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Geo Elamis by Pinky Paradise | Review

Stoked to find out that my favorite Korean contact lens brand- Geo Medical has recently launched a new series called Geo Elamis, for those of you who don't know about this brand you can find tons of previous entries on their other models by clicking the search box.

Pioneer brand in cosmetic circle lenses, in fact they are one of the earliest brands from Korea that first set foot on Malaysian shores before other brands started copying and popping out their own version. Right now there are a few prominent brands like iFairy, Barbie, EOS, O-lens etc and the list seems to go on forever. But do be wary of where you are purchasing your lenses from especially online because the chances of getting fakes are quite high unless it's from a reputable reseller that has the license to sell these particular brand of lenses. Always do your research people!

I usually get my GEO lenses online since they are from Korea, if i were to count the total amount of years i've been using them it's been almost a decade liao! OMG must celebrate with a giveaway for this milestone, seriously didn't realized i've been a user that long lol. Just a joke! But if i do manage to do a giveaway for these lenses would you guys want to try it out as well? :-P

I found Pinky Paradise selling these particular new designs and decided to give them a try, one of the reasons are they ship internationally (free shipping for orders above $69) so i got them delivered to Japan and they are also the official sellers of Geo Elamis as this particular series is a collaboration between Pinky Paradise & GEO Korea! So technically they own this series lol, best to get them directly from the source itself.

There are many things i consider whenever i buy colored contact lenses, not just because the design is pretty, i have to make sure it's:-

  • Legit (we only have one pair of eyes, one mistake and you'll be blind for life yo, scary sial)
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Doesn't make me look like an alien

So many circle lenses are sized around 15mm-16mm, seriously let's be honest how many asian girls are born with big eyes, not counting in those who got them altered via beauty procedures.
Asians generally have small eyes, can be all sorts of shape but definitely not big enough to fit in circle lenses the size of 16mm without looking like an alien.  
It's not cute seriously, these larger diameter lenses are however more suitable for westerners as their eyes are definitely bigger than ours and 14mm lenses would probably be too small for their pupils. 

Lens Tip #1:
So an advice from me, girls please don't wear too overly enlarged lenses because you don't look cute in fact it makes you look more tired overall compared to wearing a size that compliments your looks. Your eyebags and dark circles will be immediately enhanced as well compared to normal size lenses.
For some people it won't even sit comfortably on their eyeball as it keeps on moving all over.

Geo Elamis lenses are sized around 14.2mm giving a slight enlarging effect without going overboard, in fact it's suitable to use during work occasions as it still makes you look professional instead of a cartoon character. My eye color is pretty dark brown so most lenses especially "natural" designed ones the color isn't that obvious however i didn't have a problem with Geo Elamis as it stood out quite well and wearing it for more than 8 hours didn't dry out or irritate my eyes. 
Definitely it fits all the criteria of a good pair of contact lenses, and would highly recommend for those who want to give colored lenses a try especially for daily usage.




I've tried out 3 colors out of 4 since i already had tons of grey colored lenses in my current stash lol, and approve every single of them because no one stares at me weirdly whenever i wear them out. It compliments dark eye colors well giving off a "brightening" look in your eyes, however those who have lighter eye colors would probably find the effect more striking than what's seen in my photos.
Despite the lenses being rather soft compared to normal circle lenses, it doesn't tear or break that easily but with that being said you'll still need to handle your lenses with care lol. 

Hygiene is also very important and these lenses are meant to be changed every 3 months compared to normal circle lenses that lasts an average a year upon using (please don't use for 12 months!). 
Most people would change their lenses every month, the longest i've used are usually 3 months especially if i don't use them on a daily basis (rotate with other lenses). But never longer than that as i don't want to risk bacteria infection that may lead to blindness.   

Lens Tip #2:
Always changes your lenses on time, never stretch its usage more than the recommended time frame. 
Even if it states 1 year, best to change every 2-3 months.

You can purchase the lenses from Pinky Paradise's website: GEO ELAMIS

Priced at $14.90 a pair (2 units inside a box), if you have different eye power like me you'll need to get 2 boxes so in total you'll get 6 months supply of lenses (2 pairs) lol.
It's actually quite affordable even after converting it to MYR, RM60+ per box and 6 months supply costs RM120+, that's the average price a Malaysian pays for their monthly supply of lenses at the optical shop. Insane!

Definitely i'll repurchase these lenses again near future especially the brown, like how it gives my eyes a honey color effect :D
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