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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Can't believe it has come to this day that i'm actually sharing about Japanese beauty magazines lol! I used to stare at them longingly in Kinokuniya, KLCC (my heaven) but found them rather expensive like one non translated VIVI magazine can cost like RM80 (wtf? and not everyone can read Japanese also lol), eventually that brand came out with an EG/ CN version which many people weren't very happy about it's contents shifting away from promoting Japan beauty styles. 

I was an avid magazine reader and would actually spend RM7-20 a month just to keep myself "updated" with the latest beauty and fashion trends but that was in the early 2000s before smartphone was introduced and everything went digital. 

Every year it's like a war zone trying to browse through all these past magazines just to tear out pages we find useful to file them and the rest goes to the newspaper recycling uncle just to earn back a measly amount of cash lol better than 0 returns la, at least RM10-15 for 12 months worth of magazine. 

My 2nd magazine this year, the first one was on pregnancy lol
Also my Goddess Namie is on the cover!
So sad that she is now officially retired as a singer :(

I can't remember when is the last time i actually bought a magazine too, it's been that long and also i would rather read things online these days just to cut down on adding on more rubbish to my house and mostly everything online is free now lol. Companies these days also earn by annoying pop up/ sidebars digital ads, not much on printed media but in Japan printed magazines and newspapers are still a demand here also they are really smart in marketing their products giving consumers the illusion of "value for money" lol.

Not sure what i meant by that? 
Read on and you'll understand what i meant when i said that

This magazine i randomly picked up from the bookstore yesterday has proven to be one of the reason why their physical copies are still in demand to this very day, Japanese monthly magazine always offers freebies in them and i'm not talking about pathetic sample packets slot in between the pages but "ACTUAL FULL SIZE PRODUCTS"

Not sure how are they earning by being so generous with such samples, but whatever it is this tactic actually works well and lures customers to buy their magazines (like this sucker over here who wrote this post lol). Nonetheless if i were to look from SNIDEL brand's point of view in terms of marketing, it does works in introducing the brand to the world. Especially in Japan when there are so many local beauty brands out there, often new/ small companies find it hard to compete with the bigger fishes and what better way than to get customers hooked unto your products than to give them actual size samples (not those mini kinds that lasts 1 use only) for them to use?

I've not heard of this brand before and upon googling i found out that this is their 2nd collaboration together with SWEET Magazine (1st one in Spring), oh they are actually as FASHION brand lol, figures that make up and fashion goes well hand in hand so they came up with their own special limited edition make up line to match their brand's seasonal releases. 
So you can't get these make up from the drug store, you'll need to purchase the magazine in order to own them lol. 

Alot of you guys requested for swatches, see whether it's worth buying or not so here are photos of the swatches i did earlier and some thoughts about them! Also it comes with a make up pouch

SNIDEL Autumn 2018 eyeshadow series

The swatches are really beautiful though it took me like 2 applications to bring the color out on my skin. Think it would look better if you applied it on top of your white eyeshadow base to bring out the color's intensity. Directly on your crease would result a more natural outcome.
There are 4 powder eyeshadows (my fav is the purple!) and 1 cream eyeshadow (copper) which surprised me the most because it came out super pigmented with just 1 swipe!

SNIDEL lip & cheek creme 

Has a nice autumn vibe shade to it, in fact it reminds me of Canmake's latest autumn blush color (no.16) which had a similar brick red shade. Glides really well on the skin, love lip & cheek cremes because that means carrying less stuff in my touch up bag lol. 

SNIDEL Colored Mascara
It doesn't really show up on the lashes unless you stare at my eyes up close lol 

 SNIDEL colored gel eyeliner
Looks like an "umber" shade, glides on easily but isn't exactly long lasting. I could easily wipe it off with a tissue, no make up remover required so i won't put such high hopes on this lol.

That concludes my little magazine haul share with you guys!
If you are in Japan right now, don't forget to grab yourself a copy of this magazine for the eyeshadow & lip/ cheek creme lol or if you have friends here can ask them to help you get before it's sold out.

I highly recommend this magazine (SWEET) not only just for the freebies, the contents inside it is super informative and it have tons of tips on how to style your hair, clothes and make up, very suitable for Asians because all the models featured inside are local Japanese models, not Caucasians lol, it's not your usual celebrity gossip magazine but one that's filled with pictorial information on how to improve your looks overall! So even if you can't read Japanese, you'll still be able to understand just by looking at the images :D

Price | 880 yen (including tax)

Disclaimer: Not sponsored by SWEETS magazine lol, bought this with my own money and thought it's worth sharing about! But if you would like to donate to my blog content funds to keep this blog running,  feel free to donate any amount to my paypal - arisa1443@gmail.com 
Thank you! 💖

Yours Truly,


  1. Hi,
    I’m also a sucker for freebies, especially makeup products. Too bad I can’t get the Magazine in malaysia. It’s really worth it for the eyeshadows alone :)

    1. Think you can! Do check Kinokuniya KLCC, they might carry in this edition except would probably priced around RM50-60 after import & tax :)

  2. I wonder how did you finish up all ur makeup stuff.... But I'd really love your reviews. Worth reading thru!

    1. 4:38 PM
      Haha my make up stash fotevef grows it takes awhile to finish especially eyeshadows 😂 thanks for reading my blog!!


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