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Althea's New Arrivals | First Impressions

Technically not all of them are new arrivals, just some of them are lol. Shopping for beauty products can be somewhat addictive, its like you can never get enough of it and this round out of curiosity (also it's cheap) i've decided to get myself some of the items under Althea Korea's new arrival list last month. There are some make up, skincare and hair care products all within less than USD45 budget, pretty decent expenditure, also managed to stock up on my favorite black head removal nose strip from Holika Holika. 

Haven't managed to test out the Kalirs Midnight Blue Calming Sheet & Skinny Blackhead Closing Serum

Seriously swear by this product like a billion times over because after trying out so many other brands from both Korea and Japan, none of them are able to perform as well as Holika Holika's, not to mention the cheapest option available too. 90% of my black & white heads are removed effortlessly each session and if it wasn't for the limitation on each customer's purchase i would have hoarded more lol, unfortunately only 5 strips per customer :(
This gives me more reason to revisit Althea's website for another round of shopping lol, i usually use this nose strip once a month (previously was twice) but since my pores have significantly shrunk over the years it has become easier to manage! 

My previous Althea Korea entry was about their new 10 sec wash off facial mask which received such positive response from everyone, from the bottom of my heart i would like to say thank you and i'm glad that my recommendation allowed busy people to squeeze in a quick facial session!

This round i'll be sharing about my  recent haul and a quick review on some of the new arrivals, see whether they are worth purchasing. 
Warning alert, these pictures may tempt your wallet, so please proceed with caution ok.

Gorgeous Eyes - 9 Color Eyeshadow Palette
Product Link: HERE

Okay let's start with the make up, I know many of you would say that the palette in the photo looks like an exact replica of Too Faced's famous mini palette but how does the product fare with it's given price and unknown brand name (Gorgeous Eyes). I too was kinda skeptical at first prior to adding this product into my cart because the first thing i always ask myself is do i REALLY NEED another palette especially when my other eye-shadows barely hit the pan even after 2 years lol.

But since it's cheap like seriously cheap (USD7) what the heck, just buy and regret later after all someone needs to review this item right? Might as well be the usual guinea pig for the job lol. Okay the design, casing material is pretty sturdy, the shades offered was kinda normal?
Usual combination of various shades of pinks, taupe, brown and peach; also a good balance between matte, super shimmery and matte shimmer. I definitely love the size because it makes it travel friendly and the material used for the casing is metal instead of plastic. 

Since the performance was kinda so-so on my books (hey, can't complain for a cheapo palette kan), this is definitely more suitable for beginners as it's budget friendly & colours are suitable for daily usage. But if you are a pro make up enthusiast then probably this product isn't your cup of tea, you would rather splurge on Too Faced cosmetics lol. 

My rating would be : 5/10 (really neutral reaction for this)

Total of 3 Mattes, 3 super shimmery & 3 matte shimmer shades
Perfect for creating a day to night look.

Here is a swatch of it, the color payoff isn't exactly that pigmented and in order to get the colors to show on my skin i needed to reapply it like 2-3 times or it will look non existent lol. But if you play the colors correctly this palette may not only serve as an eyeshadow but also a blusher & highlighter!

My total look created using Gorgeous Eyes Palette & Missha Wish Stone Tint Velvet (Shade: Pretty Brown Pink)

Missha Wish Stone Tint Velvet
Product Link: HERE

New Missha family member! 
Love the packaging design because it looks like a legit crystal lol.

I love this tint the most out of my entire tint collection!! Previously not a fan of Missha products because some of the items i had smelled rather off like the tube blusher that has a brush on the opposite end. Threw that away after 3 uses because the chemical smell was really gross, not sure if i've gotten a bad batch or what but that was 2 years ago. Fast forward now, when it comes to tints most would have a strong chemical smell, accompanied with a hint of bitterness  most of the time it's bearable but for a person with sensitive nose it really annoys me. One of my favorite tint shades was from PeriPera, quite a famous Korean brand but the smell of the tints really make me want to faint each time i use it, lasting power no doubt but the stench!! 

