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Sui-San Fish Market | My Fish Shopping shortcut

So glad that Sui-san Fish market has finally opened their 2nd outlet at my old school area- Taman Desa and also friends (you girls know who you are) who were raving about it last year when Sui-san first introduced their fresh sashimi delivery services. Don't let that word "Fish Market" scare the living daylights out of you with it's typical "wet" smell you usually get from the morning wet markets where our moms, grandmothers, and the generation of mothers before them all went to just to get their daily supply of fresh produce to be served during lunch and dinner, in fact their shop doesn't stink of wet-ness/ fishiness at all :)

p/s: please pardon the not so good photos because i quickly snapped them with my phone

Reasons why i don't go to a wet market
  1. I'm not 5am person per say, let alone to do grocery shopping at this hour? Nope.
  2. No idea how to properly select fish & chicken (only vegs i'm good at)
  3. Can't stomach the wet market "fragrance" (blood, guts, mud, drain mix together)
  4. Live too far from the pasar pagi, only surrounded by shopping malls.

Call me a pampered millennial or whatsoever but let's just say with our current era if there is a better way to do things why not just take that option right?
We weren't exactly taught how to choose the freshest produce in the market by our mothers and most of the time we learn via trial and error or worst case scenario GOOGLE EVERY DAMN THING.
So far google has proven itself as society's number one place to turn to whenever they have questions that no one around them can seem to answer BUT there's a catch (not fish la lol) you'll need to be smart enough to filter out the RIGHT information instead of blindly following the first link that comes up on google engine because who knows those information might just be another hoax.

Like how there are so many misleading information about Salmon, parasites, fish farming, etc and it's just infuriating that majority of them are not actually verified information. Just your typical click abit article circulating around social media.
Don't get me started on how people around me was saying i can't eat raw fish while i was pregnant while in Japan pregnant women even have them like every other normal person, so why can't we?
To me it's always okay to eat things in MODERATE amounts and when it comes to raw food, never compromise on quality. If i have to pay a hefty sum to enjoy a plate of 5 slices of sashimi from a reputable restaurant who's chef is from Japan, i would. Because i know i am paying for the best and freshest ingredients served in a small dish.
Not saying it's not good to be overly cautious, it's great in fact but don't let those clickbait articles viral-ing on social media cloud your judgement.

One fine example is that dude who had lots of worms in his body as a result of consuming sashimi but what they forgot to include was the most important information of all. The amount the fella consumed daily and the source of the sashimi whether it's from a hygienic place or not, all those were excluded to keep the news "interesting". It's annoying and misleading really.

But heck, i love my raw fishes (all sorts of fish dishes as well) and had them (really fresh ones) occasionally throughout my pregnancy, but that being said i'm not trying to give you pregnant ladies a green light to go all crazy with your sashimi cravings, talk to your obygyn first and know your limits. I am glad mine told me i could eat anything i want as long in moderation since my pregnancy was quite stable and i didn't require any special diet.

The question is now, WHERE can you find super fresh sashimi around aside from those "atas" restaurants and without breaking your bank account? Is that even possible?
Yes it is after i've discovered Sui-san fish market, think i won't be going back to any Japanese restaurant anytime soon just to get my sashimi fix. And it's in freaking Taman Desa, a place where i practically spent most my schooling days at and i'm usually around the area on Tuesdays too so i can eat and get my fish supply stocked up.
You can buy other seafoods and enjoy them on the spot as well, they have cooking services available for dine in.

I do have a question for you guys who are reading this though, how many of you actually know how to pick your own fish (not agak-agak ya) when it comes to grocery shopping?  Or you usually ask the person by the fish/ meat weighing counter to pick for you instead?

Back during wet market days before mall super markets became everybody's one stop to go grocery shopping heaven people would take their time to inspect the produce, get good tips from the sellers themselves on how to select the "freshest" and costs was low as well but in a shopping mall you are entirely on your own with google as your buddy + costs are higher than wet markets due to the mall rental and convenience of timing/ location. 
I am sure you guys would also very much like to know how to properly choose your fresh groceries instead of relying on the hit & miss method.
In Sui-san they actually do share with you some knowledge about fishes, and even methods of how to cook and enjoy them that's something rare indeed but really useful for clueless customers like me.

Definitely wouldn't mind paying abit more for a confirmed selection of  fresh fishes rather than stinge and get them at those hyper market that's opened till 11pm but end up throwing away those fishes as well because they are inedible even after cooking (kena so many times) and even my cat doesn't want it. Don't worry, in Sui-san all prices are kept unbelievably affordable, best i've seen so far for the quality given.

I value my sleep alot so don't expect me to wake up at 5am to go to the nearest wet market which is like how many kilometers away to get my veggies and meats, i prefer to get them after work when i have to wait out the jam and get my dinner along the way. By 8pm there's only the pasar malam (finding parking is a hassle) on selective days of the week so you gotta time yourself, etc which is all too much trouble. Simple and fastest solution is to stop by Sui-san get yummy fish dinner and grab fish supplies before heading home. If i am lazy beyond... (any other word than lazy?) sloth mode then i'll just use their delivery option available on their websiteI know working moms all around klang valley would love this delivery feature ;)

Definitely didn't leave empty handed

My new found love is their Gyoza that's directly from Japan, for a tray of RM30 it could last me at least 5 servings (side dish), it's so easy to prepare and delicious! Been eating them a couple of days straight now and here are some of the ways i serve them, a short cut dish busy people who wants to eat a complete meal without having to do so much work in the kitchen.

Pan fried salmon gyoza served with Chirashizushi (ちらし寿司)

dashi & seaweed base soup with golden mushroom, egg & gyoza 
Great for cold rainy evenings.

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Sui-San Fish Market Taman Desa
Unit No 7-0-3, Ground Floor,
Danau Business Centre, Jalan 3/109F,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Freshness Line: 03-2385 0073

Disclaimer: This isn't a sponsored post, just sharing on things that can maximize your productivity or add on to your laziness (your choice) lol.


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