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Marriage Procedure in Japan for Malaysians (step by step)

Okay, it's been 3 (almost 4) months since i got married best to pen this down here before i totally forgot everything that even the mini notes in my phone isn't gonna help jog this terrible pregnancy memory of mine. I got quite an number of inquiries about this and i'm actually happy that some of my friends/followers are dating Japanese partners as well (yay! Same boat!) For those of you looking to tie the knot near future, i hope this post can aid you guys so that you won't have such a complicated experience. I'm also actually getting a headache just trying to recall back the entire procedure while cross referencing it with the official gov list lol.

You know what i found funny about ROM in Japan vs ROM in Malaysia? 

Malaysians practically invite almost the whole village to their ROM while in Japan it's just the couple filling in forms at the local municipal office WITHOUT even dressing up.
To them, it's just another day so no need to be so fancy, while Malaysians would wear pre-wedding gowns and have a photographer on standby.
The only memory i had of my ROM was a horrible photo taken by the municipal office staff who shot while sitting down making us look like we have double chin lol. Ah..what a "beautiful" photo indeed.

Tip: It does help alot if you have basic knowledge in Japanese language because everything done at the local government office is in Japanese, the only time you'll be spoken in English is at the Malaysian Embassy. But if your partner can translate for you then it won't be a problem, just that having an extra language skill may help you on the long run especially if you are planning to settle down here (in Japan) as well.

It was a challenging situation for me because friends i knew who married a Japanese either had their information outdated (like 5 years ago and they can't really remember) or they registered in Malaysia itself because their Japanese partner is working in Malaysia already. Plus i was 4 months pregnant at that time, and needed to make sure i have everything planned out like the house moving, my job, etc. Juggling all of this at once isn't easy when you just got passed a terrible stage of morning sickness (lost 3-4 kg) and having to still deal with your work in Malaysia while trying to discuss things with your partner who's like 5000km away.

There are many reasons why some of us choose to register our marriage here, whether it's preference or convenience, to me it was faster compared to Malaysia's marriage registration which takes up to 1 month and no sane foreign working person can take that much leave just to be in the country while our gov takes their own sweet time to approve the union. In Japan all you need is less than 2 weeks, this includes applying at the local municipal office and at the Malaysian Embassy.

What doesn't help most was the vague information posted on the government website (this PDF file, kindly click to save), it's really confusing and for first timers (yes my first marriage and hopefully my last) and calling our goverment office is really a pain in the ass. Not gonna censor that one because it's true and even IF you manage to get a hold of them after dunno how many billions of tries they can't even answer your inquiries properly. It would be another string of "hold the line, will pass to other department" and you'll be put on hold for like FOREVER before it gets cut off betul-betul cilaka, this definitely holds you back but at the same time you don't want YOLO drive all the way to Putrajaya (damn far sial!) just to get your efforts wasted for not having the complete documents at hand. 

Frustrating to the max, so instead of me replying DMs one by one might as well share it here so you guys can refer back to anytime but after 5 years probably there might be some changes, we'll never know but this is just a general guideline to ensure your marriage registration in Japan goes smoothly. 
But before you get annoyed that you are the one having to do all the work here in Malaysia alone, make sure your partner is on his phone 24/7 to send you necessary documents like a scanned copy of his updated passport.

Disclaimer that I'm sharing my own personal experience and if the goverment suddenly decides to make any changes here and there without any warning, i am in no control of it.

Note: This guide applies to both Malaysian male & female (non Muslim) who are looking to register their marriage in Japan with a Japanese partner. 

Without dragging any further let's get into technicalities first:

These are some of the Japanese words you'll need to familiarize yourself with as you'll be hearing it alot.

  • Konin Todoke Juri Shomeisho- Certificate of Marriage Acceptance
  • Konin Todoke Kisaijiko Shomeisho-Marriage Registration Certificate 
  • Konin Yoken Gubi Shomeisho - Certificate of No Impediment to the Marriage
  • Zairyū kādo (Alien card)- Residence card for foreigners 
  • Juminhyo- registry of current residential addresses

There are 2 sections in the list that may confuse you at first, which to follow?

