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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Be A Princess Contest [SASA X BABY FOOT]

Photo by ARC Photography
I had my cinderella moments once, so now it's time for others to be cinderella for a day!

"If the shoe fits, wear it"

For this case I'm definitely not referring to the Idiom but instead the literal meaning of it lol, and never thought the day would come that i would actually try to squeeze in an actual glass slipper to see whether it fits or not during Baby Foot's recent "Be a Princess" roadshow that happened from 29th May to 4th June (last sunday) to be in a running for their Princess for a day contest which i'll share abit more about it later in case you girls (or guys) are interested to participate in it. 
There was tons of activities for the public to participate, attractive promotional prices and discounts up to 50% too.

Did you know that Japan was the first ever to release foot mask before other countries started coming out with similar versions of their own?

Been using baby foot mask ever since they were first introduced in Malaysia a couple years ago and been testing out other brands as well but so far not are as effective as the original Baby foot mask.
I've suffered from very bad dry skin (hereditary issue) especially at my feet area that no amount of foot cream or scrubbing can save my feet so the only solution i had was to pamper my feet once every 2 months to a foot mask session.

Being a religious user of Japanese beauty products, the brands brought in by sole distributor Cason Trading that can be found in SASA Malaysia like Baby Foot, Shirowaki Hime, Shiro Yubi Hime, Tsuruhana, Fine Japan are stuff that i'm already personally using , since i bought some of them in Japan before. 
Since more and more of these Cosme award winning products are being brought in, i'm glad that i no longer have to restock every time i'm back in Japan. The declaration and luggage weight issue can be a real headache especially when you are flying on a budget carrier with very limited luggage space purchased unlike generous ANA that provides you with 46kg in total (23kg each luggage).

Was happy that i managed to catch this event on the last day, as i was introduced to some new products that i've never seen or heard before (learning new things every single day) like their gentle plant based hair removal cream that's suitable for sensitive skin people. One of the reason why i've stopped using depilatory creams of late is because i have allergy reaction towards it, must be the hormones still out of whack. So i usually opt for shaving (no a fan of this method) or waxing (love waxing). But since i now know of this, i can probably start using depilatory creams again.
Will update you guys on the review of this product in my next update!

Slinky Touch hair removal cream & body milk

Learning about Too's smile teeth whitening range that was once mentioned by Cheesie before on here blog and insta. Was previously scared of teeth whitening products as i had a bad experience with one 2 years ago  (i shall not name it) which somehow corroded my gums so it was raw & bleeding.  
But i'm willing to give this  Japanese natural whitening product a go soon to see if it's suitable for my teeth or not, since i'm a heavy tea drinker my teeth tends to get stained :(

Before and after results on a normal coin is amazing

All products seem seriously promising, especially after using the tester all doubts were immediately erased as well, making you feel like just grabbing it and head over to the nearest cashier.
If you have missed the roadshow last weekend, don't worry too much about it because there is still a chance for you to join Baby Foot's Be a princess contest which the grand prize winner gets to celebrate being a real life princess for a day, complete with a beauty makeover, private chauffeured transportation, fine dining and a one night stay at a 5 star hotel!
A once in a lifetime experience that one doesn't want to miss out because it's really simple to participate, all you gotta do is head to your nearest Sasa store or TokyoNinki and purchase a Baby Foot mask

1. Take a photo of yourself while using Baby Foot (Either wearing Foot mask or peeling)
2. Upload photo onto your Facebook/ Instagram with caption telling us why you like Baby Foot with @TokyoNinki & hashtag #babyfootprincess
3. Best photo and caption will stand a chance to win the Grand Prize (Princess For A Day!)

Send in your entries before 12 June 2017 and Good Luck!

Thank you Grace Myu for helping with the shot!
Can't believe i actually managed to squeeze in the actual glass slipper, for a moment i thought i was going to have like an evil step sister moment struggling to fit in the shoe lol

Dreaming of becoming a princess is just a social media post away!


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