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Hospital Bag List

I remember my first time packing a hospital bag and as a noobie it didn't end well, also the stupid hospital list i got from PPUM wasn't exactly that accurate. Like bringing maternity pads, seriously who the heck still uses pads that needs to be held together with a string? Wait, PPUM does. 

Can never understand how these pads are still existing as they are an abomination to all female pads, super uncomfortable (it hangs literally underneath your hoochie), leaks and it's so thick like you are sitting on an entire bread loaf. I geddit that it needs to be thick to absorb your lochia and episiotomy wound but it's what century ya'll, there are so many high tech thin yet super absorbing pads out there la. So if you are a first time mom and reading this, thank me later when the time comes lol and seriously just avoid getting those old fashion maternity pads. Burn them if needed. 

So based on my experience i'm gonna list out the things you'll actually need but take this as a basic guideline, you can adjust it according to your own needs :)

Hospital Bag List
  1. Your Documents (ID card/ pink book/ etc)
  2. Towel
  3. SOFY 33cm-36cm sanitary pads (Japan quality)
  4. Comfortable undies 
  5. Breastfeeding friendly tops (camisoles with padding in it so no need bras)
  6. Comfortable pants (for going home)
  7. Toiletries (body soap/ shampoo/ conditioner/ facewash/ toothbrush/ toothpaste)
  8. Baby clothes (for going home)
  9. Large packet of baby wipes
  10. NB Baby diapers (like more than 10pcs unless your hospital provides them FOC)
  11. Baby wrap (easy to bring the baby home without a carrier)
  12. Cardigan/ Jacket (in case you feel cold)
  13. Postpartum wrap (natural birth can start wearing immediately) 
  14. Disposable breast pads

So there you have a list of 14 items that you'll need to prepare before going to the hospital, best to have your hospital bag ready by week 35 onwards because you'll never know when the baby decides to show up lol. Pack and leave it near the door so you can just grab & go whenever needed. 


Those who refuse to bath because "pantang", you guys are just plain gross and in fact hosting so much of germs on your body that it's hazardous to your own baby, not to mention other moms/ babies who are sharing rooms with you. So please go and have a shower if you don't want to wash your hair because the water is cold in the hospital then get a shower cap but make sure to wash that scalp ones you get home. If die die your grandmother, mother, mother in law, auntie, uncle, entire family say can't wash hair (with no scientific reasoning) then get dry shampoo to help relief the oil & itch. I pity you gals who have to blindly follow these old school practices lol. 

I can't imagine not bathing for almost a month wei, it's disgusting especially in Malaysia where it's so hot and humid, till in between your boobs can collect so much sweat. Try to imagine the smell mixed with breastmilk also makes me want to gag liao lol. Even in Japan despite it being Autumn season now meaning i can cut my bath down to once a day because it's cooling i'll still bath once in the morning & once at night out of habit also because you'll never now if you sweat during your sleep, bathing in the morning helps you freshen up!

So towels & toiletries are definitely a NEED on your list.

Maternity Pads

For pads, i highly recommend Sofy pads (Japan quality logo on it) because it's very soft and absorbs alot despite being slim! I usually get them with wings to secure the pad in place, for extra precaution because i hate the idea of my pad moving especially when i walk (super paranoid). 
Really not kidding, but make sure to look out for the "Japan Quality" logo on the packaging, compared to the normal sofy pads there is a huge difference, previously i was using the Malaysian made ones, it does absorb but often gave me rashes in between my thighs so i had to use tons of talc powder each time like a baby sia.. to prevent those painful blistering rashes. 
And when i went to Japan and brought back a few to try, surprised that it's super duper soft, quick absorption (so no squishy feeling after each waterfall session)  and doesn't give me rashes even if i don't use talc powder! 

Fast forward a couple months later SOFY Malaysia released the new range with Japan quality logo on it as performs the same as the ones i brought back directly from Japan! 
Super duper happy that you can get these pads locally.


You don't really need clothes during your hospital stay as the hospital basically provides you with a hospital garment, the only set you need is probably the one you came in with and a fresh one to go back home in. The reason why i mention padded tank tops, it's comfortable and less hassle on trying to buckle on a bra (wearing it or during breastfeeding) especially when you are super exhausted for the next couple of days adjusting to your new schedule.
Alot of moms prefer to go braless during this period because "breastfeeding" but do take note that if you are planning to breastfeed exclusively, and go about daily without a bra at home the chances of you having permanent sagging oppai* are high.  I'm not kidding, so don't blame breastfeeding it's more on how discipline you are in maintaining your body, i know tons of mothers who breastfeed for 2 years or more with very nice perky oppai it's because they don't go around braless daily!

If you find Nursing bras too uncomfortable for your liking get those soft structured bras or those padded tank tops from Uniqlo! 
They are soft enough to flip downwards/ upwards during breastfeeding sessions and at the same time hold your oppai in place. 

*oppai= boobs


Usually for the baby you don't need to bring anything except a change of clothes to go back home in as the hospital provides baby garments, cloth for swaddling so you can forget all those fancy baby clothings, save it till you reach home lol. 
In PPUM (Malaysia), the only thing they did not provide was baby diapers and baby wipes, these 2 important items they failed to mention in the checklist! 
New born baby poop and pee alot, so better bring your own supply of diapers and wipes as the sample pack they give contains like 3 pcs of diapers max and a small packet of wet tissue which won't last you for even one day lol. 

