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IKEA | Building Lil Parasite's corner

Phew..wasn't kidding when i say it's has been a hectic month and this is just the 2nd week of 2017! One of the biggest challenge i've encountered for 2017 so far is trying to clean up my bachelorette pad (now a mom liao lol), making space for lil parasite. That's why i was busy to the max planning, drafting and executing my house aside from tending to fussy lil parasite. When you are single, you sleep anywhere like seriously- can be the table, floor, sofa or bed but that's usually reserved for fresh laundry that i am lazy/ too busy and forgot to fold lel (we all do that). But when you become a parent (without the "s" because it's singular, not plural) having a tidy home is something you NEED desperately or else you'll loose your sh*t during your panic mood searching for stuff while your baby cries like the world has ended. No kidding man.

So proud of myself for cleaning up *pats self on the back*

I've moved into my studio roughly almost a year ago and stuff were still in their moving boxes was practically living (and thinking) out of the box as i wasn't planning to get any furniture since i move so often and it's rather troublesome to have something so bulky that you can't dismantle. Along came the baby so i gotta stay put here for at least a couple of years and pray hard that my landlady does not increase the rental price :(

Looking at how my house condition was, can practically say i am a disgrace of a woman because i can barely keep my house neat at all lol and my definition of neat is as long got narrow pathway to walk from the door to my living room then pass liao. It's major BAD, that's why i hate having guests around my messy house and also i value my private time so don't bug me at my place. But now seeing how fast #mylilparasite has gained control of her wriggling coordination in less than 2 months, i know it's finally time to STOP procrastinating and tidy up this damn place once and for all or else i gotta deal with even more serious matters like child injuries which could have been prevented if i had taken precautions earlier.

So that's what i am doing right now, and gotta thank IKEA for giving me this opportunity to make use of my profession as a visual merchandiser to revamp my whole place finally making it look more of a home rather than a store room lol :)

Watch this short clip on how messy my house is, please don't drink while pressing play ya because i won't be held responsible for any water damage to your laptop, desktop or handphones lol.
Being a full time working mom sure is tough man, especially when you accumulated so much of stuff over the years and gotta care of the baby at the same time do the changes. Explains alot why it took longer than i expected lel but at least it's showing slight progress now!
From lil parasite's corner to my work space, storage space and the kitchen.

Once everything is in place, hopefully i'll make it a habit to always keep my place this tidy especially lil parasite's space because can't imagine stepping on toys especially lego man..that hurts really badly from my past experience raising 3 younger siblings who love leaving their lego all over the floor after playing with it D:
Honestly i do envy other parenting bloggers who have such neat spacious house to play with decor and even separate play/bedroom for their kids while i only have exactly 450sft to utilize lol. It is kinda small that's one of the reasons why i was reluctant to get furniture aside from the frequent moving. More stuff = cramp.
But watch me work my magic!

Here's a sneak peak of Lil Parasite's corner a.k.a her bedroom and play corner, will reveal more pictures of the whole revamped house including my work corner in baby proof edition.
I love how i am able to be creative with my storage thanks to IKEA's large variety of storage systems available. Totally fool proof methods to keep things organized, suitable for both home and work too and there are many ways to use their stuff.

All you got to do is use your imagination to take a step further like what i did with their FÖRVAR cookie jar lol, used them to store lil parasite's socks/ mittens/ tiny shoes and head accessories. It's a perfect fit too and once lil parasite has outgrew all those small stuff i can always reuse the jars for food storage or stuff like crayons and craft items.
After the whole "cleaning up" there's even space to get lil parasite an affordable baby gym from IKEA called the LEKA to keep herself occupied while i do my work, but not sure if she understands the concept of "play" yet because her attention span on the toys doesn't last more than 10 mins lol well at least she can use the gym as her (& mine) napping spot too. Yes, im guilty of sharing her gym to rest my head most of the time and eventually dozing off while she tries to wake me up with kicks and grunts, feel so much love from my daughter wei.

Can you tell she's actually crying here while mama is busy taking photos of her handywork XD

You know, to think of it that lil parasite's clothes are just tiny so it gets lost most of the time whenever it's mixed with my huge clothes and the only way to prevent that from happening is using partitions inside the drawers to separate the small clothes from the huge ones. My mom gave me one of her SKUBB set a couple of months ago which i took no heed to it as i couldn't be bothered but now after using this, couldn't be more proud of myself to finally be able to see what's inside the drawers so well instead of the usual overflowing unfolded laundry sight which is rather annoying and difficult to even find an underwear to use beneath the whole pile of junk.
Lil parasite has tons of socks, handkerchiefs and clothes all around the place because like every baby they tend to frequently puke on themselves so we gotta make sure there's enough back ups before laundry day arrives but the challenge was finding them in the fresh laundry pile!

Think i hoarded tons of SKUBB box organizers for the whole house lol, it's spacious, easy to assemble and collapse without any special tools needed and even made from water proof like material.

Folding and organizers makes tons of difference lol.
And you don't need to be an OCD to get your senses triggered by the mess in my house

At the moment lil parasite barely have any toys yet but she has tons of plushies which needs to be kept away daily or else it would just take up so much of space on her bed while sleeping as it's dangerous for her to be surrounded by soft toys while she sleeps as it may caused SIDS- sudden infant death syndrome (scary!) 
So my solution is to store them in these SKUBB boxes (comes in 3 pcs in a pack) and line these near the sleeping area, it's big enough for those giant plushies so yay! Purposely put them as close to the ground as possible so that when the time comes for lil parasite to walk around, she can easily get access to her own toys without bugging me 👍 #lazymomplanning

Ohai, I'm SKUBB and i am available in 4 different colors to match your mood.

Now off to more tidying, fingers crossed i can finally have guests over for CNY haha (fat chance)!
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Stay tuned for my next blogpost on the 15th Jan where i finally reveal my new work station which i was previously too shy to show because i was even using a ladder as my chair and used to sew on the floor (result of backaches).

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by IKEA, however creative content is made by arisachow.com



  1. Omg the difference! Kudos to you babe for finally getting things done! And your studio looks comfy...

    1. Haha scary kan? Thanks hun! I gotta try to make it comfy as possible if not I too feel suffocated in my own house

  2. Omg love it to the max!!! And I can't wait to check out your new work station too =) Kudos to you Arisa!!

    1. Thank you Sharon! Wah..feeling the pressure right now :P

  3. You did a great job! Mobing to a new place is really exhausting in addition to limited spaces and cabinets. Glad you make it work :)

  4. Thank you Blair! Sure is tiring but long overdue liao so need to do it :)

  5. I have SKUBB too! I love to use this and make my house look more neat.

  6. it's like one of the best storage solutions from ikea!

  7. What a beautiful little space you have created for your baby. I love storage solutions and I can never get enough of them!

  8. i adore your storage solution.
    the complete on just blow me off.

  9. Awww. you are doing well my dear! I saw you sew a CNY outfit for your baby. So pretty!

  10. Wow what a great transformation of the room, ikea stuff is always nice and great to make space in a room, i love that SKUBB boxes i wanna get one.


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