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LIMA 2017 | What Happened in Langkawi

I am not the the type that would purposely go find go find trouble when there is none and above all i value friendship very much to the point i have developed the ability to close an eye to the s**t one does to me because i try to see things from their perspective at that point of time. Not all people are bad, and all are bound to make human errors which we can either choose to forgive or break ties, so this is my story for what happened in Langkawi for the last one week while i was away for LIMA 2017.

This is my 4th LIMA in a row so that totals up to close to 8 years already as it's an international event held once every 2 years and for the past 3 LIMAs i never had any complaints except maybe occasional pay rates that goes below the market rate that sometimes make you question about the agent you are under, i know we all gotta eat at the end of the day but taking more than the average percentage cut is purely unacceptable and it only gives me more reason to cut ties with them.
As for someone who has worked in this line for quite some time, i know my worth as a freelancer and to be underpaid and badly controlled by a person whom i trusted as an old friend was the last straw for me and i have also lost all respect for this particular person. But then again don't get me wrong, i am grateful for the work that is given to me and i always try my best to deliver, what i can't stand is how we are treated like dogs instead of human beings and for the agent to come out with all sorts of lines like:-

"think about the African children who are starving, so be grateful for the piece of bread"

When proper breakfast should be provided for the girls since we are working from 8am to 6pm and we had to head out at 7.15am. So imagine your piece of Gardenia twiggies lasting you from 7.15am till 12pm or 1pm. Sounds downright unreasonable right?
Thank God our client kesian* us and provided us with some food, well done to the agent for screwing up the food arrangements.


 "i could have easily got someone else instead of you" 

Then by all means go ahead if you don't like people who has a brain to think working under you, i know it's always easier to get not so bright ones who would puts up with every unreasonable deal of yours without a question like your current full time gangster kids crew who seriously need to learn some manners as well. Shouting in the middle of the night like some rabid dog and disturbing everyone else at the villa, like i said- "Not so bright."

and it goes on and on. Just WOW.
Makes you wonder, "what happened to the person i knew", the only answer people grow up and change. The end.

Some might view this post as someone being immature and voicing out her dissatisfaction over some matters unprofessionally instead of talking things out with her agent but i couldn't care less about what others want to say because you are not in my shoes when all this happened; i am just here to share and give some insight for those who would like to work for LIMA as a hostess near future.
For the record, i've already lowered my ego to the max to apologize and talk things through but this person has made it clear to not bother talking to her at all, so here i am typing all this out.

Remember, i wouldn't make a single sound if things can be solved properly like adults but when one chooses to dismiss, it's a clear sign to just cut ties and move on.

Many things has happened on my side and it's not even halfway through the year yet, and it does wear me out mentally having to deal with all these nonsense when i have enough on my shoulders. Why can't i have a normal life like everyone else, instead i have a complicated one that i can barely cope with daily. All these things has aged me mentally beyond recognition to the point i find it hard to communicate with the circle of people of my age group let alone any younger.

Not trying to spoil the image of LIMA here, because this a huge international event that people from all over Malaysia anticipate to attend once every 2 years but just sharing a little bit of what goes on inside behind all those smiles and pretty faces we hostesses go through.

This is never about the client because they are always wonderful, it's usually the agents that screws up everything, so girls please pick your agents wisely. 

Okay back to the main point of the story, first we were imposed a curfew by our agent (i'm fine with it since i cut down on my drinking alot, not so wild like i used to be) but like i mention before for the past 3 other LIMAs i never had any problems because we were treated like adults where after work we are allowed to enjoy our night as long we are not hung over or late for work the next day. Seeing things from the agent's POV (point of view) yea maybe she wants to make sure everything is orderly since she's handling so many girls for this "big project".

But there was a saying that goes "if you can't trust your employees to do the job, don't bother hiring them" it's as simple as that. Imposing a curfew of 10.30pm sounds like a rule every underage high schooler is given by their parents and you are dealing with with people who are 19-25 years old. At least a reasonable timing of 12am isn't too bad, giving the other girls some time to enjoy their first LIMA job like how i did with the same agent back in 2011. See how much has changed since then? Last time we could even share a drink while watching the sunset and drinking more back at the room but at least we were treated like equals, that's how it should have been all this while. But this year, you have created this invisible barrier preventing everyone from being able to talk to you, not sure what kind of image you are trying to create among your contracted workers but it somewhat felt like you were just being an uptight unreasonable person all of a sudden.
Yes i am shocked indeed, but then again this wasn't much of a big deal for me as it was for the other girls.

And when it comes to respect, it's very clear that "treat others how you want to be treated", so if you have decided to be a b*tch from the very beginning, don't be surprise if people around you give you the same kind of treatment. Enough said, i am pretty sure anyone with a functioning brain should be able to figure that out.

