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Holding You Close | PITTARi [ピッタリ] Wrap

 [Edit : 13/3/17] Doesn't it hurt writing baby products that involves about Mariko? Especially whenever you have to remember back your moments with her? To some people it might seem insensitive but penning it down is a way for me to calm myself down, make sure that i don't forget all these precious moments shared with her and at the same time who knows help other new moms out there who are as clueless as i am when it comes to finding the right baby products that would benefit them both.

Some might say that i am no longer a mother because i have lost my child but to me once you are a mother, you'll always be a mother regardless whether your child is still breathing, passed or being disowned.  Your body has hosted and birthed a human being, you have earn your life title as a Mother

This post was initially written before i left to Japan but was left in my draft for further content revising after i got back, so you might find the bottom of this post somewhat cheerful compared to this first few paragraphs so i do apologize in advance if this post feels rather dis-constructed halfway, as i didn't want to delete the earlier draft because it reflected my feelings at that point of time.

First of all i would like to thank mommy Charmaine for introducing me to the world of baby wraps, how it allowed me to have #mylilparasite close to me all this while, though i am going to miss having the weight in front of me but i'll always remember that it was one of the best bonding moments i had with her during her short stay on earth.

Brought her practically everywhere in it- to the hospital, to classes, to the supermarket, to the shopping mall, to work, to meetings, to yumcha sessions and last but not least to see Japan

Wouldn't have been able to do anything at all if it weren't for this, though i have considered many times of getting a baby stroller to use when we go out but after much consideration i am glad i didn't or else i would have missed out alot of these moments with her. And she always gets a good view of my face and her surroundings, because of that she smiles and "talks" alot.
It's just some what of a different kind of feeling getting to hug her all the time rather than having her stare at me from a stroller point of view and as a baby, it's only normal for her wanting to be close to my chest all the time. In fact she sleeps better this way compared to being put down because this position reminds her of when she's still in my womb where it's warm and safe, with all the walking movements it rocks her to sleep immediately and the only time she puts up a struggle wanting to kick her way out (upwards & banging my face in the process, ouch) is when she's hungry and unlike most baby carriers i need not remove it before feeding, because i can just push the cloth aside and lift my shirt up for her milk fix.

I did somewhat experiment on some breastfeeding friendly clothing designs used together with this wrap, hopefully the 2.0 prototype is better than the first, for now i am still working to perfect the design.

One of the best multitasking things i could do with Mariko in the carrier is going to the loo without needing to ask a random stranger to carry my baby, another tip is to always wear a skirt so it's easy to lift up instead of struggling with a pants since you are unable to see your zipper and button with the baby in front anyway. It takes practice to get a hang of it, but don't worry because the moment your little one learns how to walk you wouldn't be carrying them all the much anymore by then soon you'll need to upgrade into a toddler safety harness lol.


[ 26th January 2016] 

Lost count how many nicknames i haven given #mylilparasite already :-/
She's everything you can think off, a stink bomb, a time bomb, sotong, sadako (from the way she crawls), busuk girl, meow meow and gosh i seriously lost count! And the newest addition is "Mama's Koala bear" because lately she can't be left alone even for abit, kinda miss that short period when i can just put her down and let her doze off to merry land while i clean the house. Babies are totally unpredictable siaaa.. one minute when you think you finally got the momentum, few seconds later your hopes are all shattered just like that. But one thing for sure, you can't go wrong when a baby's is strap unto you.

That's a confirm no.1 comfort solution for babies aside from your oppai (.)(.) ←lol
I try not to let Mariko latch on to me too long or else it would be difficult for both of us when it's time for me to hand her over to full time daycare while i go back to office. But i can't prevent her from wanting to be hugged 24/7 because hey..she was warm and cozy inside of me for 9 months till she got forced out into this world by my body lol (sorry lil parasite, but you are due anyway).

Despite me surveying around for various baby carriers out there that is suitable for infants as young as newborn and can be used till they no longer need it can be rather tough as some designs are made for certain age groups due to factors like their  back & hip bone condition, etc. It's also a way for brands to earn more because making products that can only be used once for a short period of time and once you child outgrew them in like 1-2 months, you have to buy another one already lol and not to say it's cheap too. Sneaky.
But i've found something that might be useful for new moms out there who are looking for a carrier that's not too bulky, simple to use and ergonomic.

