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Whoosh New Outlet at Sunway Pyramid & “Eye Am Stylish” 2017 Campaign

Congratulations to Whoosh Malaysia for launching their 18th outlet ever since they have operated in 2015, also i didn't know they were a subsidiary of Focus Point optical store which i used to get my glasses gone during my school days. Back then there wasn't much of these shops around probably a few and they were also considered expensive goods to people who needs them.
During that period there was no such thing of people wearing specs just for fashion sake because glasses were considered as an essential for people with eyesight problems that needs aid and not a fashion accessory like how most of us are doing right now because it has been made so affordable.

The demand of these has indeed rocketed over the years and society are more open to accepting the concept of wearing them just for fun and not because they need it making it a product versatile for all.
Having the frames on display openly instead of the traditional behind the glass casing concept making it less intimidating and more welcoming for all to try them out.

Another trip down memory lane was when every specs frame are locked behind those glass table and only taken out upon request for trying on purposes and most of the time you don't get to choose your own frames because the 'experts' are the ones who decides which frame suits you best, no questions asked like what's your favorite color, etc lol. 
Can remember how much i hated my old frames because it made me look so aunty-ish for a high school kid and was stuck with it till last year when i finally had a refreshing change!
So having an open shop concept like Whoosh does makes things much easier for customers.

There are a large variety of fashionable yet practical frames to choose from to suit all kinds of face shape and you'll definitely have a hard time shortlisting 1 or 2 pieces because there's just so many choices you will fall in love with the moment you try them on. On the great side it isn't too pricey too, you can get your frame and prescription lenses fitted in for as low as RM165 only.

You can even collect your order on the same day as well, usually less than an hour your new pair of glasses are ready to be brought home!
For those of you who are frequent contact lens wearers make sure to give your eyes sufficient rest (don't wear contact lenses) before dropping by Whoosh to get your power checked to make your new specs. Head over to Sunway Pyramid today to check them out.

In conjunction with the launch of Whoosh today, Whoosh also introduced a campaign called “Whoosh, Eye Am Stylish!” 2017.

"Whoosh offers a wide range of designs in 5 distinctive styles, 4 fixed affordable prices and a great team of professional optometrists. A fashion show was conducted to bring out the essence of Whoosh’s latest & most attractive, unique series of eyewear under 5 categories -- Sunnies, Trendy, Urban, Vintage & Young range."

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