Also i learned to keep my mouth shut whenever i am angry as the words that comes out at that point of time can be unintentionally hurtful as i do not want to jeopardize my friendship with you, it's also called being an adult who knows how to hold her tongue and pick her battles wisely, that's one of the few reasons why i would rather shut up instead.

Then again you were CLEARLY playing favoritism here, segregating the rest of us from your pets and dare to ask us why are we so upset.
If you want to be professional then quit your favoritism behavior and treat everyone as equals, nobody cares about how much effort you took to build your empire when it's going to crumble overnight from your careless mistake and newsflash, everyone has their own struggles not only you.

When one of the girls nearly got kidnapped on the 2nd night we were there, never in my life i panicked this much bolting on full speed along Cenang road trying to find the car and this was for a stranger i just met too. In my mind i thought we were gonna lose her for good as we know how all these "tourists" do things, get a local girl drunk and bring them back to rape before dropping them off elsewhere or worst case scenario dumping a dead body. Hell was i going to let that happen to my newly met roommate, i know i had every right to be angry and scared that night because i nearly lost her though it was not my responsibility to babysit anybody in the group. And when i brought this matter up to your door instead of thanking me that your girl who was supposed to be under your care is safe you tell me that i am fired and go get on the next flight home.
Right, like i was going to do that and leave you to answer your client the next morning, probably the 2011 me might have done that without batting an eyelash but i am here to work and complete the job regardless of what you say UNLESS the client dismisses me.

Just because i raised my voice at you for not picking up your damn phone in that time of need, even your damn pets surrounding you couldn't be bothered to answer their phones because you told them not to. If she was gone, who's gonna be held responsible? Your company or blame everyone else but yourself?
To be really honest from your words that doesn't need much deciphering, you couldn't give a hoot about the girls' safety because it's clear as daylight that you are only worried about your own reputation and nothing else. Deny it all you want but that's how we all felt and that's more than a dozen girls there.

I couldn't care less when you shouted those words to me, so what if i don't get paid and sent home at least my CONSCIENCE is clear and i can sleep at night knowing i prevented someone from being kidnapped or murdered that night. And for you who's always saying that everyone else around you is immature, your words pretty much reflected that.
You wouldn't know how it feels like when someone around you dies under your watch so don't you dare to use the "high horse" word on me when i am trying to knock some sense into you as a friend.
Am still feeling bad that i slapped my tipsy room mate to wake her up, hope she can one day truly forgive me for doing so.

I'm not going to mention your agency name because i know how your empire can vanish overnight if i do, at least take this as a constructive feedback to improve the crew and yourself if you want to advance faster.  Don't worry, you don't have to deal with me anymore because i am not going to work under you after this whole incident. Once bitten twice shy
Thank you for everything for the past 8 years, i've already said my apologies to your face so it's time for me to move on.

Good luck to you.

On the brighter side of things, at least this round has opened my eyes to the true person you really are and valuable lesson learnt. If i had not came this round i wouldn't have been able to meet up with some old friends or made new ones along the way so thank you for that.
I am going to raise my glass to past friendships and new friendships gained for LIMA 2017, looking forward to the next LIMA in 2019.

To all the freelancers who would like to at least experience working for LIMA once here are some things you would need to know so you don't get underpaid by your agents.
I've seen previous client's bill before so i know how much is being cut out every single time, but here are some rough figures of what to expect before applying. Yep, agents are so going to hate me for this but no one deserves to be underpaid la. Everyone need to makan* also at the end of the day.



1. Market rate for LIMA, minimal pay for hostess is RM300/day because agents usually charge them about RM700-1000 per head for regular grade hostesses excluding transportation, food and accommodation + agent fees. Yes we girls are graded like meat from the butcher.

2. For promoters, lowest should be RM180-200/day and if it's any lower you are seriously being underpaid for an OUTSTATION job. I was being paid RM150/day standing from 8am-5.30pm and the only time i got to sit was during my 1 hour lunch break or my non existent 5 min toilet break, those who work promoter jobs would know about how tiring and painful it is. And in the contract i signed for this LIMA with the agent i was tricked into thinking i applied for a "hostess position" when it was clearly a promoter job.

*Unless you are a VOLUNTEER for LIMA then your pay would be about RM100-120 per day.

3. Job of a hostess is to serve your clients and assist them whenever needed while taking care of their booth. It includes making, serving coffee, tea and other drinks with snacks. Ensuring their premises are clean and explaining about the brand/ product if there are any inquiries by interested parties. Most of the time you are the pretty front liner that serves as an attraction.

4. If you can speak other languages like French, German, Italian aside from perfect English, you are pretty much wanted here with a good price label.

5. All transport, accommodation and food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are provided if not there will be an allowance for it. One case i encountered was given RM50 a day to settle all my 3 meals.

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