree period during my 2nd trimester where i am able to go about like normal running here and there but now i'm feeling extra tired + heavy to do any of them anymore. Is it going to be like this for the next 2 months? D:

Can't imagine wei.. during my latest check up this week, my obgyn did the usual scan and gave me some good news like the baby's head is finally downwards but that isn't her (yes, also finally found out the gender, shared in my previous post: HERE) final position to determine whether i should go for natural or C-sec since she's actively swimming inside my belly everyday lol feels really funny seeing my tummy moving in all sorts of directions along with the baby.

Hi Puffy cheeks!
She was rather shy this time, so we couldn't get a good look of her face and like mommy's she must be only showing her best angle lol, and funny enough that it's the left side exactly like me when i take photos :-P

Her heart beat is way stronger than mine (hooray), gaining on enough fats that she looks slightly rather chubby in the latest 3D scan and weighs roughly about 1.5kg already! Okay la that weight reading is justifiable for my weight gain as well lol, stood on the weighing scale which thank goodness did not break and it showed that i've gained a total of 5kg in a span of 6 months +, praying hard that it doesn't suddenly escalate out of the blue la probably the most i can hope for is 7-8kg as the baby's final weight should be around 2-2.7kg judging from my body size. Smaller moms carry smaller babies, so it's not "underweight" just small, getting a big fat baby in you womb isn't healthy too as you might have complications in giving birth when the time comes and for mothers you don't need those excess fats too as that contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle habit.

Here's a video of the lil parasite doing her Olympic stunt, i can stare at it all day because it's just so interesting to see how i have managed to host another human being in my belly lol, science certainly is fascinating.
Some of you might find it totally gross like the Alien vs Predator movie especially when those baby aliens start bursting out of your belly after they have reached their maturing stage lol wtf, not so scare you guys la but don't you think it looks somewhat similar?

Speaking of heart beats, think mine has always been slower than average which explains why i can't get enough oxygen in my blood hence the dizzy spells and shortness of breath on a daily basis. When is the last time any of you visited the hospital to get a full body check up?
And i'm only diligent enough to go for check ups now after finding out that i am expecting, if not i couldn't be bothered as well lol. I'm one of those kind of people who are totally chill about this until shit hits the fan which is too late to do anything, not a good example so please do your body a favor and go for annual check ups just to be safe than sorry.
You might see me complaining about working almost 24/7, on top of my full time job, i have other freelance projects and my blog to manage as well so i do understand the excuse of "too busy & no time to go for check ups". 

But to think of it, all you need is a half day leave (you can request from the doctor a time slip) to get the necessary checks done and you only need to do that 1-2 times a year at most. And by doing so you are actually saving your own life!

Being busy shouldn't be an excuse to neglect your health, and I of all people should be the last one giving this advice because i barely even sleep lol (hypocrite i know) but i do try to get as much rest as i can whenever possible la as i've learned the hard way and suffered the consequences of taking my health for granted during my college days.

You might have a muffin top, or borderline obese which i don't blame you because our Malaysian food is just so rich in fats, oil and santan (coconut milk). But as a person you have the choice to make wiser food decisions, of course occasional indulgence is a must but everything in moderation as always. Did you know that 1 out of 2 Malaysian adults are suffering from high cholesterol and 42% of Malaysians who have high cholesterol are barely even 40 years old!

So much for "enjoying" life when you are diagnose with heart related problems before you are even a parent or grandparent!

Here are more stats to scare you guys to get you cutting out on those fatty food and to also start walking more on a daily basis lol

  • Individuals as young as in their 20s are diagnosed with heart disease
  • Cardiovascular disease is responsible for one-quarter of all hospital deaths4
  • Nearly half of heart attack patients (45%) have three or more risk factors5
  • 77% being obese
  • 65% having high blood pressure
  • 46% having diabetes
  • 38% being smokers
  • 37% having abnormal cholesterol levels

Don't let your lazy excuses take control of your life, remember that making poor choices is something you can change easily especially when you put your mind to it, before reaching out to a bag of chips do ask yourself "do you deserve this reward?" or you can even snack guilt free by making your very own potato chips using minimal oil & an airfryer. That's how i get my potato cravings satisfied, airfryer might be an expensive kitchen gadget but it's always good to invest in equipments that could make your food 80% less oilier than usual. And by planning ahead your meals for the week, you have no excuse to eat fast food takeouts, sometimes excuses are just made by humans to trick the mind into thinking that it's OKAY to be lazy.

Being lazy has its consequences, not to say they are good too.

My healthier version of curly fries, thanks to my spiralizer and airfryer.

Importance of a balanced diet:

Remember back in PJK classes we did reach one of the topics that talked about the food pyramid and why we should exercise as well, those are the things we shouldn't forget as it is useful whether you like it or not. In the food group, the more colors you have on your plate, the better it is as each color has it's own nutrient group and by combining them in a meal, you are fulfilling the nutritional needs of your body.
To me the photo below is my version of a "balanced diet", this was dinner by the way and i usually try to avoid complex carbs at night as my digestive track isn't strong and fast enough to break them down over the span of 3-4 hours before i head to bed causing me to feel uneasy + constant pregnancy heartburns. My favorite rule in the health guide is to always fill half your plate with vegetables, as they are quite filling and good for you, there's many ways to prepare them as well you you won't get bored eating the same thing everyday.
Unless you are a hardcore psycho like me who can eat the same kind of plain salad everyday for 3 years straight lol, right now i'm kinda scared of it already.

Instead of Ice- cream, plain frozen yogurt drizzled with honey tastes just as good too!

Aside from that, you can also try drinking milk with added plant sterols (can be found in Nestle Omega Plus) to block the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream and manages it, if you are already diagnosed with mild high cholesterol readings but even if you don't have it yet, best to maintain as that by also drinking this milk. Anyway milk is a good source of calcium, and the added plant sterols is just a bonus function in the milk.

Planking is one of the best exercises you can do as it strengthen the core muscles all around your body and look at my scumbag cat, #MoriSausage mocking me with his chill behavior =.=

When you start eating clean, you are also motivated to practice a healthier lifestyle too, as everything of the body relates back to your mind. Staying positive, does encourage you to be a better version of yourself as the saying goes "eat well, live well".

When you get the food habits down (that's usually the hardest part), moving on to basic workouts shouldn't be much of a challenge for you guys already. My advice is to always start slow, results may not show in the first few weeks or 1-3 months but with consistency results will prevail, so don't beat yourself up if you are not reaching your target as expected (always keep expectation standards realistic) don't give up and keep pushing!

Start with slow walks, increase your speed pace instead of immediately breaking into a run or jog as your body is not yet accustomed to the sudden changes. Increase your activity gradually over time.

Practice a holistic heart health management: 
Balanced diet   physical activity  →  regular medical check up

Also don't forget to submit your #hearthealthchallengeMY entry on Instagram to stand a chance to win a fitness band from Nestle Omega Plus!
Show them your efforts in leading a healthier lifestyle like eating clean, working out, get creative with your entries :)


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