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Selecting The Right Baby Stroller | Beblum

There are just too many in the market today that I’m seriously lost for choices, previously I took my mom’s advice to NOT get one because first of all it was heavy and rather inconvenient to use one in a country like Malaysia since walkways outside are limited (unless a park or a mall), and a single person handling everything I would probably break the stroller before managing to fold and pack it back into my car boot lol she’s right in a way but since I’ve moved to Japan this year and I’ve decided to take time off to be a dedicated full time mom (yes I left my full time job), so I can spend more time with #lilpenguin when she arrives.
That includes taking her for long walks, and everywhere I go because in japan their walkways are well designed and maintained making it easy for people to walk from one block to another (well laid out on purpose).

But of course I would still need a baby carrier for certain occasions like rocking a clingy baby to sleep or needing to be hands-free for a couple of minutes while doing house chores/ shopping.

Welcome to the family Beblum Navi!

I learned a lot from being a first time single mom 2 years ago, though I would be getting more help from the danna this round, the stroller will definitely help us balance out on baby duties while we are out on family outings, also he already called first dibs on carrying and pushing the baby since I’m the walking milk machine lol (wow that term he gave me, i feel so "loved" haha) 💕

Since I’ve uploaded an insta-story about the stroller I’ve gotten, tons of moms were telling me to get “front facing” instead as it’s better. 

To be frank front/ side/ back whatever direction facing it’s more of an individual personal choice and one shouldn’t push their beliefs unto others and if front facing was highly recommended by all the experts in the world, the production of other direction facing strollers would have ceased long ago since it isn’t going to sell and it causes "harm" no? 😕

The substitute resident for now

Thank you all for the suggestion but don’t worry as I’ve done my own research and my selection on strollers was made at the best intentions just like the rest of you out there. For the first couple of early months, i’ve decided to baby wear as it’s important to have frequent body contact and it’s also gonna be winter in Japan soon makes more sense to share more body heat as well.

The strollers we have gotten from Belbum is meant to “help” in terms of a portable baby bed while we are out and needed some rest from baby wearing. And baby strollers ain’t something cheap you can just buy and say forget about it if it doesn’t work out. 
Imagine the pain of losing $$ each round for a missed baby product you have gotten. Raising a baby is definitely an expensive lifelong commitment and all mothers know that because the costs already starts piling up the minute you peed on the stick (a couple of them too, just to be sure and we always start from the cheapest to the most expensive test stick lol). From frequent prenatal check-ups, delivery costs, hospital stays which aren’t covered by our usual health insurances, baby check-ups, vaccinations and the list goes on and on without an end. Imagine if your baby was a fussy bottle feeder, you’ll need to go through tons of baby bottle brands before finding “The One”, baby bottles aren’t cheap too.

That is why I’m trying my best to cut off unnecessary expenditures like getting 2 different types of strollers that’s gonna last me less than 12 months before needing to switch. I mean if you have the financial means to do so, please do splurge and help the economy but for my case I always believe in being a smart consumer ;)

Okay, I’m barely at the stroller introduction and my word count has already passed 600 words thus far haha, so out of topic!

Gonna share with you guys about my new stroller and why I picked this particular brand out of the many out there, hope this post many benefit new/ existing mothers as well since we are always on the lookout online for reliable reviews/ opinions on baby products prior to purchasing (a must to do research!).

Here is a short introduction about the brand:

Belbum brand is created by a team of passionate young parents from the Netherlands who believe in offering more affordable solutions to the parenting community (especially young parents like you & me) without compromising on quality, child’s well-being and functionality.

What’s made and priced is honest and outright without any additional complicated costing process allowing them to priced their items as seen on their website today.

Here are some of the main criteria (Fun fact: I didn't know "criteria" is a plural word by default lol) that made picking out a stroller much easier, once you know what you want the rest becomes a breeze. If you jump in head on without any research done it would take you weeks and months to decide on a single stroller trust me lol.

1. Affordable – Only RM599 (16,000Yen +)!

As mentioned earlier in this post, I stressed a lot on pricing because having a baby is already going to put a strain on your financials. Realistically It makes no sense for me to get a fancy looking stroller (yea it might look cool in photos but really is it a necessity?) that would only fit the baby less than 12 months before needing to upgrade to a bigger one that is IF my child doesn’t have a growth spurt  before she’s 1 years old (tall genes runs in the family, but it excluded me out somehow.  No thanks a lot) lol. Fancy, branded strollers in the market costs RM1,500- RM4,000 that definitely easily costs half your usual monthly salary or a month’s worth. Insane!