Been getting tons of questions on my wrap whenever people see me in events or any random outings like a trip to the grocery store especially when my baby is barely 2 months old and yet i am carrying her around like normal lol.
Also my home and work handsfree secret whenever she's fussy and refused to be put down

So in this blogpost i am finally gonna answer everyone's questions, it's none other than PITTARi wrap from Japan (yes, hands down to that country lol) and their main Malaysian distributor Unison ca has also other versions of it to cater to other mother and baby needs. If you are just expecting then getting the PITTARi wrap would be a good choice since it's recommended for newborns up to 2 years old. See what i mean when i mentioned earlier about products that "grows with your child"?

Gonna demonstrate how i usually tie my PITTARi wrap before heading out!
You'll be amazed on how easy it is to actually use it compared to tying a traditional 'sarong' which i admit that i also do not know how to use the old folks method lol.
Some of you might have more traditional lifestyle friends, you can ask them to demo for you haha but one thing i did noticed about the sarong method is that it does not provide proper support for your babies. It's basically a sling wrap across your chest and one arm support the baby which is rather inconvenient if you wanna eat or do some quick run to the grocery store.

Using a wrap can be quite intimidating to some because the way the cloth is being tied and all, but it's actually quite simple; it does require some practice before you get a hang on it so don't worry if you are taking too much time putting it on at first. Slowly and after a couple of tries you'll soon be able to use it like a pro.
I've fast forward my video so that it doesn't take too much of your time to watch but on average i take about 30 mins (on good days) to prepare the baby, diaper bag, put on the wrap before heading out.

Ever since i got it, it's been a lifesaver for me! No hassle of buckling straps here and there, just simple wrapping and a knot then it's ready for your baby to be inserted in.

Prior to using this PITTARi wrap i was actually so so darn close to buying from a very well known baby carrier brand as i've read many good feedbacks about it both from local and international blogs but one thing i was warned about was the thickness of that kind of carrier that makes it not too favorable for our tropical weather (shorter words- It's THICK) and if i were to use it for tiny lil parasite, i would need to get a special infant insert for it which i was blessed enough get it from Cheesie as baby Sakura outgrew it already. Thank you mama cheesie! T_T

These type of carriers are not suitable for infants age 0- 5 months, more for grown babies past 6 months, unless you have an infant insert.

She also passed to me a baby carrier to test it out with the baby insert and boy it was HOT both for the baby and i. At the end of each session (less than 1 hour) we were sweating buckets already. For now i am glad to have PITTARi wrap around. You can purchase the wrap from HERE
But now that i do not need the baby insert anymore, those who need it do email me so i can pass it to you guys :)

Those of you who do not know why an infant insert is needed for these kind of  baby carriers it's because babies spine, legs and hips are still not strong enough to be put in a sitting position with their tiny legs hanging out like grown kids also carriers like these are made for 6 months and above when the babies's bone structure starts to firm up.
So before randomly buying any baby carrier (even though got sale) please do your research first or just read my blog la haha (shameless self promo).

Here's an infographic on how to choose the right carrier for both mama & baby needs, depending on their age, weight, body strength and activeness you can roughly decide on which to get but if you are in doubt like how i was (totally in fact), Mommy Charmaine from Unison co will tend to your inquiries and requirements and she'll suggest a perfect product for you.
I was actually confused at first on which wrap to get as there were SUPPORi, Raku-Raku, Sukkiri and EUSPC which are all from the same creator as PITTARi but after a consultation session with Charmaine, here i am with my beloved wrap :)
She's been really helpful and patient in tending to every single question i had and think normal person would be annoyed by the amount of questions asked like that lol, Thank you Mommy Charmaine!

Now i bring her everywhere with me from doing basic house chores like sweeping, hanging clothes, grocery shopping, salon visits, meetings, events and even to my Japanese classes.
It's lightweight, super convenient to use and it doesn't even intervene with my breastfeeding so no hassle of removing the wrap every single time lil parasite wants to latch on.

