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Review | EnviroHome Baby Wash Collection

It's back to full scale clearing important backlogs before CNY! Today i am gonna share a product that i've been testing out ever since i gave birth to lil parasite, and before i start let's see a show of hands of how many of you guys know there's actually special baby wash/ detergents made specifically for babies? Please don't make me sound like a total noob mom here wei.. T_T
And i nearly risked my baby's health over something i didn't know about, so this post is to highlight one of the few important thing that needs to be highlighted for new moms.

Hello from my pretty model

I mean, i've seen baby wash around especially in the super market (baby isle) lah but baby bottle wash and baby clothes detergent? Now THAT'S something new. Totally feel like my blog has shifted to a  New mom Noob directory 101 at this point with all the new stuff i am discovering everyday, i know that life is all about learning new stuff and there's no end to it but i feel like i've been kicked back to kindergarten all over again at this point lol.
Guess that's what you get when your close friends don't have kids yet so they can't give you any advice on it and you mom as usually "magically" forgot to tell you about it until you bring the topic up that's when she goes "ohya, forgot to tell you". Very helpful ma (-_-)

All these stuff i had to find out on my own, but to save you new noob to be mothers (or new moms already) i am gonna share with you guys about my usual discoveries la, also save you guys the trouble on searching high and low for them when all the details can be found here on my blog.
Sesshh..and i had to go through the trouble first, and i'm feeling like those royal food tester where they make sure the food not poison first before the king eats it and if it's poison then the tester "jialat" lor haha, super lucky lor you guys that you have testers like me before hand XD

Would like to thank The Label+ Company (previously known as EnviroHome) for being so thoughtful in sending these products over for me to test them out and if it wasn't for them i would have unintentionally exposed my baby to strong chemicals found in our usual dishwasher detergents which is considered HARMFUL to infants as they are super fragile and partially developed beings that needs time to be adjusted to all the nonsense we adults are immune to by now. 

During my first week upon bringing lil parasite home and finding out she has jaundice so it was advisable for me to express my milk and cup/ bottle feed her every hour to make sure she is well hydrated as babies with jaundice sleeps like a rock are refuses to wake up (scary sial). And just imagine that i didn't buy a breast pump before this as i wasn't sure whether i needed it or not since i've read that not all mothers produce that much milk so best to just direct latch all the way. But for my case since i specifically need to see how much my baby was fed so i gave into getting a pump without a 2nd thought whether i produce enough or not. 
Ended up my breast pump is like my "breast friend" (replaced best, geddit? lol) and i use it very often too, that means frequent washing up to like 6-8 times a day!

Even our normal cups and bowls used in one day also don't wash as frequently as my breast pump and if i were to use normal dish-washing detergent think the skin on my hands would already have melted off.

Ingredients are all natural 

Forgot to also mention how surprisingly "oily' breast milk can be due to it's fat content catered for the baby's needs, so you'll be wondering where on earth can you find something strong enough to remove those greasy milk residues yet mild and safe in terms of chemicals. I found them in EviroHome's Baby Natural Bottle Wash!

  • Fragrance Free, Bubble Free, Colour Free
  • No Harsh Chemical
  • Hypoallergenic For Sensitive Skin, Eczema Skin
  • 100% Natural Ingredient
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Antibacterial & Antibiotic
  • Gentle yet Effective in removing milk, stains, dried on leftover
  • Remove milk odour

Been using it since day 1 of pumping and can proudly admit that it's skin friendly as it doesn't cause your hands to be rough from frequent washing and you only need one pump to wash everything so a large bottle like this can last up to 2 months or more depending on the usage amount. Removes breast milk grease and sour milk odour like charm effortlessly exactly as claimed by their website. You can use this for the whole family as well but usually by the time children are above 6 onwards, we'll start using our normal dishwashing detergents again but you can upgrade to using EviroHome's Eco friendly Dish Wash

Moving on to the 2nd product which i was initially skeptical to test it out on lil parasite at first despite testing on my own skin prior to using it on her as i do not know how sensitive her skin is and can't compare to mine since i've been exposed to so many kinds and levels of chemicals that i think i might be she-hulk inside liao. I did tested on her arms first, didn't see any reaction to it so i proceeded to use it for her entire body.

And bathing a baby is no easy feat man! They struggle alot especially once they have gained better control of their hand and leg coordination. Am only glad at this point that i do not need to reach out to so many different products just to clean her and less stuff in my toilet too. One bottle does the whole cleaning trick leaving her smelling fresh throughout the whole day and like the dishwasher you only need one pump for the head and one pump for the entire body, it is soapy enough to spread and clean everything and remember when people say they do like the smell of "fresh babies"?
This wash does give out that clean scent which i don't really know what word to describe it since this wash is actually fragrance free lol, it's like asking me how to describe the taste of water or a cat that's just sunbathed XD 

Despite there being many baby wash out there in the market already i personally choose to use this out of convenience (it's a 2 in 1 shampoo + body wash), made from all natural ingredients and made ultra mild specifically for babies only which is also suitable with babies with hyper sensitive skin condition that's usually triggered from harsh chemicals. Bonus that all of EnviroHome products are made environmental friendly so it does not pollute the water like our ordinary soaps/ shampoo/ detergents, go green yo!
So far lil parasite seems to be enjoying her bath sessions with this very much, it's the one and only time of the day when she's busy smiling or cooing.

EnviroHome baby products definitely got my seal of approval! 👍

Would recommend these 2 products if you are looking for a product that doesn't harm both the baby and the environment, not to mention their large size making it a value for money purchase!
Right now in conjunction of CNY, The Label+ is having a twin pack promo for baby products which you guys can take advantage of to try them out or get them as gifts for your expecting friends :)
It's only till 22nd January 2017, so don't miss this opportunity.

1. EnviroHome Top-To-Toe Baby Wash Twin Pack at RM88 (RRP: RM112)
2. EnviroHome Baby Natural Bottle Wash Twin Pack at RM48.80 (RRP: RM72)
3. EnviroHome Top-To-Toe Baby Wash & EnviroHome Baby Natural Bottle Wash at RM68.80 (RRP: RM92) 👈 Psst, Get this set!

You can make the purchase through their website: www.thelabel.com.my and do follow them on Facebook for the latest updates: www.facebook.com/thelabelint

Hope you mommies found this product review useful :)
Let me know what other products would you like me to test and write about or if you have any other questions regarding these 2 products above, hit me with your questions in the comment box below!



  1. Never heard of this brand before, I think because it was not so popular and new, that people would be so scared to try right? (even if it was a good pruduct).

  2. Hmmm~ I so prefer products that are either organic or uses natural ingredients. Thanks for sharing😊

  3. The baby bottle wash sounds like a savior for mums! I washed milk bottles for my siblings when they are younger and it was quite tough to wash properly, plus the dish detergent smell *shudders*

  4. Thank you for your honest review Arisa! I will forward this to my Mommy friends!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Really lucky of you to have found these natural-ingredient products that are chemical free. Hope your baby grows up well!

  7. this is a great product moms should have for their little ones... and oh... your lil parasite is just soooooo adorable....

  8. I will prefer natural type of shampoo for my future baby too! Or else can cause allergic easily ><''

  9. Good of you to share your new discovery to us. Use suitable shampoo and wash for baby is important. Good brand.

  10. Thanks for the introduction, will share your post with my friend too, she just delivered recently also :)


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