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Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid (First Impression/ Review)

This is a product i've received a couple of years ago as a gift and finally blogging about it lol, but chill don't worry i finished using it quite some time back as well, just trying to get myself to clear up as much backlogs as possible regardless long or short entries. Also nice pictures has been taken might as well post it up instead of sending it straight to the trash bin right?

Decorte brand is considered as a luxury tier skincare range by Kose, armed with complex scientific formulation that combats ageing problems with a heartbeat. 
Yes, more for matured skin type however it's always never too early to start on anti-ageing products especially once you have passed your mid twenties. Compared to alot of other anti-ageing products i've tried over the past couple of years, i noticed they tend to be rich cream type which didn't agree too well on my skin causing acne or excess oil secretion.

Beautiful purple sleek packaging, feels expensive to touch

However with Decorte's range particularly this Liposome Treatment Liquid (water consistency not cream similar to toner or lotion), i found it compliments with my sensitive skin well, texture is pretty lightweight. I can't say it managed reverse any ageing line i had as i never had obvious ones to begin with but in terms of skin acceptance towards its formula, all is good. 

It does keep the skin supple and plump throughout the day allowing make up to stay on well, and one of the unique features of this product is that it helps create a "blur" like layer on your skin like how your make up primer does, making pores smaller to work on. 
There are a total of 4 products in Liposome range (Moisture). 

Decorte has a few other ranges like AQ Meliority (Repair Range), AQ (Radiant range) and Whitelogist (whitening range). 

Shrek was right when he said that ogres (humans as well in this case) are like onions, we have so many layers which is technically our skin before we hit the muscle, fats and bone. That's where Liposome technology comes into place as it's designed to penetrates deep into the skin layer retaining and locking in moisture giving the skin overall hydration and firmness which delays signs of ageing which is more obvious when your skin is dry. 

This is definitely a product i don't mind getting again near future when my skin is in need for a more higher dose of moisture lol, also when i can afford something that costs nearly RM400 per bottle!
Skincare journey is definitely a luxury, but if you have found your holy grail just stick to it and hopes your hormones doesn't reject it after a couple of years down the road lol.

You can find Decorte at Kose counters all around Malaysia in departmental stores like Aeon, Isetan and parkson.


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