In Japan we were told to not worry about diapers and all those stuff as they'll take care of the baby, the only thing mothers need to pack is for themselves and one set of home clothes for the baby. 
So convenient, was actually worried that the same thing was going to happen like in Malaysia, got caught off guard so this time luckily we asked the midwife.

Disposable Breastpads

These will be your breastfriend (i mean "best") throughout your breastfeeding journey so you don't end up with two wet patches on your boobs, which can be super embarrassing especially when you are out. I noticed my boobs tends to leak around babies in general not sure why whether just seeing them or hearing them cry it will suddenly start leaking! 
Disposable breastpads are like pantyliner, but for boobs it's convenient and hygienic, can be changed anytime and anywhere, prevents your bras from being stained with breast milk oil as well (hard to remove this ya'll). Make sure to carry some with you at all times just in case.

Postpartum Wrap

This isn't your normal slimming/ waist training girdle ya, so don't get mistaken when you are buying one ya! Postpartum wraps are essential after giving birth because our wall muscles has been stretched so far for the past 9 months, this helps to secure it in place and most wraps are recommended to be worn up to a year (depends on wearer)! Postpartum wraps also help you to shrink back your stretched uterus, you'll feel some minor pains during the 1st month after giving birth and it's totally normal, during check ups your doctor/ nurse will press your lower abdomen to check the shrinkage progress.
I previously wore mine for only 3 months and it helped alot with my sagging belly while i did some like core workouts and after 1 year my body was back in shape!
Think without it my belly would still be sagging even after 1 year lol, our body just need some care and support so that's why i don't mind investing in a good quality wrap.

Mothers who deliver naturally can wear it immediately, these wraps also provide back support especially when you are constantly sitting up nursing your baby (without it your back can hurt alot), but for mothers who went through c-sec it's best to check with your doctor first.
Postpartum wraps also comes in 2 categories- Normal birth & C-sec , the design and materials used are slightly different.

Would highly recommend brands like Inujirushi (Japan's top maternity brand) or Bmama (support local Malaysian brand!)


Last but not least SNACKS!

Most Government hospital food can be really "meh" or just plain bad in Malaysia, in PPUM i wonder who handles the hospital's menu daily, it's so unhealthy everything swimming in oily gravy. Either too spicy or just unpalatable, the only thing that got me by during my hospital stay was family and friend bringing me snacks (hallelujah!). Thank God this round i'm giving birth in Japan and from what i heard from my friends who recently delivered as well, the hospital food is good so i don't have to worry about starving myself lol, again i'll still bring some snacks along in case i get peckish breastfeeding in the middle of the night which usually happens to all mothers. It's because we burn extra 500 calories a day just breastfeeding!

Speaking of snacks did you guys know that now you can pay for your bubble tea at TeaLive, Llaollao and Takoyaki from Gindaco with WeChat Pay?

It's a secure mobile payment online/ offline solution, meaning you don't have to worry about going around without your wallet anymore! This is a lifesavor moment for people as forgetful as me because i often change my bags to match my outfit and i tend to forget my wallet which i don't realized until it's too late liao. Really jialat everytime in Malaysia, have to drive back home just to get my wallet because i need my IC & driving license as well or else later kena saman

Also i heard from quite a number of breastfeeding moms in FB mom groups that their milk booster is BUBBLE TEA, not kidding! I should probably keep this drink in mind next time if my yield is low lol.
So if you are visiting your friends who have recently given birth, bring them some bubble tea instead of the boring old fruit baskets, they'll thank you for it because every mom now a days want to successfully breastfeed! Baby formula too expensive liao.

If you guys want to visit me please get Takoyaki from Gindaco okay, that's the only food i crave for till today! And if you purchase anything from WeChat Pay participating merchants starting from September 25 to October 24, by spending minimum of RM10 you can get RM5 off
Can save up to max RM25 each user, that's like saving 50% if you spend RM50. 

Here are the list of participating merchants:
  • TeaLive
  • Llaollao
  • Gindaco 
  • Pusat Pakaian Hari-Hari
  • KK Mart

Lol, somehow feel this merchant list is made for people visiting new mothers in the hospital the food/ drinks is something sure everyone can't resists (we Malaysians accept any kind of food), Pusat Pakaian Hari-Hari sells alot of affordable children clothes and KK Mart convenience store for anything needed last minute like diapers/ wipes/ more snacks.  

All you have to do is download WeChat Pay app, link your bank card and top up cash into your account. During payment just flash your QR code to the cashier for them to scan and they'll deduct from there. You'll need to set up a 6-digit payment password for authorization before
payment, this is for security measures similar to how we use security pin when paying with card (before paywave came about). 

Learn more about WeChat and download the app at WeChat.com.
Check out the WeChat Malaysia’s Facebook Page.

Yours Truly,


  1. Thanks for such details and tips, there are so many things to put into consideration when comes to this. Btw, all the best to you and cant wait to see your baby soon.

  2. Thanks for the details babe! Gonna bookmark this as it might be useful for me in future.

  3. Love the details, reading it reminds me of my days when our boys were babies at that time.


  4. wow! u r all prepared... good luck and hope u hv a smooth delivery... wait for your good news and hope to c ur adorable baby's photos soon..


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