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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Lundi | My Little Box

I know i previously said that i'll be ending my subscription with My Little Box after 3 months, but look who decided to show up way earlier than usual lol. By the time i canceled my card, i did not realized that i was charged during the first week and the box showed up at my door a couple days later lol. 

This month's theme is called "Lundi" basically means "Monday" in French, as my little box is a brand inspired by all things French. 

Just a quick update on what i received inside the box, to me it's nothing worth writing about but since it has a couple of new released items might as well share with you guys.
For other parts of the world, their Lundi box collaborated with high end brands like L'occitane which i would be more than glad to receive it but unfortunately that's not the case for Japan's side. 
For Japan they collaborated with drug store brands like Maybelline and Nivea which in my personal opinion defeats the "value for money" and "high end" purpose lol. Because if you calculate the prices of the products on it's own it doesn't even justify the 3,200 yen charges.

However i did get a hint inside this box that next month's collaboration will be with Estee Lauder, kinda regret cancelling my subscription now lol also they have recently announced that the prices of the monthly subscription boxes has increased starting end of August, those who have an active subscription before that date will continue being charged 3,200 yen monthly. 
Those starting from September 2018 will be charged the new price- 3,350 yen. 

Maybelline Hyper Tight Liner

First time seeing an eyeliner slanted like this lol, it's supposedly designed for easier drawing control but to me it makes no difference from the usual liquid eyeliner pens i have. The cap is SCREWED ON type ya, so don't pull it open, twist it instead. 

It's more like a marker pen felt tip, not exactly made for thin & precise eyeliner drawing unless your hands are super stable! It somewhat reminds me of those chinese calligraphy felt pens i use for drawing lol. It's quick drying and rub resistant on the skin but i can't say what happens for those with oily eyelids because mine is the dry type. 

NIVEA Rich & Care Color Lipbalm- Bordeaux

Definitely a nice wine shade, but it's just tinted lipbalm to make your pale lips look not so pale just like the rest of their other tinted series. This color is a new release if i'm not mistaken (for Japan's side at least). 

Perfect Autumn shade

  Formulation isn't sticky, it leans more towards abit "oily" and this gives off a sheer shine finishing like you are wearing minimal lipgloss. Not really obvious with one coating but with 2-3 layers the color becomes more darker, suitable for daily usage. Just what i need because i'm out of tinted lipbalms and i don't like using lipsticks frequently especially if i'm just going out for a short while. 

My Little Box- Liquid Eyeshadow

 Every month, My little box includes in one item made by their own brand and this month is liquid eyeshadow. I quite like the formulation and pigmentation of it because it turned up quite well on my swatch test, the color is somewhat mixed between pearly Mauve & Taupe?  

Speaking of including in items by their own brand, it reminded me of those craft magazines i used to get as a kid every month, inside it has a free gift as part of the collection and by the end of 12 months it would be a complete art & craft set lol, good marketing gimmick to get people hooked into buying and collecting their stuff! So far i have not been disappointed with My Little box's own manufactured beauty products, hope to see more of it!

Kneipp Bath Salt- Travel Size

This is my first time hearing of this brand, apparently they are known for their plant based bath & body case products, it's vegan and suitable for all skin types. I've yet to dump this into my bathtub for a soak but i can tell it's going to be a relaxing session as the scent is quite therapeutic.
Let's hope i don't get too hooked on this or i'll have problems trying to restock it lol.

Last but not least a pair of sheer socks to match their large clutch, guess the fun part about this box's concept is that they don't only focus on beauty products alone but also include in fashion. 

Website: www.mylittlebox.jp/concept

That's all my update for My Little Box's September edition, you guys can check out my other entries here:

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