Getting this tint was another gamble for me as i was worried it might stink too but to my surprise it smelled like strawberries and doesn't have any chemical taste to it, i was screaming and jumping for joy really!  
The color is quite pigmented, buildable and doesn't sit in between your lip wrinkles causing it to look dry, it appears velvety matte on the wearer. Though it's not strong enough to last through a meal (need to touch up) but without eating it can last a couple of hours and the max amount of touch up recorded throughout 8 hours would probably be 2 times.  Without touching up, it would fade off leaving a sheer color residue on the lips.

My rating would be: 7/10 (would be higher if i didn't need to touch up after each meal lol)

Oh, nearly forgot to mention that you can also use this tint for your cheeks, blends quite well so for the price paid you get a product of 2 different uses!
So happy that i finally have a brownish- pink shade in my lippie collection, i usually hoard neutrals, orange and reds, not much of a pink lip fan  😂

Petal Velvet Powder #Pink Lavender

Product Link: HERE

Everyone's all time favorite original Althea loose powder now available in Pink Lavender! It's a limited edition color and has actual lavender in it as one of it's ingredients, suitable to calm the skin & mind down :D
Though it's pretty much just translucent powder used as finishing instead of press powders, i feel that this particular shade (pink purple) actually works well in balancing out for those with slightly more reddish skin tone. For super lazy days i would usually use some concealer to cover my eyebags and the petal velvet powder for oil control before walking out of the house. It helps to keep the shine off my face for a couple of short hours before my usual T-zone cries out for a blotting session (at least once a day). 

This is seriously one of the best translucent powders i've used so far, doesn't cause your make up to cake despite sweat and sebum built up throughout the day and every touch up makes your make up look brand new again. What makes it popular among users is not only its performance but also its affordable price point. 
Like where on earth can you get a good loose powder for less than RM20?

You can check out my previous entry on this product here: Review-althea-petal-velvet-powder.html

My rating would be: 9/10

 Limited edition stuff, get them before they are gone for good!
Did you know one of my favorite scents is Lavender? :D

Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off
Product Link: HERE

Okay this is a "not so new" product because it has been in the market for quite some time and alot of people swear by it's first creation the "black sugar scrub", strawberry edition came out later offering a fruity facial session especially for those who love the scent of strawberries. My older sister has been a big fan of the black sugar scrub, and till today she swears by this lol think it's like one of her staple restocks. And truth be told i hardly use any facial scrubs since 2 years ago (previously Innisfree Volcanic series), which isn't good because we do need to exfoliate at least once a week to remove impurities especially those who wears make up frequently. 

My rating would be a 7/10

I quite like the scent of this mask, not too overwhelming and it's quite nice on the skin too. 
It definitely makes the skin look "brighter" after each session but other than that it doesn't do much for my skin, just feels "cleaner".   

Etude House Hot Style Heating Protector
Product Link: HERE

Think I've been living under the rock all these years because i never knew Etude House carries products for hair, always thought it's just skincare and facial stuff only! What a pleasant surprise wei!
This is now my hair's holy grail, in fact it works x100000000 times better than my usual hair protector spray from Lucidol! Been using it for the past one months and my hair has never been healthier, i usually get frizzy,dry & brittle hair from using heated styling tools frequently but ever since i switched to this cream my hair my hair problems lessened.

Despite investing and getting a good quality styling tool with whatever fancy plating material, there isn't much it can do especially when our hair is being exposed to high temperatures (frequently) that is why it's always important to apply a layer of protector before direct contact.
A friend of mine swore by Khiel's hair protector, she's been using it for years but the price unfortunately was beyond my budget (nearly RM100) so i've decided to look for other alternatives, haven't had any luck so far until i was browsing Althea last month and saw this product with quite good feedbacks from customers.

Though not many would like it's cream like texture claiming it weighs the hair down, actually you don't need much! Just a small pea size amount, you can easily spread throughout your palm and fingers before running it through your hair. For my thick locks, i only need 3 pea size cream to cover my entire hair. One tube can definitely last me like 2-3 months lol.

My rating would be : 9/10

So glad i bought it, now my next mission is to restock a few more tubes!

This concludes my little haul, don't worry more beauty hauls coming soon because girls can never get enough shopping done haha!
If you are new to Althea Korea, use my referral link to sign up & get 20% off your first order: SAVE 20%

Yours Truly,

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