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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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How i removed my Postpartum Belly Marks

No this isn't about skin grafting or lasering it off or some random beauty treatment lol, don't worry ain't selling anything but my own personal experience. 

This should be an entry early last year but didn't occur to me to share about it till my current pregnancy especially when my Linea Nigra showed up during my 3rd trimester, i can say that i've successfully avoided stretch marks during the first round, and i intend to keep up with that result for the second as well and stretch marks don't just magically appear in fact it can be minimize or prevented if one keeps their skin moisturized throughout their pregnancy and be mindful with the scratching. Some people are proud of the marks because they call it "battle scars" but to me why add on more when you already had plenty around your legs and hands while growing up lol. 

Actual Before and After photos, no retouching or photoshop done here.
Left: 2 weeks after giving birth 
Right: 6 months postpartum

I'm the type of mom who still wants to enjoy her youth, look good in swimsuits and not worry about having to hide anything that's the reason why i also take workouts very seriously to shed my pregnancy weight and get back to my pre pregnancy (close enough) body. 
I don't see the point of whining and complaining about how my current size crushes my self esteem especially if it's something i can do to change it.  
Trust me, i've been surrounded with alot of people who constantly complain about their weight but not lifting a finger to do anything about their lifestyle and eating habits, unless it's a medical condition that prevents you from losing weight, i don't see any other excuses except laziness. 

Truth be told we all have a certain degree of laziness, i myself am aware of it especially when i tell myself do it tomorrow, end up a week later and i'm still procrastinating but some things you'll need to be extra discipline about like your skincare routine or preventing stretchmarks. 
Don't blame a product for being ineffective just because you only used it like 1-2 times throughout the entire duration, it ain't no magic in a bottle solution lol. 

So today i'm gonna share with you guys 

How i got rid postpartum marks & weight within the span of 6 months.

Yes it's possible.

Again,  have to mention i didn't have any stretch marks because i was already using wunderbath's body butter and Bio Oil throughout the entire 9 months but Linea Nigra isn't something you can avoid as it isn't very visible till AFTER you have given birth. From a faint light brown line across my belly suddenly became dark (no one told me about this!!).
Thought it's permanent but it's something that can faded over time with the right products and that flab infront of your tummy it definitely can be toned too but you'll need lots of patience and dedication to strengthen that core muscle again, to me after a year it might look toned in photos but i can still actually pull my belly out like elastic girl lol.  

Probably that explains why my current pregnancy has no problem with the itchiness since the skin is already a loose pocket for the baby to grow compared to the first. The itch is seriously minimal except when i sweat alot.  

Linea Nigra Mark

Not something you can prevent as the pigment that's responsible for it is similar to the ones in the nipples that's why nipples darken during pregnancy as well.
It's a faint line that darkens over time, and can be faded away afterwards, skin around the belly also seems to be darker (not sure why) but nothing to be worried about.
Just make sure to use Wunderbath's body butter daily (morning & night) and visible results can be seen after 1.5 months.

Side view, skin all loose from 9 months of belly stretching
Weight: 54kg

What are Stretchmarks?

Also those who would like to learn more about how stretchmarks are formed, you can google about it. In a nutshell it's technically your skin expanding in such a short period of time causing the tissue to tear forming the "marks". That's why people who gained alot of weight in such a short period of time will get them but it isn't very obvious till they lose all the weight and the marks become more visible in the form of white-ish lines. 
Not only pregnant women get it ya, everyone can get it both male and female. 

Cellulite is a different thing ya, that one most women would get near their rear, thighs and legs and the only way to make them look less obvious is by exercising, i too have it right now and it looks horrible, can't wait to unload #lilpenguin and get back to the gym again.  

My Secret- Wunderbath Body Butter

A faithful user of Wunderbath products for the past 2 years and counting (not sponsored ya, restocks bought with my own money because it's really good!), i've shared about them before and now i'm sharing again because my skin wouldn't be the way it is without them, owe alot of their amazing formulation that doesn't leave the skin oily or sticky despite being "rich". 
I honestly hate applying anything on myself (yes, lazy) and if given a chance i would just go natural but if i had done that i would probably had more marks all over which can't be reversed :(
So need to be "rajin" to apply on creams to keep the skin hydrated (not just face), also since i'm living in a country with 4 seasons now with low humidity level, my skin dries out faster causing me to itch like mad all over. Not that i have a choice, lotion keeps my sanity in check and i don't have to scratch myself like a mad person everyday. 

This body butter prevented my stretchmarks from forming aside from me monitoring my gradual weight gain, faded my Linea Nigra mark, kept my skin hydrated and gave it an overall natural brightening effect. 
Not because it had bleaching agents in it (most whitening products has this), all natural ingredients that focuses on removing dead skin cells allowing the new ones to resurface allowing your skin to appear "brighter".

If you read up on how our skin works, we are technically shedding every single second of the day that is why experts recommend us to exfoliate once a week. When you are rubbing lotion on your body that motion also helps to remove the dead skin cells. 

There are 3 type of Body Butter, My personal favorite is the calming one (Hakuna Your Tatas) because of the relaxing scent! The Light-bulb helps alot in brightening your skin naturally .
Finished like my 3rd tub this year already, need to stock up more, in one year think i can go through like 6-7 tubs of this body butter lol.

Spray version is new, i usually use this during my travels because it's easier to carry around and also works like a make up setting mist!

I as a pregnant mom feel at ease when i use their products because i know what goes into making them, when i talk to the owner of Wunderbath she also shared how they prepare the formulation ensuring that no harmful chemicals are used in the process as their aim is to promote an all natural solution for people with sensitive skin conditions and also more environmental friendly. 

Another personal favorite of mine are their bathbombs, super fun and colorful looking!

In Japan most house have a bathtub as they like to soak after a long hard week of work, Wunderbath's bathbombs smells really good and doesn't make the skin super oily after each soak (perfect ratio of essential oils) and after soaking i'll rinse with water before drying myself. My skin feels silky smooth like baby's bottom! Need to get more bathbombs at the rate i'm using them lol, at least it isn't too expensive, each bathbomb costs below RM20.

I would highly recommend getting your expecting friends a customized gift box from Wunderbath if you are out of ideas on what to get for them :)
Can order through their website: www.wunderbath.co

Luckily i kept photos of my skin condition and weight progress so i can show you guys the difference before and after, also a reminder to myself whenever i feel down that i can achieve this again. All i need is motivation and determination to get back in shape!

After 6 months of exercising and controlling food intake (refined carbs for me are the main culprit)

Side view, i got my butt back again!
Weight: 50kg

Pre-pregnancy body back in 2015
Weight: 48kg


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