5.2 Marriage between a Non-Muslim Malaysian in Japan 


5.5 Marriage between a Malaysian with Japanese or Foreign National in Japan

Both of them are the same, makes you wonder why they bother repeating themselves, it's like comprehension exam, the more you read the more confused you'll get and end up messing with your brain till you can't answer the questions correctly 😑 *inserts rolling eyes emoji*


STEP 1: Extracting your Statement of Marital Status

Time required: half day at JPN Putrajaya
Total cost : RM19 (to date 2018)

1. Go to JPN Putrajaya to extract your statement of material status aka "single status paper" best to go there at 8am to avoid long queues.
2.  Extraction procedure is done on the 1st floor, just go to the counter and ask for "permohonan pengesahan taraf perkahwinan, borang pemohonan carian/ cabutan daftar dokumen perkahwinan and they'll hand you a form to fill in. Fill in Bahagian C only- maklumat pemohon & akuan

Tip: Grab a number and wait till you get called, also have some snacks & water along with you so you don't go hungry/ thirsty. You won't feel like eating till all this is over, but try not to get gastric.

3. Once done go G floor to the Persuruhjaya Sumpah (beside Maybank ATM), payment needed for it RM4

4. Go back to 1st floor to submit the documents  & surat sumpah, processing fee needed- RM5

5. Once you have received all the documents back, go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs- MOFA (2km away from JPN) to get it stamped & signed, this final step is important, make sure you get it done. RM 10 fee is needed for the verification.

Pejabat Persuruhjaya Sumpah beside the ATM on G floor.

You'll receive this from Bahagian perkahwinan & penceraian counter at level 1

After being signed & stamped by MOFA

Ministry of Foreign affairs Malaysia Office, there is free parking space opposite the building.

And your work in Malaysia is done, next stop Shibuya, Tokyo.

STEP 2: Translation & cover letter (Certificate of No Impediment to the Marriage) at Malaysian Embassy, Shibuya

Time required: 1 hour (submission) | Collection: 2-3 working days
Total cost : 500 YEN (to date 2018)

Note: You'll need to check with your local Municipal office first if you can self translate as every prefecture has it's own rules. In Kyoto we were told that we needed it to be translated and officiated (stamped + signed) by the Malaysian embassy before they can accept my statement of material status

Required documents: 
  1. A photocopy of your passport (valid at the time of application) - original copy should be presented 
  2. A photocopy of your new NRIC by JPN - original card should be presented 
  3. The original copy of the Single status paper issued by JPN & certified by MOFA
  4. A photocopy of the passport of the person he/she is marrying to (Japanese passport) – original copy should be presented
  5. Payment of 500yen is needed, takes 2-3 working days to collect back your documents.
  6. Please do not go on a Friday as you'll only be able to collect your documents back on Monday. And Malaysian embassy hrs are 9am-12pm to submit documents and collection time is only 2pm-4pm. 

Cover letter from Malaysia Embassy 

Translated copy

Tip: Make sure to make x2 photocopies of every document before submitting so you have a copy as proof in case anything goes "missing" during submission *Malaysia Boleh* lol.

STEP 3: Marriage Registration at Local Municipal Office

1. You'll have to fill in the form (Konin Todoke Kisaijiko Shomeisho) together with your partner, everything is in Japanese and for Malaysians we have to spell our name out in Katakana (romanji is also needed)

2. Initially we need 2 witness present during the registration but we only had 1 (Mom in law), but this you'll need to check with your local municipal office as mention before above each prefecture has their own "rules". Some might need witness, some might not.

3. Submit in the Marriage registration form, original copy of cover letter & certificate of no impediment + translated copy certified by Malaysian embassy.

4.  After submission it would usually take 1 week to get your Konin Todoke Juri Shomeisho- Certificate of Marriage Acceptance. They will call to notify when your certificates & documents are ready for collection, either partner can collect these from the Municipal office, not necessary for both to be present.

Take note that this is not completed yet! Make sure to request a complete copy of the whole entire submitted forms & extracted information which includes: 

  • Konin Todoke Kisaijiko Shomeisho
  • Konin Todoke Juri Shomeisho
  • Konin Yoken Gubi Shomeisho + translated ver (copy version by the Municipal as they have to keep the original copy)
  • Family register papers
  • Resident Register papers ( jūminhyō )

Make sure all these (Konin Todoke Kisaijiko Shomeisho & Konin Yoken Gubi Shomeisho + translated ver.) are binded together with a serial number on the side before leaving the Municipal office or you'll end up making another trip back (Tokyo to Kyoto & back to Tokyo) like we did because they did not hand it to us unless requested (blur case staff), she only gave us the Konin Todoke Juri Shomeisho (marriage cert.). Request for 2-3 copies for all above!
Binded copy should look like this, kindly refer to the photo below.