Mom-Benefits for PITTARi [ピッタリ] Wrap
  • Get Grocery shopping done
  • Blog or sew in peace 
  • Go for toilet break
  • Get house chores like cooking and cleaning out of the way
  • Go to the Paed's/ doctors's alone
  • Be on super independent mom mode
  • Go to out for fresh air and to keep your sanity in check (mall, dates, park, holiday)
  • Go about life like normal (except with BF intervals)
  • Great to "rock" babies to sleep before putting them down
  • Safer than holding free hand (one side baby & other side doing stuff is risky)

Mariko's first Japanese class outside my womb, for 9 months she was listening to Miwa sensei from within. Also a good view of my usual messy "mom-bun", it's a trendy hairstyle among mothers, you guys should try it someday lol.

Hope this review is helpful for you new moms who are searching for the ideal baby carriers, and also thanks for reading till the end. If you want to purchase your very own PITTARi wrap, use this special code they have prepared for my readers, "mylilparasite" to enjoy 15% off on www.store.unisonca.com



  1. Hi, thank you for sure infomative post. I hope yer doing well now at least a lil... even though it's tough. Yer my role model as a single mother. You go, strong mama! My son is 2 months old now. I'm wondering if he's still suitable to use this wrap?

    1. Thank you dear, I'm coping bit by bit and congratulations on your newborn! Yes it's suitable for babies that's just being born up to 2 years old :) Mariko was 2 months when I first started using this.

    2. I'm wondering if I should get the normal carrier*if you know what I mean* or this wrap instead? How do you breastfeed Mariko without removing her from the wrap? Well, if it wasn't for your post I wouldn't have the courage to move on as single mother to raise a child which is not easy especially financially. I don't know how you do it as a fashion designer, it seems so hard for me to get it started. But still, thank you so much for your courageous post up, there's nothing much I can do for you but to pray that by God's grace you'll be blessed. So please be well =)

    3. I find putting this on is faster compared to baby carriers and the reason I chose this it's because of the compact design making it convenient for me to carry anywhere without taking too much space especially when going out. Plus this can use for a long time and it isn't too expensive (good baby carriers costs $600+). For feeding all I need to do is push the fabric at shoulder part aside and lift up my shirt for Mariko to access my boobs. You'll still need to take the baby out first but you need not remove the entire wrap from your body at all, after feed just put your baby back in. Less one step compared to a carrier because for carriers you'll need to strap and unstrap in order to take the baby in and out which can be rather tedious especially when you know how impatient babies are when they are hungry. I'm glad to have given you the courage, it's the least I can do to help others out there, yes the struggles financially is difficult but we will always somehow make ends meet. Just believe in yourself, may God bless you and your family too :)

  2. my first time seeing this wrap. I no use this before my children never tried when they are younger. Good know this helps new parents with baby :D

    1. Same my mom never carried me or my siblings out until we could walk ourselves at 2 years old haha

  3. we used baby carrier on our first daughter. The wrap seems convenient and comfortable to babies.

  4. This looks so convenient for new mothers. I will recommend my new mom friends, thanks to your review.

  5. I love the video you made babe. Looks extremely comfy to wear and little Mariko looks comfy in it too.

  6. the video looks really good and it sure looks comfy for Mommy and baby.
    It must have been tough to read through this post again after all that has happened.
    Stay strong babe!

  7. It was nice that a baby wearer was born, that helps every Moms to carry their babies with less hassle. I would be needing this when I have my own baby, and excited for the challenges we will face as new Mom.

  8. The PITTARI wrap sure looks like a comfortable "home" for the baby...since most babies would just end up crying the moment you lift them off the floor to place them in carriers...

    will definitely recommend this for a future mummy who is due by end of this month...thanks dear...

  9. Thanks for the useful post especially the tutorial. It is informative for the mom to be.

  10. This looks like a very useful thing for parents. Thanks for sharing.

  11. They have varieties of ranges suitable for different age groups, such a nice product :)

  12. love the product by the looks of the it, am not anyway near to becoming a mother, but will definitely consider this when i'm one! who doesn't wanna be close with their babies? :)

  13. I can't say much except I wished this had been around when I had my kids... hahaha....

  14. Looks like a really great product! Will share with my friends.

  15. Stay positive and be strong. I am glad that you had the courage to continue on with this post and provide such great product reviews.

  16. Awh babe this is such an informative post and it is very well written for all new mums out there who are looking for a way to carry a little tot around. I am really looking at making a purchase on the wrap- it would certainly be quite helpful in the long run. In the meantime, hope you are doing well babe and do stay strong, all my love and support to you always <3

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