Though some would argue “more expensive” = better quality I would beg to defer. Design is definitely no doubt special (unusual/ fashionable/etc), but in terms of materials used which are mostly general among all strollers (it’s not made of Adamantium, if it is please shut up & take my money because even atomic bomb can’t destroy the stroller liao lol) there isn’t anything else that justifies the pricing except the “brand”. Just like branded clothes, it’s still the same darn fabric as our other clothes but it’s priced crazily expensive because of the brand label. Nothing else.

My Beblum stroller probably doesn’t have soft chicken feather padding which can be easily solved with an extra cushioning by a body support (this product is needed for infants below 12 months old! Super important ya new mommies!) that also holds the baby’s head and body in place while being placed in the stroller or baby car seat. Baby's body is like jello so they slump in every direction very easily with no muscle to adjust their body back into place.

The blue cushion is my Benbat baby body support!

2. Ergonomical & Safe

Recommended for newborn up to 20kg (woots!!) that means till lil penguin reaches 2-3 years old I don’t need to keep changing stroller liao lol! This stroller is designed to be lightweight and compact making it easy for one person handling instead of 2 to set up & down. What I love most is how everything can be easily managed with just ONE HAND!

Can check on your baby easily with this view section

Yes, usually our other arm is busy carrying our baby while the other multitasks (joys of motherhood, we become pros at this area), from its snap assembly (folded to open position) to adjustable leg rest and seat reclining. It’s front swivel wheels also enables a sturdy one arm push navigation. I tested this out without lil penguin in it (for now) and seems so far so good! Best part is it remains stationary with the safety lock at the bottom of the stroller, I don’t have to worry about children accidentally bumping into it and causing it to spiral out of control or random weirdo running away with my stroller (choi!! touchwood!).

This is the wheel lock, just use your feet to lock & unlock it when needed.

 The seat reclining function reclines all the way to almost 90 degrees’ angle allowing your baby to lie on a flat surface while sleeping. This is seriously safer compared to sleeping in an upright position as it might accidentally obstruct the baby’s airway if their head slumps downwards.

Found this super useful demo video on YouTube on Belblum Navi Stroller.

They also have a baby car seat adaptor (Maxi Cosi Cabriofix & Maxi Cosi Pebbles models) available for separate purchase, this way your Beblum Navi stroller can become front facing already lol, I saw one of my friends on Instagram recently posted a photo of it, not bad!

Space below for stuff like groceries!

3. Real Reviews

To me the reason why I still find blog contents valuable aside from just relying on customer’s reviews on the seller’s website so that I have more to read and think about. Everyone’s insights are needed at this point and some do highlight areas that aren’t usually thought about. Like customer’s review it’s usually short and it most emphasizes on the store’s credibility meanwhile on blogs they tend to elaborate more on the functions, point of view (pros & cons) while using the product.

In the end both sources are from consumers just different aspects lol. And I always practice reading things online with a pinch of salt, what works for others might not work for you and do not have such high hopes on something you have yet to test out. So far from my research and first impression I’m overall impressed with my Beblum Navi Stroller, now the next challenge for me to face is having an actual baby to test it on and see if there are things worth highlighting about for other moms out there looking to purchase this stroller as well.

Okay, gonna end my post here and look out for my next post which would be a detailed review once lil penguin and I officially start using the stroller lol. I’m actually very “kan chiong” on the idea of using a baby stroller because it’s my first time and I’m a very clumsy person, hope everything works well! I think it’s worth bringing back this stroller from Malaysia haha, in Japan the cost of strollers here already nearly x4, it’s a stab not only to your wallet but your heart as well sia! Here is a useful website I’ve found which highlights about Baby Stroller Guide in Japan, looking at the price you’ll also cry along with me lol and not all stroller designs are made for newborns ya!

If you guys are also curious to check out more on Beblum products you can head over to their official website: www.beblum.com.my

Yours Truly,


  1. I have never heard about this brand before. Sounds good! Will ask my cousin to check out.

  2. Thanks for the detailed sharing babe. Will consider to buy this in future (if I'm pregnant). =D

  3. wow that stroller looks good. nice for your baby :)


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