STEP 4: Submission to Malaysia Embassy 

Time required: 1-2 hours | Collection: same day or next working day

Total cost : 500 YEN (to date 2018)

Okay, you are almost there because this is the last step before everything is completed and hope all the information and photos given have been helpful thus far. Couples are given 6 months to submit their accepted Japanese marriage registration at the Malaysian embassy. So if you can't stay in Japan for 2 weeks to complete the entire procedure, you can always schedule to come back again next time as long its within the given period, if after probably you might need to pay a penalty fee (not sure).
Just don't be tardy la, lesser problems also.

Documents to be submitted upon application: 
  1. Certificate of Marriage Acceptance-  (Konin Todoke Juri Shomeisho) issued by the local authority in Japan) 
  2. Marriage Registration Certificate (Konin Todoke Kisaijiko Shomeisho); including accompanying documents (issued by the local authority in Japan) 

Required documents for the Malaysian national: 

  • A photocopy of the passport (valid at the time of application) - original copy should be presented*
  • A photocopy of the recent passport page with Japan's immigration stamp & date of entry point (Mt.Fuji sticker)
  • A photocopy of the IC issued by the Malaysian government - original card should be presented 
  • A photocopy of the birth certificate issued by the Malaysian government - original copy should be presented 
  • Recent Passport Photo - within 3 months (size 3.8 cm by 3.2 cm) - 2 Pieces 

Required documents for the Japanese national:

  • A photocopy of the passport (valid at the time of application; a driver’s license or health insurance in case he/she does not have a passport) -original copy should be presented* 
  • The original copy of the family register after the marriage has been approved in Japan 
  • The original copy of the resident register ( jūminhyō ) after the marriage has been approved in Japan
  • Recent Passport Photo - within 3 months (size 3.8 cm by 3.2 cm) - 2 Pieces 

*Pages to be photocopied for passports: pages that include personal identification, passport number, visa status, and the signature of the holder

*Photocopies must be made in A4 size paper

*If the passport or visa status in Japan has expired, the Consul will decide whether marriage registration can be processed

There are plenty of photo taking machines all around Japan especially near train stations. You can even get your photo taken at the photobooth outside of Shibuya station before heading to the embassy.

You'll be required to fill in a Malaysian marriage registration form, everything is in Bahasa Malaysia so you might need to help your spouse out in filling it out unless he/she is also fluent in BM lol. They have a guide pinned on the board for you to follow for areas to fill and areas to skip. 
Both of you are required to be present during this procedure as signatures are required.  

Once everything is submitted you should be able to get 2 copies of your "Daftar Perkahwinan"(Malaysian marriage certificate) issued by JPN Malaysia.

Congrats to all newly weds, you have managed to go through the first challenge in one piece, now save your energy for the upcoming challenges like VISA application, Insurance, etc, lol.

Finally we can properly rest, registration in Japan & Malaysia completed!
Yes we were tired, annoyed, irritated and so many mixed emotions whirled in just to get this done, wasted almost RM1k for an extra shinkansen trip to & fro just to collect the other documents that the lady in the Municipal office conveniently forgot to pass to us 😤

Think that's about all if my memory serves me correctly lol, i do apologize if i've missed out anything and please do let me know in the comment box below so i can update the information.  Also if you have any questions feel free to drop a comment and i'll try my best to answer them :)
This post is to help out Malaysians who are planning to marry a Japanese partner and register in Japan. 
If your Japanese language knowledge isn't that good at least there is an English manual to refer to, however if your Japanese partner wants to inquire best for them to phone up their local municipal office for more information because i don't think this post is helpful for them in any way since i'm only focusing on Malaysians 😅

Embassy of Malaysia , Tokyo
Hours | 9.00am-12.00pm (Application)
             2.00pm- 4.00pm  (collection) 
Add | 20-16 Nanpeidai-cho. Shibuya-ku 150-0036 Tokyo

Avoid going on Fridays, as there are prayer breaks to consider and you'll only get back your documents on the following Monday or Tuesday. 


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