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Althea.Kr Haul & Review(s)

Since the launch of Althea.kr earlier this month, have any of you taken advantage of it's free shipping & RM20 voucher (with purchase of RM150) yet? :D
Better do so as time is running out, there is 2 more days before it's back to it's original shipping fees- Free shipping for purchase RM150 & above.
Right now all is needed is RM100 to enjoy the free shipping, plus it's super duper fast too thanks to the courier service they are using which is TAQBIN (japanese company ftw!).

My haul of RM160 for all 8 products.

To share about my haul on Althea that i personally think it's worth getting & repurchasing near future, manage to even experiment with some of the products specially for this blogpost so you guys can roughly get an idea of what to get on Althea.kr :D
First and foremost the Korean brand i always eyed for is Innisfree, it's like the best darn price you can ever find around for this amazing skincare/cosmetic brand and it's shipped directly from their homeland itself to you.
No taxes, extra charges just pay what you see on screen @ Althea.kr, an absolute steal indeed :D
Managed to grab a couple of Innisfree stuff that i've been meaning to try like their creammellow lipstick which is super moisturizing and the colour is super pigmented!

Normal pricing for each product is usually doubled upon reaching our shores though Innisfree Malaysia tries to keep it as affordable as possible but now there are other alternatives to get Innisfree products :-) Funny thing is just last year there was no way to bring in this awesome brand now there is 2 ways (physical shop in Sunway Pyramid & Online @ Althea.kr) and both also gives you great value for your money! 
Buying from Innisfree (S.Pyramid) you get to enjoy tons of limited edition freebies & other instore promotions that changes from time to time. As for buying on Althea.kr you get items at its very best price which is suitable if you are planning to buy in bulk to stock up your beauty pantry :P
So it really depends on your budget and preference, some people just enjoy the feeling of shopping online and receiving parcels at their doorsteps XD

Althea.kr ensures all their products are 100% authenthic as it comes directly from their mainland manufacturers and has sticker seals to prove that products have not been tampered with. 

Innisfree bestseller, No sebum Mineral powder which is a loose powder that works well as a setting powder of touch up to remove excess shininess caused by oily skin and it's selling for RM20 only on Althea.kr! Small & compact easy to carry around too, only downside is loose powders tend to get a wee bit messy but overall i am seriously loving this powder, gives a nice refreshing feeling without caking up my make up :) 
Moving on to their eyebrow powder palette which i bought for RM30 (original price RM40), comes in an awesome compact size and also the powder is long lasting + easy to apply with their small brush provided. Take note that the brush bristles might be abit stiff as it is made from eco friendly & recyclable materials like all of Innisfree products \\^o^//

Suitable for nose contouring too!

Ever since Innisfree launched their creammellow series, been dying to get the shade Yuna (from ex-wondergirls) was using on their campaign poster. The colour was super red & intense, it's like fiery red the shade every fair porcelain asian skin would want.
Let's just say this product isn't the one to disappoint though the colour may not be as "intense" as their promotional poster (cheated my feelings lol) but the colour is so\mething you can build by applying 2-3 layers, remember to blot & apply to build colour.

In the photo below the 1st bubble is one (1) time application only, super dewy looking and the 2nd bubble is the ombre effect i tried blending with nude lipstick. Works pretty well since it's moist making it easy to blend with fingers or lip brush.

It's a bright shade of red, moisturizing enough that you don't even need to layer your lips with lip balm to smoothen it out. 

I've yet to try out the Jeju Volcanic pore scrub foam but i'll save that for another post maybe :) 
Recently bought their new Green Apple facial foam from the Apple range, smells so good and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean without making your skin flake.
Anyone else tried tried the apple series yet? So far i've tried the Green Tea Seed, Super Volcanic Pore Clay, Tangerine & Apple (yet to review) :D
Soon my whole entire skincare regime will be dominated by Innisfree products lol :-P

One of the best hauls i've gotten from this was the Holika Holika 3 step pig nose blackhead remover (lol no idea why they use pig as a representative for blackheads o.O) personally i thought it was a non halal thing but padahal it's just part of their packaging design lol but yea in Korea all their blackhead removal products since to have pig pictures on them.
My only regret was not buying more of this nose strip, before i proceed please take note there is an upclose photo that might gross you guys out, so proceed with caution! XD
RM7 for this 3 step strip is super duper worth it, removes all black & white heads effortlessly works 100% better than those biore strips (kinda useless in my opinion).  Another Korean brand i love would be Holika Holika, as you can read my previous posts about their make up & Gold Bird nest skincare i blogged about, more make up tutorial using Holika Holika Products coming soon :D

As instructed on the packaging, this isn't your ordinary nose strip but now i noticed all brands are jumping unto the bandwagon to make their very own version of 3-step blackhead removal strips XD
Don't believe me you can check out Innisfree & Nature Republic, even saw watsons and Guardian coming out with their own version lol.
Haven't got a chance to try out other brands yet to compare its effectiveness but i am content with my Holika Holika choice :D

For more effectiveness, i steamed my face to open up my pores before starting step 1. After the moisture from step 1 strip softens the pores of your nose, apply step 2 strip which is the sticky one that pulls out all those pesky black/whiteheads, like the biore strip except this works better lol.
Last but not least use step 3 a cellulose like nose strip to cool & close up your pores.

I know this photo is super gross but really, i am AMAZED by how it managed to grip all of those stuff from my small ass pores.

The before & after pictures below amazes me, seriously! My pores aren't so visible unless you look at them upclose but heck they are stubborn as hell. Bigger ones are easier to get rid of compared to smaller ones like mine =.= 
Here is to a much smoother and less oiler nose!

Another piggy mask but this one isn't like your usual masks as it is carbonated which means it foams & fizzes when you apply in on your skin. Read many good reviews about Elizavecca carbonated bubble clay mask but there is a technique to apply it XD
You have to be fast to spread it all over your face before it starts bubbling lol, sounds fun no? :P
Try googling  Elizavecca carbonated bubble clay mask review and you can find various postings about how to use'em and how effective it is.
 This brand might not be famous as the other Korean skincare brand out there but to me who cares, as long it is effective then i'll buy it to try :P And honestly getting this mask on Althea saved me more than 50% of the market price, saw this selling on Rakuten for RM60++ when Althea is selling this for only RM27!

Let's not forget this poor fella here lol, make up sponge from Too Cool for school!
This brand is particularly more expensive (high end-ish) here in KL but glad i got this sponge for a great price.
Reason giving why i still prefer sponges over foundation brushes anytime is because CC creams are easier to apply with sponge or fingers. You can't get a smooth application from using a foundation brush (duh! It's made for foundation). And now who uses foundations anymore unless you are going for the heavy make up lol, even my cosplay make up i started using CC cream as the coverage is good enough without making my skin feel like a cake.

So what else is on your wishlist to get on Althea.kr?
Check them out & sign up for their newsletter, more products updated weekly!
If you have already bought from them, share about your haul to stand a chance to win RM1000 shopping spree!


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