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Momohime Skincare Travel Size Sets Now Available!

Happy Monday dearies! I bring you great news to blow away your Monday blues :D 
Read on~

Not being blessed with good skin genes seems like a curse but that fate can be changed with the right skincare, i love sharing my beauty finds with you guys because i believe all good things are meant to be shared and those who know me, i'm pretty straightforward with my reviews.
No point sharing about a product that doesn't do anything for your skin, i like to give smaller brands a try as they have limited quantities with stricter quality control compared to mass produced brands.
Since last year after i tried and reviewed Momohime Japan's skincare collection, never did i expect it to be my holy grail till today.

Safe for expecting Mothers

And new mothers would understand the feeling of having your hormones all so messed up during pregnancy and after giving birth making your previous skincare routine is suddenly useless on you.
Your skin ends up more sensitive towards common chemicals found in most skincare products, it either dries out or overproduces sebum, breakouts become more common. Trust me it isn't the fault of your baby whether you carried a boy or a girl that has so called "robbed you" of your beauty. That's a myth, our hormones are to blame and to think of it's also not a good idea to use too much harsh chemicals on your skin. I find alcohol one of the ingredients unnecessary in skincare, it really burns the skin like you just poured acid on your face, not to mention the horrible lingering scent.
That's why i avoided skincare brands that contains it, always look at the ingredients of beauty products purchased. Momohime is 100% safe for expecting moms to use!

Momohime's complete skincare range with their brand new travel sets

Turning to Momohime was the best decision ever, it's made from all natural plant based ingredients, doesn't contain alcohol (it's halal) and the scent is very therapeutic, has a hint of peach sweetness that isn't too overwhelming.

When friends see me, or my photos they always tell me they envy my clear skin and I've mentioned my not so secret "secret" many times before, because of my current skincare- Momohime.
On how it helped me achieve my current flawless complexion, seeing is believing. My pimple scars from the recent stress breakouts (May 2018) are all gone but let me tell you guys that consistency is the key, don't expect miracle results with just 1-2 usages. You'll definitely see impressive results after using it for 1-2 months.
My pores has reduced alot, just the usual on the nose area that needs scrubbing once a week and mind you that i never go out in Japan bare faced ya, i usually doll up first but i don't put on a cake layer of make up anymore. Keeping it simple and light because i don't have much to cover up.

Why You Should Invest in Proper Skincare  

To me, Momohime is definitely more affordable compared to those "organic/ all natural" skincare which are usually priced doubled out there but to Malaysians i understand that you might think twice at first before splurging on the whole set especially on a new brand you are not very familiar with.
That's the reason why i'm sharing my real life experiences with you, things are best spread by word of mouth :)

The saying of "lingerie should be the most expensive garment in your closet", similar concept applies to skincare "get only the best" and you don't have to worry too much about finding holy grail foundations or concealers once you have decent complexion to work with.
Now my foundations and concealers are barely being used because i only need abit of BB/ CC cream (lighter in texture) and some finishing powder before heading out. Only lazier days i'll just use tinted sunblock only.

I'm legit this happy to find out they are available in travel size, so i don't have to repack them into small containers when i travel and i can get some for my friends and family to try out as well!

Now for the great news you all have been waiting for!

Momohime have heard you guys too, your requests have not fallen to deaf ears in fact they want to connect with potential new customers that's the reason why Momohime's team has been working hard to produce these 2 new kits which may be a more affordable solution for those of you seeking to try them out before getting full size kits.
They are soon going to be available in Malaysia, AEON WELLNESS by August, so make sure to follow them closely on their official Instagram account (@momohime_malaysia_official) for the announcements & prices.

There are 2 sets:

  • Basic skincare set which only consist of 3 products (facewash, lotion & gel cream) 
  • Total skincare set has 5 products (facewash, lotion, gel cream, white essence & cleansing gel make up remover).
Total skincare set

Basic skincare set

I would personally recommend the Total skincare set (5pcs) so you'll get to try every single product in their current range (except the BB cream).
My personal favorite for dry skin like mine (around the cheek area) is their White Essence, don't let the name fool you. Not like whitening products that dries out your skin, this makes your skin super supple! I always use it before i sleep because my room is air-conditioned but wake up with bouncy skin each morning.
The texture is slightly more heavier than the gel cream but not sticky, it's good to use if you sleep in air conditioned rooms every night.

Sometimes i just skip my gel cream and just use the white essence when i'm in a hurry, still works because my skin didn't crack beneath my make up.

The travel size kits can last you about a 5 days to a week of usage, you don't need to use alot on your skin each round. 

Also lotion can be applied directly on your skin without a cotton pad, but you can use a cotton pad as well if you'll like to remove more impurities (dead skin) from your skin.

Current AEON WELLNESS PHARMACIES that carries Momohime products are:

🌸Mid Valley MegaMall
🌸AEON Taman Maluri
🌸AEON Shah Alam
🌸AEON Kota Bahru
🌸Almanda Putrajaya
🌸AEON Tebrau City 
🌸AEON Bukit Indah
🌸Queensbay Mall (Penang)
🌸AEON Publika 
🌸Mahkota Parade



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